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How will Dragon Ball Super end? We break down five possible endings.

So you might not have heard this already, but Dragon Ball Super is ending… Yes, you heard right, let it out.. I’ll wait. Done? Okay let’s continue. The show is scheduled to end later in March with episode 131. But we don’t know if this will just be a temporary break from the series or whether it’s ending forever.

And the first question that jumps to mind is, how the hell are they going to wrap this show up in only five more episodes? So since we’re all impatient over here in the real world, I thought I’d list the top 5 ways that Dragon Ball Super could end.

5. Universe 7 Wins

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It’s quite obvious that the way Dragon Ball Super ends depends on how the Tournament of Power ends. So the first possible ending on our list is probably the most predictable.

Like you guessed, Goku defeats Jiren; Universe 7 wins; Goku obtains the Super Dragon Balls and wishes for all the universes to be restored. And they all lived happy ever after. Yaaaaaaay.

Do you have any idea how annoyed I would be at an ending like this?? It’s too predictable and as a Dragon Ball fan I would be deeply disappointed.

4. Universe 11 Wins

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We’re quite on the opposite side right now, literally. Thinking of possible endings: Universe 11 wins by Jiren defeating Goku and gaining the Super Dragon Balls and wishing everyone back. And they all live ha- WAIT NO please don’t!

Or going the more interesting route: Universe 11 wins, Universe 7 gets erased and… That’s it! Done.

Unlikely as it may be, ending the show as a cliffhanger might be interesting. If the show was to resume again in the future, it would be interesting to see how the writers would dig their ways out of that.

But considering the actions of the writers in the past, I think that if Universe 11 were to win, Goku would try and convince Zeno to hold another tournament. Seeing how much fun this one was, Zeno might just go along with Goku’s idea. They will then set up for more of the show in the future.

3. The Movie

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Super has a movie coming out in December this year. So far we don’t know a lot about it. We do know that it will serve as an origin story for the Saiyans, but how are they gonna set this up?

If Dragon Ball Super ends in a way that will lead up to the movie, that would make sense. We could watch Super until the end and then watch the movie. I think this is awesome and would sit well with many of the fans.

I mean what if Vegeta wins the tournament and as promised, wishes for the revival of Universe 6. From there, Vegeta tells Cabba to take him to Planet Salada. And then the process of Goku and Vegeta exploring the planet leads into the movie. This then sets up for the origins of the Saiyans in Universe 6.

2. The Next Arc

DBS Angels
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So what if Super is not really ending, and just taking a long break. If so, a good way to end the arc would be a cliffhanger leading up to the next arc. Even if there is one, we have no idea what it could be.

Let’s just say there is one. It could be Frieza’s third arc, the Evil Angels’ arc or even something crazy like Universe 7 taking on Zeno. By them setting up Super for another arc, it would be really good. Firstly it would create a hype and excitement for whatever it is we’ll be getting. And secondly, it would make any fan of the show really happy to know that their favourite show isn’t truly ending.

1. It Was All One BIG Joke.

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I mean would it surprise you if Super really ended with a joke?  And it turns out all the Universes weren’t actually erased but sent to another dimension. Or even the crappy version, this all being Goku’s dream. Man that would suck…

Whatever the joke is, if you think about how Dragon Ball works, specifically how Toriyama works, would it really be out of its nature to end the series off with a joke? Whether it would disappoint fans or not, it is indeed a possibility.

So let me know on Twitter how you think Super could end or if you agree with one of my ideas. @raees_kariem. This piece is mostly just fan theories and my own predictions rolled into one. And I’d like to hear more about how you think the show will end in March. Or how the show won’t end in March.

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