As Far as revelations go, Attack on Titan Season 2 was full of them.

However, the season posed more questions than answers as fans are still waiting for Eren to get to his bloody basement!

Attack on Titan Manga aside (as i haven’t read it) the following will be filled with spoilers for those who haven’t seen season 2 of the much loved anime. Read on if you want to find out the answers to many of the questions you had, but also get ready to be frustrated and scratching your head as some answers raise further questions, but we secretly love it.

1. There is a big hairy Titan that can speak and control other Titans

The first time you see him you think that’s a weird looking titan, and that’s exactly what Section Commander Miche thinks right before it throws a bloody horse at him!

In a hauntingly disturbing encounter the big ape wanders over to the commander who’s skill is only second to captain Levi’s. He commands the titans to stop attacking him. It inspects his ODM gear curiously and questions him before allowing the titans to devour him.

This creepy smile still haunts my dreams. Source – Anime Amino

2. The identities of the Colossal Titan and the Armoured Titan are…

I’m serious, don’t read this if you don’t want to know. Berthold was revealed to be the Colossal Titan and Reiner was revealed to be the Armoured Titan.

In a shockingly casual revelation, Reiner who has since seemingly lost his mind. He thought it best to politely ask Eren to come with himself and Berthold after revealing to him that they were the two responsible for the deaths of Eren’s mother. And more than half of the human population for that matter.

Doing so whilst in front of the Survey Corps and some of Humanities best soldiers. Not a very good plan you might say? Berthold certainly didn’t think so.

The Big Reveal – Source – GoGoAnime

Granted the Survey Corps had already done a bit of detective work and figured out they were the most likely identities of the Titans, however they wanted them to be revealed on their own terms.

3. The creation of titans (most likely)

In episode 1 as the group are escaping from some randomly spawning titans Conny realises they are coming from the direction of his home town and fears the worst.

He travels to his town to discover the fate of his family and friends. As the series progresses we deduce some evidence that leads us to believe the Titans that attacked the group were actually once the villagers of Connys home town.

Conny’s Mother? more than likely – Source GoGoAnime

What gives this away? There was no sign of struggle or death at the village yet the town was destroyed anyway.

There is no reason that the Titans would do this if there were no villagers there. The horses were all still stabled, there is no way the villagers would have tried to escape without their horses.

After a thorough search along the entire wall there was no breach which meant the Titans had to have come from inside the wall. Lastly and the biggest piece of evidence yet was that the one deformed Titan that was unable to move from the village that looked disturbingly like Conny’s mother eerily and muttering the words “Welcome home” to him.

4. Christa or “Historia” is going to be Hugely important in the secrets of the Walls

It seems like Christa is somewhat oblivious to her past but as a tight lipped priest who worships the walls has revealed she is hugely important to how the walls were constructed.

It is believed that it is constructed from Titans and Titan skin but other than that is very mysterious in the method. Christa holds the key even though she most likely doesn’t know it.

However, Ymir who was also revealed to be a Titan is a little obsessed with Christa and wants to take her home as much as Berthold and Reiner want to take back Eren.

It seems like any one of them will do but who knows why they need them? that question remains un-answered.

5. Eren’s newly discovered power could make him humanity’s greatest asset (if he wasn’t already)

So it turns out that apart from being able to turn into a Titan himself, Eren can to an extent control Titans.

It currently seems to be directed by his rage, much like his Titan power how much control he has over this power is another question as is his recovery time and extent of his power.

I really didnt think this would end well. Source – GoGoAnime

It came at a time when all hope looked lost and the Survey corp looked to be about to be wiped out. Eren was confronted by the “Smiling Titan” that devoured his mother and it ironically eats the man that once protected him from it.

Eren’s rage gets directed at the monster and all Titans nearby rush to his aid as the gang make a quick escape from danger.

As much as it was great to learn more about the Titans and their origins, It is now going to be a painful wait until Season 3.


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