Vegeta's New Form
Vegeta's New Form Source: YouTube

Vegeta’s getting a new form. But what is it exactly?

So we know that in episode 123 of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta obtains a new form. A form that is “beyond Super Saiyan Blue”, and is yet to given a proper name.

In the episode’s preview, we get the following quote from Goku: “Vegeta awakens to an amazing power beyond Super Saiyan Blue”.

vegeta new
Vegeta’s getting a new form. Source: Dragon Ball Super

So what is it?

This quote is unclear. Does it mean that Vegeta has created a new technique that allows him to boost his power level? Or has he unlocked a completely new form altogether? What if it’s a variation of Ultra Instinct?

If you look at the evidence from the anime and manga sources, Vegeta’s new transformation is the combination of everything mentioned above.

The obvious changes in Vegeta’s appearance would be in the ending of the episode, where we start to notice differences from his earlier form. Although his hair is still blue, we can see that our boy is rocking a darker shade of blue as well as a change in eye colour.

Vegeta and Goku
Vegeta and Goku. Source: Dragon Ball Super.

The Anime

Another difference I noticed when researching, something that only a few people are talking about, is his aura. Okay so in DBS we know that the animators started using an almost matt finish to the aura of characters. With some turbulence effects thrown in there as well, we get a pretty awesome looking aura.

Now, Vegeta’s aura appears to have star shaped white crystals in it that were not there before. This was purposely added to differentiate Vegeta’s aura from Goku’s normal blue aura, which still has the white dots.

Goku and Vegeta - Ep 123
Goku and Vegeta – Ep 123. Source: Dragon Ball Super.

The Manga

People are calling this new form “Mastered Super Saiyan Blue” from the manga, DAGA!!(But) there are always major differences between the anime and the manga. In chapter 24 of the manga, Vegeta explains that ‘Complete (Mastered) Super Saiyan Blue’ is what happens to Goku in the fight with Zamasu. He concentrates to the point where no energy is wasted so that he can fight it all out.

Chapter 24
Chapter 24. Dragon Ball Super.

This is similar to the Kaio ken technique, in that when used, the user needs incredible stamina in order to endure it. But stated by Whis in chapter 27, this is different in that it is a form and not a technique. In this chapter Vegeta tries and succeeds in completing Super Saiyan Blue just like Goku, and then spars with Beerus.

Vegeta loses the sparring match and is then informed by Whis of the following: “I can tell that you still think first and move later”. This means that it will take time for his brain to send the signals to the rest of his body. Whis then says: “You must be able to let every part of your body judge and act on its own,” referring to Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct. Source: Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta and Goku

So based on the evidence we can say that Vegeta’s new form is different from Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Toei is trying to differentiate Vegeta from Goku, so giving Vegeta the original god form or even Kaio ken would be pointless in these stages of the Tournament of Power. Also, I don’t think they are ready to give him Ultra Instinct just yet.

So we sit with a problem that giving Vegeta what is available won’t make him better or more special than Goku. Subsequently, in order to resolve this problem, Toei has given Vegeta his own new form.

vegeta v jiren
Vegeta vs Jiren. Source: Dragon Ball Super.

We don’t exactly know what his new form is capable of, but we know for sure that it borrows elements from the above mentioned sources. The stamina needed to endure Mastered Super Saiyan Blue, the training with Whis and the Kaio Ken from Goku. Vegeta has long struggled in Goku’s shadow in terms of power, but is determined to surpass him with his own power. This form is the embodiment of that power, which he alone can wield.


The conclusion is that Vegeta’s new form is stronger than the Kaio Ken but weaker than Ultra Instinct. Vegeta may have not mastered Super Saiyan Blue because of his Ki leakage, but his new form may still give him the benefits of fighting at 100 percent continuous power.

We see in episode 123 that Vegeta can easily keep up with Goku Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken in the tag team against Jiren.

goku vegeta v jiren
Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren. Source: Dragon Ball Super,

All we can do now is speculate until the series explains to us what Vegeta’s new form can do.

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