The Americans is a look into the tail end of the red scare in America. Here are the The Americans’ best episodes to help heal the wound it’s leaving behind.

Could Russian spies be living next door to you? Probably. In fact Russian spies were detected and uncovered as such as recently as 2010. Yikes. But no worries, The Americans has made one of the best handbooks to Russian spying ever.

Let’s list the The Americans’ best episodes to figure out if your neighbour is fighting for the hammer and sickle.

10 – Pilot (S01, E01)

In ‘Pilot’, we’re introduced to two Russian spies who chase down and gag a target in order to put him on a ship back to Russia. When things go awry, they have to stuff him in the trunk and deal with him later. For now, our spies have to get their two children off to school and tend to their travel agency. And thus, The Americans was born.

Phillip & Elizabeth Jennings (real life couple Matthew Rhys & Keri Russell) then meet their new neighbor, FBI agent Stand Beeman. My oh my, what a predicament.

To make matters worse, Phillip wants to defect to the States. To do this, he wants to hand over their tied up target to Beeman. Elizabeth tries to get him to reconsider this, saying it can’t be done. This is a thought that only gets through when Phillip realizes the target abused Elizabeth while she was training to be a spy. So he breaks his neck.

Then the above scene happens. YOWZA. And the episode isn’t even over! Phillip then extracts revenge on a creep that tried to hit on his very own daughter.

To end this roller-coaster ride, we see Beeman’s FBI spidey-sense tingle making him break into the Jennings garage. He pops open the trunk to find its empty. What he didn’t know was there was a fully loaded Phillip lying in wait nearby.

This introduction is a masterpiece and a great foreshadowing of events to come.

9 – Baggage (S03, E02)

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart. Seriously don’t look if you’re squeamish. But here’s a link to the scene in question just in case. You were warned!

After turning a prostitute into a would-be spy, things go awry. She falls in love with the Jennings target and confesses her plot. When her lover loses control, he brutally strangles her in a fit of rage. Phillip himself almost kills the target but composes himself and thinks of something else that may benefit them. In exchange for information, he’ll get rid of the body.

And what, prey tell, is the solution? Oh simple: they fold the body into some luggage. Case closed. Easy peasy.

This has to be the most gruesome way ever to start an episode. It revealed the lengths The Jennings’ would go to further their cause and then some. It’s also a good cautionary tip when travelling. Someone else’s luggage may be luggage containing someone else.

8 – Safe House (S01, E09)

When the Jennings inadvertently kidnap an FBI agent and the FBI have done the same with a KGB agent, we get to see how each side handles interrogation techniques. Here we see the mind games that are played and how the stakes are evenly matched between the FBI and the Jennings.

It’s also a race of who can break who first. The other’s life literally depends on it. If the FBI kill the KGB agent, the FBI agent will be killed as well and vice versa. It’s a mental game between the coldblooded killers in the Jennings and the careful law enforcement tactics of the FBI.

In this episode we see that Stan Beeman is no one to play these games with, especially when his FBI brother is involved. One of The Americans’ best episodes with intensity to match.

7 – Darkroom (S05, E10)

In ‘Darkroom’, we find out that Phillip & Elizabeth genuinely have feelings for each other and decide to get married for love. This emphasises what we’ve only seen in glimpses: for once they do something for themselves and not the party. It’s a sign that they have a moral compass, one that doesn’t leave a trail of blood behind.

Almost all of the best episodes of The Americans deal with the matter of the heart and not of the pure brutality they have to administer to get what they want. Sometimes, in order to have a full heart, you don’t need to break bones. Just make vows.

6 – Comrades (S02, E01)

the americans best episodes
My son, the human sheild. Source:

Well, there’s always a first time for everything. The first time you kiss a girl; first time you go to a new city; the first time your parents use you as a prop for a spy mission.

For the first time, we see Henry Jennings used as a cover for Phillip. When their contacts are later found dead in their hotel room, Phillip & Elizabeth both agree that their kids are out of bounds going forward. Additionally, they decide to protect the young boy whose parents and sister were brutally murdered.

It shows a certain affinity Phillip & Elizabeth have with the boy and shows that they can kind of atone for their sins when they want to. This is also one of The Americans’ best episodes that kicks off what may have been one of the best seasons of television ever aired. More on that later, dear patriot.

5 – The Day After (S04, E09)

The warnings of nuclear war with Russia in America was everywhere in the early ’80s. To really drive the point home, a movie called The Day After premiered on TV around the country. In this episode, we see the entire cast watch the movie unfold before their eyes. It’s haunting really.

The best episodes of The Americans really entered the psyche of the time from both points of views, and this episode exemplifies that with precision. One of the characters even relates a true story of how a Russian intelligence agent didn’t report what seemed to be a missile strike from the US. It’s a good thing he didn’t because what it turned out to be was clouds. The world almost turned into the Fallout video game over some damn clouds.

4 – Jennings, Elizabeth (S06, E09)

the americans best episodes
I’m a map, I’m a map I’m a map! Source:

Spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t caught up yet.

In what was this season’s best episode yet, the walls are finally closing in on The Jennings. Beeman finds out that the Jennings don’t even exist. They’ve got Oleg dead to rights, who’s also Phillips contact. And because Elizabeth finally shows some compassion and doesn’t murder anyone (for once) it comes back to bite her on the butt with Paige.

Paige finally realizes what has to be done in order to keep the Motherland happy when she finds out her mother was sleeping with one of her college classmates to get info. Phillip was also made by FBI agents and can’t go back home because of the heat.

It’s the precipice of how it all ends and was done surprisingly quick and efficiently. It harked back to the very first episode, but with role reversals. The mirror is starting to crack.

3 – Chloramenfinocal (S04, E04)

the americans best episodes
Same Nina, same. Source:

The fate of Nina Sergeevna was sealed the minute she defected and started helping Agent Beeman. The whole episode leading up to her shocking death made it seem like she would dodge a bullet. Especially after helping the Russians get what they wanted out of another prisoner scientist.

And the way they did it was completely jarring, catching everyone off guard. They made her think that she was going to live too only to put a bullet in the back of her head. Even though she knew what she was getting into, falling in love with both sides of the Cold War, no one was ready.

2 – Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? (S03, E09)

Another glimpse into Elizabeth Jennings’ ‘humanity’ created this gem. When encountering an elderly woman, who catches them bugging the FBI’s office robot, Mrs. Jennings has no choice but to put her down. But before she does the deed, why not have a conversation?

Alas, this is the very essence of what The Americans was to television. Framing days gone by so eloquently as to give this woman her dignity of last words with no violence. A fragment of collateral damage treated with care even by her enemies, or lack there of. It truly pains Elizabeth, but anything for the party. Speaking of which…

1 – The Best The Americans Episodes is Echo (S2, E13)

“It’s the cause… that’s what matters.”

Remember how we said Episode 1 of Season 2 was a precursor of things to come? Well we weren’t lyin’. Turns out the kid Elizabeth had been protecting for ALL OF SEASON 2 had been the actual murderer the whole time. The kid murdered his own family for communist Russia. Watching this episode you realize that there’s more to everything you see on screen.

It also could be an echo of how it all wraps up. After all, Paige is now entrenched in this whole mess and could wind up being a traitor herself, for the good of her comrades.

These are just some of The Americans’ best episodes but we’d HIGHLY advise taking them in for yourself if you haven’t already. If not for the entertainment at least so you could get to know your Facebook friends a bit more intimately.

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HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes were bound to happen in their adaptation but unexpectedly fumbles what should’ve been a scorching five alarm hit.

Let’s start on Jump Street and work our way down: the book is better than the movie. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes the novel dramatically. In general, this is the case every time a book is adapted. Especially for Fahrenheit 451. For those of you who haven’t read the book, here’s a taste:

“Her face was like a snow covered island upon which rain might fall, but it felt no rain; over which clouds might pass their moving shadows, but she felt no shadow.”

That’s just poetry, right? Do yourselves a favor and read this book. It’s about a future where firemen are now tasked with burning books instead of putting out fires. Pure classic. At only 158 pages (around 790 tweets, millennials) it’s basically a micro read.

Ray Bradbury was so vivid and detailed in Fahrenheit 451 that a straight copy and paste job by HBO would’ve sufficed. But, at the same token, the writers and director are artists after all and should leave their own mark. But subtracting Bradbury’s key elements drains a story where there’s barely room for drainage. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes the most basic elements of the story. For instance…

1 – No Hound!

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 changes The Hound
This dog don’t sit and beg. Source:

No, not the warrior who’s afraid of fire on Game of Thrones, that guy wouldn’t survive one second in 451 land. We’re talking about the sleek, hunting machine that puts humans to sleep for a change.

Not having this doberman of destruction in the film is a grave disappointment. Whether it was due to budget restrictions or plot change, they could’ve used this beast for some seriously intense action sequences. In the novel, published in 1953, Bradbury even describes slo-mo moments that we’re used to today, using the hound as a focal point.

Guy Montag, played by the ever talented Michael B. Jordan, has a contentious relationship with the poisonous puppy from the beginning in the novel. It’s tasked with tracking down people who have somehow preserved books, Eels aka illegals in the HBO version, and tranquillising them if they try to escape.

The mechanical hound is actually sent sniffing and hunting for Montag in the book and serves as another fantastic metaphor against technology. The pets of the future only serve as coldly and obediently, the complete opposite of a fluff ball’s purpose today. No Scooby Snax would subdue this monstrosity.

The spark of omissions is set by HBO right out the gate.

2 – Mildred Montag & Professor Faber are M.I.A

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Mildred Montag Faber
Primary characters aren’t safe in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451.

Mildred & Professor Faber are representatives of the status quo in 451. Mildred represents the way people mask their feelings in the face of tyranny. This is reflected in her attempted suicide, then denial of it later on. All Mildred wants to do is converse in the parlor with her three TV walls. Perhaps, she will get a fourth one to hide from the horror of impending war in the real world.

Professor Faber, however, is Montag’s conscience trying to keep Montag together. They hatch a plan to setup fellow firemen by planting books in their residences. Doing so would make them see the error of their book burning ways, prompting them to abandon the practice altogether. An ear piece invented by Faber makes for some pretty heart pumping scenes throughout the book.

This subtle push and pull of complacent versus subversive ‘commoner’ would’ve been nice to see boiled down to these two characters. Instead they’re replaced by Yuxie, an Alexa/Siri home device that substitutes as your personal companion. That idea is as good as letting Siri Home have access to Best Buy reviews. While we’re at it, Hey, Alexa, what are some of HBO’s other Fahrenheit 451 changes?

3 – Clarisse McClellan is far from a freedom fighter

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Sofia Boutella Clarisse McClellan
Teenage angst has paid off well. Source:

In the novel, Clarisse McClellan is meant to be the childhood curiosity that pushes Guy Montag’s own questioning over the edge. She’s the one who carefully prods and pries to get Montag to open up and feel the world around him again. She’s the physical manifestation of a seed that’s slowly growing within Guy for a year.

In the movie, she’s been hardened by the world around her, the exact version of Montag only serving the do-gooders deeds.

Her character may have been changed so she could represent the strong female lead. If that’s the case, a new character could’ve been introduced and moulded as such. Or, apply those values to the woman who sacrifices herself and sticks to her moral code by refusing to leave her burning books. There’s a delicate metaphor represented with Clarisse in the book and that is of a pure view of the world gone by, tucked away somewhere that won’t die in our minds. Speaking of minds…

4 – Memory is turned to ash

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Memory
Note to self: sticky notes too sticky for the prefrontal cortex. Source:

The keepers of the sacred word have invented a way to keep the precious tomes safely hidden away in our DNA called OMNIS. While I admit it’s a pretty cool idea, it’s also quite creepy. Just like real life RFID Chips. What this does is minimize the capacity of the human brain, namely, how it can and has preserved the written word for thousands of years.

The film does to the story what its memory dampener eye drops do to its characters. Though the film does a great job encapsulating that thought, it contradicts itself with the mutated DNA. Leave that to Marvel.

Bradbury even makes this detail well known as he describes human interactions as an indelible ‘thumbprint on the mind’. It’s an amazing way of looking at it really. While they keep the idea that the information can be stored within us, they’ve genetically infused it, abandoning the need for our brains. Why think or construct ideas when it’s already infused within us?

The humanity is almost removed with this change, fanning the flame of HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes.

 5 – It’s not the end of the world, as we knew it

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Mushroom cloud
That quirky R.E.M. song is the gift that keeps on giving. To paranoid apocalypse enthusiasts. Source:

Montag and his cohorts make it out alive, each holding a book or part of a book in their minds. They’re far enough away from the city that they are safe when it’s nuked but not too far so that they can’t feel the death force from the impact. Once the city is levelled, they slowly walk towards it, bringing life to literature. It’s a great way to end the book, leaving room for hope that we can start over and make things better.

But the movie version is even more hopeful, even though we lose Montag. A biblical sacrifice mixed with a Noah’s ark olive branch aka OMNIS DNA delivering salvation to the world. It’s the ‘sacrifice one for the good of all’ method at work. Killmonger is going to have a few words with Montag in the afterlife.

Sifting through the ashes

Everything considered, HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 is definitely a decent sci-fi flick. Michael B. Jordan can do no wrong and Michael Shannon nails it as Beatty. While some of HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes may have missed the mark, it’s worth the watch. Especially if you’ve read the novel. The lesson: pick up a book kids! Reading is FUNdamental! That’s a Reynolds! (as in wrap…Reynolds wrap…ah, never mind.)

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Rami Malek will rock you as Freddie Mercury in the new Bohemian Rhapsody trailer. Here are some cool things to know about the upcoming Bohemian Rhapsody movie.

If you didn’t get chills watching that Bohemian Rhapsody trailer than you may need to fire up the old Spotify and get some new friends. That Queen mash up and dizzying shots at Mr. Robot‘s Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury are nothing less than mesmerising.

November 2nd can’t arrive soon enough. Here are a few things you should know before rocking out so hard on opening night that you’ll still be recovering well after 2019 has arrived.

1 – Rami Malek will do his own singing

The stones on Mr. Malek. Portraying one of the all time greatest artists is tough enough. But to actually SING in an attempt to match Mercury’s voice is going for the gold (or immediate banishment from the Hollywood and the music scene).

This isn’t some drunk karaoke performance in a dive bar in some unknown corner of the world, Rami. It’s only your career if you don’t nail this. NBD.

That being said, if his performance in Mr. Robot is any indication, he’ll do just fine.

2 – Dexter Fletcher replaced Bryan Singer as director

Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle) relieved Bryan Singer (Superman Returns) of his directing duties on Bohemian Rhapsody due to various reasons. Usually that’s the death knell for a movie of this magnitude, but since he was attached to direct the film as far back as 2014, there’s still hope they cobbled together something great.

If rumors are true and Singer and the cast clashed on set, then it’s a good thing he was fired. A tumultuous set can make a lowly princess out of Queen.

3 – Brian May and Roger Taylor were involved during filming

You can’t have a Queen movie without the input of Brian May and Roger Taylor. No way, no how.

It’s always a good sign when you have members of the OG crew giving you notes. Getting the thumbs up from these two has to be the most amazing feeling ever. They’re the Rotten Tomatoes of music so if they say it’s cool, it’s cooler than cool. Ice cold.

4 – Mike Myers will pop up in the film

Schwing!! Getting Wayne Campbell in the Bohemian Rhapsody movie is awesome news for SNL fans.

Who he will be playing is still a mystery but it’s a perfect reunion of Queen and Myers on the big screen – if only for just a moment. And if he actually sings the title song? Mama mia!!

5 – Queen’s iconic performance will be brought back to life

Wembley Stadium, 1985. Live Aid, one of the biggest and most televised fundraising events at the time was the scene for Queen’s most iconic moments ever. Also the one that really captures classic stadium rock at its best.

Seeing that on big screens once again will be a true delight, and from the looks of the trailer, they may have nailed it.

It’s sure gonna be a long wait for November! Get that playlist started and polish off your best Mercury dance moves off! This tribute is gonna be a champion at the holiday box office this year.

The Bohemian Rhaposdy soundtrack is obviously gonna be great. Here are some more awesome movie soundtracks to listen to that will get you pumped! 

Fictional holidays can be better than real holidays and are certainly better than the ones we’ve been making up recently.

Cinco de Cuatro (the best of fictional holidays) is here and I’m more excited than Lucille Bluth getting surprised by Gene Parmesan.

After calming down with lunch aka a dry martini, I thought to myself what other fictional holidays are worth celebrating?

As you get older, some holidays just get stale. Christmas and Easter are usually for kids, there’s only so much food you can stuff your face with at Thanksgiving and at 12:01 am New Year’s Day it’s usually bed time or a pretty sweet Twilight Zone binge.

While people are making up fake holidays like beer head foam appreciation day or National Nothing Day, let’s use the days already offered to us shall we? Namely these awesome fictional holidays.

1. Gossip Girl Day – January 26th

Before Blake Lively married Deadpool. Source:

Spotted: An empty slot in the month of January for fictional holidays. Enter the snooty, upturned noses of spoiled Upper-East-Side brats and I’ve found a loophole. In 2016, then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared January 26th Gossip Girl day to celebrate its 100th episode.

I was recently held captive by my fiancee and couldn’t escape the clutches of daily Gossip Girl binges. Turns out the show is actually a pretty decent soap opera.

So put on your best Blair Waldorf impressions or act like ‘bass-holes’ next January 26th. Maybe we haven’t celebrated it enough, actually. Could be the reason Blake Lively has gone M.I.A.

So get to it boys and girls. If not, the Gossip Girl blog, which arguably spawned the likes of TMZ and Buzzfeed, will have embarrassing info released about you by the end of the day.

XOXO, gossip guy.

2. Galentine’s Day – February 13th

galentine's day card
You is smart you is beautiful. Source: Pinterest.

We have the loveable and affable Leslie Knope to thank for this gem. She created this lady-centric day to honour all her female friends ahead of Valentine’s Day. What a sweetheart!

Parks and Recreation left a comedy void still unfilled, but thankfully also left us a whole day to remember them by. (Two if you count Treat Yo Self Day – Oct. 13th, but you can technically enjoy that whenever you want. Treat yo self!).

To celebrate properly, grab a stack of waffles with whipped cream, sugar and your nearest nurse named Ann to exchange gifts with!

3. Gondorian New Year – March 25th

Image result for lord of the rings gif it's over

Gondorian New Year is simply the day Frodo hurled the one ring into Mount Doom and never looked back. For this one you should put on your finest hobbit garbs and celebrate the fact that we can expect a BILLION dollar series of Lord of The Rings from Amazon soon.

4. 1984 Day – April 4th

fictional holidays 1984 Big Brother george orwell
Alexa* is watching you. Damn auto correct. Source:

“For whom, it suddenly occurred to him to wonder, was he writing this diary? For the future, for the unborn… How could you communicate with the future? It was of its nature impossible. Either the future would resemble the present, in which case it would not listen to him: or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless.” – George Orwell, 1984

Same, George. Same. April 4th was the day Winston Smith started writing in his diary in George Orwell’s 1984. Why include this day here? Is it to bring awareness to this book? But if you’re already aware, does it makes sense? Maybe we should ask Alexa if she remembers soon. Yup that’s some Black Mirror Big Brother ish for ya. We should all just celebrate this day for Winston Smith’s sake shall we?

5. ¡Cinco de Cuatro! – May 4th

fictional holidays arrested development cinco de cuatro
Break out your best chicken dance! Source: Arrested Development Wiki

In an attempt to get their Hispanic staff members to work on Cinco de Mayo, George and Lucille Bluth create Cinco de Cuatro (five of four) which spectacularly backfires when it is eventually embraced by the Newport Community.

You can embrace it by making your own boat parade aka festival of lights with your favourite flavoured banana from the banana stand. Or watch Mitchell Hurwitz’s Arrested Development remixed season 4 where Cinco de Cuatro originated.

He recently admitted he may have made a huge mistake by centring on each member of the Bluth family in Season Four instead of using the tried and true formula that worked for AD in the previous seasons. Let’s hope he doesn’t blue himself this time.

May 4th is also Star Wars day (followed by Revenge of the fifth the next day) as well as the day the Battle of New York happened in 2012’s Avengers movie.

You’re allowed to include these in your festivities if you like but only in order: Cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, flor.

6. Ferris Bueller Day – June 5th

What better way to honor the king of playing hooky by taking the day off yourself?
R-E-L-A-X. Take in a day at the museum. Play some footie. Steal your best friend’s car and propose to your high school sweetheart. The world is truly your oyster on June 5th.

7. Independence Day – July 4th

fictional holidays
Not the monument we deserve but the one we need right now. Source:
Does this really need an explanation? Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saving the world’s butt deserves a holiday. Especially since America declared independence from Britain earlier and prematurely (Re: George W., Donald J. ‘Mission Accomplished’ seems to be a theme with our country.)
You celebrate this one by hacking complicated alien software using an outdated Macbook and visiting Area 51, preferably by parachute.

8. Judgement Day – August 29th

fictional holidays judgement day terminator
Watch these guys folks. Source:
This is more of a warning day like April 4th above. Brought to us by Terminator 2, we should all be aware of how far A.I. & robotics have come.
Commemorate the day three billion people (fictionally) died in 1997 by smashing your defunct apple mac book you just used to hack alien software. That’s called a callback in the biz folks! Hope you enjoyed that one. It’s on the house.

9. Batman Day – September 26th

fictional holidays batman adam west
See the bat, be the bat! Source:
The day Bruce Wayne finally put on the cape and cowl to become the caped crusader. Although some think that this day should be celebrated on June 26th, the day his parents were murdered, but that may be too morose to ‘celebrate’.
Do that Batusi, put on your best bat outfit and pretend to be the do-gooder himself to party appropriately.
You can even deploy the Bat signal with Bacardi to spice things up. But none for Robin! Imagine that kid on a bender… ‘Holy Puerto Rican rum Batman! I just realised I’m an underage kid running around town fighting psychopaths! I should be in school!’

10. Back to the Future Day – October 21st

fictional holidays back to the future marty mcfly
You sit on a throne of lies Marty! Source:

October 21st 2015 came and went without a hoverboard in sight. Bummer. But no sweat time travellers! We can still get down like Doc & Marty by dressing up as our favourite time traveling buds and try to invent one ourselves. Hoverboard or not we’re determined to get ourselves back… to the future (past?)

The Back to the Future movies have many important dates you can observe because, naturally, with it being a time travel movie, dates are important. November 5th is the day Marty travels back in time, November 12th is lightning day/Enchantment Under the Sea dance, and October 26th 1985 is the day it all went down.

So basically the two weeks from 10/21-11/12 should be Backtoberfest!

11. Slapsgiving – Thanksgiving week, 4th week of November

Image result for slapsgiving gif

Everyone has made stupid bets with their friends. But Barney and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother quite possibly made the funniest bet of them all. The slap bet. The slaps accumulated over time resulting in eight overall slaps that Marshall won, which rained down on Barney over the following seasons.

There’s only one way to honour this one: make some preposterous bets, the wager being five fingers to the face.

Here’s an example: my buddies have a slap bet going on currently where the first one to dunk in an active basketball game gets to smack the other. True story. I will try to keep you guys posted on what is sure to be the slap heard round the world.

12. Festivus – December 23rd

fictional holidays festivus Seinfeld
This one’s on me folks. Source:

Probably the greatest holiday of them all: Festivus from Seinfeld. After George’s father Frank Costanza gets fed up with the commercialism of the holidays, he creates Festivus. A day where you get an unadorned aluminium pole, air out your grievances against your loved ones that happened throughout the year, and of course the feats of strength challenge.

If you’re salty because you may be too grown-up for the holidays, then this is the perfect holiday for you. Sometimes we actually turn real holidays into Festivus accidentally, so why not do it on purpose.

Remember to celebrate all of these fictional holidays responsibly kids! And for those who are left wanting, here are some more fictional holidays of note to keep in mind!


3/21 – Purge Day

3/24 – Breakfast Club Day – Hooray for detention!


4/20 – Robonakuh (Futurama)


5/9 – The day Elliott Alderson and the Dark Army carried out the hack that destroyed financial institutions worldwide.

Some of these dates come from pretty influential movies. For more entertainment changing films check out these 16 Must-See Films That Shaped and Defined Thier Genre

If these trailers are any indication, these thriller movies will thoroughly freak us out over the next few months of 2018.

By now, we all know how effectively silence can inspire deafening fear with Jim Halpert’s A Quiet Place. It pumped life back into thriller movies just when our ADD-rattled brains were forgetting about Get Out.

Right now, it’s looking like it won’t be beat, but there’s so much competition coming down the pipe for new thriller movies being released in the coming months. Let’s take a quick dive into YouTube a find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

5 – Bad Samaritan (May 4th)

Oh boy. Two blokes unlucky enough to mess with Dr. Who/Kilgrave have stepped in some serious crud. When they take his sweet Maserati for a joy ride and attempt consequential home theft, they stumble across more than what they bargained for. When proven villain David Tennant finds out, it’s game on.

How long will the parking attendants from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off last? Logically about at least an hour and half. Bad Samaritan follows the same plot line most thriller movies adhere to: innocent goofing off leads to an unsuspecting psycopath’s secret. It’s always  nice to see Tennant as the bad guy, let’s hope this one kills the box office.

4 – Replicas (August 24th)

Keanu! What are you doing here buddy? You of all people should know not to mess with clones! Especially trusting failed entrepreneur Richard Hendricks. Tsk, tsk Mr. Anderson.

Replicas is right in Reeves’ wheelhouse, seeing him returning to his sci-fi roots. Even if the clone’s exoskeleton in question looks like a… what’s the word… let’s go with copy of I, Robot.

Thomas Middleditch and Alice Eve also star in Replicas aka My Step Mommy’s A Faker. I only kid because I’m seriously terrified for the next generation where clone testing is inevitable and this very scenario is bound to happen.

It’s hard to believe that John Wick himself would put himself in such a precarious position but that’s just how the thriller movies cookie crumbles. If this is anywhere near to resembling Reeves’ 2015 flick, Knock Knock, we’re in for a real treat.

3 – American Animals (June 1st)

Sticking with his quest to star in everything with ‘American’ in the title, Evan Peters galvanises three friends to pull off the craziest art theft in U.S. history. Based on a true story, director Barry Layton (The Imposter) interweaves a recounting from the actual thieves and a dramatisation of the story like a true crime History Channel piece with an actual budget.

It chronicles the Transy Book Heist that took place in 2004 Kentucky, which the FBI even deems one of the most brazen thieveries ever.

Honestly, check this out: Of the items stolen was an 1859 first edition copy of On The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin. Judging by the plan and the eventual outcome, these college kids seem like they’re worthy of a Darwin award.

None the less, Peters looks like he’s in top form and his most Amercan-y in American Animals.

2 – Terminal (May 11th)

Looks like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding and Naomi from Wolf of Wall Street got together and had a baby. And they apparently taught her how to be a top notch assassin.

The synopsis doesn’t reveal much for Terminal, only that two assassins try to unravel a mystery that have them cross paths with a janitor, a teacher and a waitress. Their strings are being pulled by a powerful crime boss in an anonymous city looking for revenge. Hmmm. Sounds like a joke. Ha. Heh. Ha.

And what better jokers to cast than Simon Pegg and Mike Myers to turn this otherwise darkly lit neo-noir into a light hearted must see flick this May?

Robbie’s on a roll and it would be foolish to pass up seeing her on a hot streak this good.

1 – Dark Crimes (April 19th Direct TV, May 11th wide release)

Speaking of Jokers, Jim Carrey is not kidding around in Dark Crimes. No sir. Not even a riddle is present in this one. Well maybe just the actual murder mystery.

When it comes to thriller movies, Jim Carrey is still striving to be the king, and this could be his chance to shine.

Dark Crimes is based on a wild true story about a detective who believes a writer’s book will help solve a murder in real life. The whole story is captivating.

Seeing Carrey make a comeback would be enough to attract his die hard fans and casual moviegoers alike. Add to that Mark Csokas, who plays the delightfully evil Quinn on Into the Badlands, as Carrey’s adversary and you have a true recipe for success. But the source material is what ultimately makes this a must see.

Can’t wait that long to get shivers down your spine? Well in case you haven’t heard The Purge is Back, and Purge is Back

Infinity War cameos will be a-plenty, that’s for sure. Here are some that we may see and others on our wish-list.

It’s finally here. Ten years, all leading up to Marvel’s biggest movie ever. Infinity War is set to deliver in more ways than one and will be bursting at the seams with superhero talent.

According to Anthony Makie aka The Falcon, there’s a scene with 40 superheroes. FOUR-TY. FOUR ZERO. That’s almost a bajillion, if my math is correct. But that number leaves room for a few Infinity War cameos by conservative estimates.

We shouldn’t get greedy for more Infinity War cameos but Marvel is at fault for setting such a high bar. The following list goes from least likely to most likely – basically a wish list to some pretty hard to deny rumours. Heck, with the quadrillion superheroes that will appear, don’t be surprised if your name comes up on the Infinity War cameos list.

10 – Penance

Infinity wars cameos Penance Marvel
Passed him up for Civil War but maybe he can get a shoutout this time? Source:

Right out the gate here’s the darkest horse and longest of long shots for cameos. Robbie Baldwin aka Speedball aka Penance. This bad mamajamma was one of the best (and underrated) characters to be created in the Civil War event back in 2006. Speedball was the one who ignited the push for the Superhero Registration Act by accidentally blowing up a school in Stamford Connecticut.

The guilt of this horrendous act ate him up so much that his kinetic energy powers, which once protected him, are now harnessed by pain and released at his will. Kind of like Black Panther’s new suit from the movie.

To maximise his guilt, he made an outfit with 612 spikes (one for each life lost) with the biggest at his heart. With each blow he received, the energy blasts helped him to justify his wrong. Super dark character but it seems like Infinity War will be darker than other Marvel movies. With some not so surprising deaths on the way.

Penance was retired in the comics in 2011 so it is highly unlikely we’ll see him in Infinity War, but a man can dream can’t he?

Penance was a part of a team that’s also an outlier to show up, which brings us to…

9 – The Thunderbolts

Infinity Wars cameos Thunderbolts Marvel
Justice…like lightning. Yep. That’s the real tagline folks. Source:

A team of villains masquerading as do gooders. Think Legends of Tomorrow (or Suicide Squad if you’re into cruel and unusual punishment). The team has been in existence since 1995 but was most notably revived for the Civil War comics under the leadership of Baron Zemo to track down supers violating the Superhero Registration Act.

They won’t be needed for that in Infinity War but if everyone perishes or abandons hero life, these guys may just step in. Plus, if Thanos really is a tough mother lover, the Avengers may need some help in the unlikeliest of places.

With Baron Zemo still kicking about, anything is possible. Their impressive rotating roster included: Bullseye, Green Goblin, Punisher, Venom, Lady Deathstrike, General Ross (aka Red Hulk), Moonstone and even Doc Ock.

Might as well throw in the kitchen sink because all of Hollywood will eventually be absorbed into the Marvel Universe. Just like they absorbed 20th Century Fox. Which opens up possibilities for these other characters to join the fun.

8 – The X-Men

Infinity Wars Cameos X-Men Dark Pheonix
Yo, get in the movie. Cheers. Source: Planetmarvel.

We want all of them. From Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to Ellen Page’s Kitty Pryde. Give us all the X-Men!

Alright this is another long shot, but it would be awesome if they somehow made a two second cameo work out. Maybe just a shot of Professor X’s school for gifted children jumping into action briefly as an overhead shot. It would surely make for a nice swan song to Wolverine, even though Logan was well done. A homecoming of sorts would be too much to add for the X-Men, but it would not unwarranted being that it could be the end of the universe.

Another welcome addition to the MCU, Fox’s new step daddy, would be…

7 – Deadpool

Infinity Wars Cameos Deadpool Marvel Fox
The power of Consciousness, slipping away from Cable. Source: 20th Century Fox (for now)

This has to happen, right? In a cut scene? Passenger in a cab? Chimichanga stand?

R-rated, Shmar rated. Let Ryan Reynolds grace the Avengers in all his gory glory.

The power of the Merc with a Mouth, alas, may be too powerful for just that reason. The crass Deadpool character may not fit in with the MCU just yet, but again, anything is possible. I’m sure they have something up their sleeves for the very near future. Maybe even Avengers 4.

Speaking of Badasses, next on the list of Infinity War cameos is another mercenary by the name of…

6 – The Punisher

Infinity Wars cameos The Punisher Jon Bernthal
Frank Castle punishes. It’s as simple as that. Source: Netflix.

Another character bordering on the R-rated side, one Mr. Frank Castle. If the way he dealt with Jigsaw is any indication, we’re less likely to see him suit up for Infinity War. But it would sure be dandy if he did.

I bet Thanos would think twice about setting foot on our planet if Jon Bernthal were there to set a bear trap the size of an elephant in his landing zone.

The no mercy attitude is too over the top for him, so it’s yet another no go for The Punisher. But his associates could see some light on the big screen.

5 – The Defenders

the defenders
Going up? Source: Netflix.

Now we’re cookin’ with gas! Small screen to big screen cameos are rare in the MCU. But with the success the individual shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, it could happen.

Now, these guys don’t have the superpowers that the Avengers have but they could be of some assistance on street level when shizz hits the fan. The citizens will need help down below, like in 2012’s original Avengers movie, exemplified by Cap saving the people in the bank and ordering the NYPD to evacuate the area.

Defenders: Disassemble!  While they’re busy taking care of the denizens in the streets, we’ll need a few space regulators up top like…

4 – Nova

Infinity Wars cameos Nova Corp.
No, it’s not the rocketeer. Source:

The nice little tease we got in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 of the Nova Corp. was a cool surprise. But it also left us waiting to see if Nova would actually show up. He did not, but it’s a promising sign that he’ll show up soon – and what better place to do that than in Infinity War.

Space is where this whole shindig started and it’s only right that some of our space buddies get involved. Besides, earth is in the quadrant of the universe under his protection.

We could use all the help we can get down here. Including from some of Marvel’s favourite astronaut family…

3 – The Fantastic Four

fantastic four infinity war cameo
Four-ty! Source: Marvel.

Going back to Marvel’s child, 20th Century Fox, The Fantastic Four are in play and hopefully will get the proper MCU makeover soon. Now, while it’s quite a stretch (get it?), it would be a sweet little touch to have these guys in the mix. Let’s not Four-get there are four-ty heroes in one scene in Infinity War! 4-0! Fantastic! Okay, I’ll stop now.

There’s another alien we can rely on to catch a wave on the Milky Way to lend a hand, and that’s…

2 – Silver Surfer

Infinity Wars cameos Silver Surfer Spider-Man
If they can pull off a Hulk/Thor buddy comedy, they can do this. Source:

Our buddy Norrin Radd is set to enter the MCU and it’s going to be one hell of a splash. With multiple sources reporting that the character has been added to the list of appearances, this one is a lock.

Will it just be a cameo? Will he actually surf his way around bopping villains on the head? Or will he be an observer and make way for Galactus, something no one should even be remotely thinking about being that Thanos finally made contact. Guess we’ll just have to be patient.

But there’s another confirmed character who we’ve been aching to see for a while now and that’s… drumroll please…

1 – Captain Marvel

captain marvel infinity war cameo
About time. Source: Marvel.

That’s right. It’s probably common knowledge now but Alison Brie is set to blast her way into our hearts (and hopefully through Thanos’) in Infinity War.

Other Infinity War cameos will pale in comparison because the wait for a female superhero character this mighty in the MCU has been too long. She’ll be first with her own movie as well, beating out Black Widow for her own feature film.

Carol Danvers will be a pleasure to watch dismantle Thanos and his group of alien thugs, even if it takes two movies to do it.

Of course there are plenty of other Infinity War cameos that could happen, so here’s one more that’s near and dear to movie goers since the beginning.

Honorable Mentions: The Original Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Infinity War cameos Agents of Shield Nick Fury Agent Coulson Maria Hill
The dream team. Source:

The O.G.’s of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the triple threat of Nick Fury, Agent Coulson and Maria Hill. It would be nice to reunite with the people who glued this thing together, one movie at a time since 2008.

Sam Jackson has said that he’s been snubbed and hasn’t been seen since the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, but that could change. He is, after all, the one who recruited the others. If that’s the case, his buddy Coulson and Maria Hill shouldn’t be too far behind.

As far as Infinity War cameos go, that’s the end of the line. If you’re hungry for more, check out who are the five surprisingly important characters in Avengers: Infinity War.

When will Supernatural end? Well, the Winchester brothers are here to stay. Here are a few good reasons why they’re immortal.

Renewed for a whopping 14th season recently, Supernatural is showing no signs of slowing down. That’s because of rabid fans, the main cast staying intact and overall interest in the beyond remaining relevant. Cheers to that.

The ghost of the week slaying duo somehow keep busy week in and week out. Surviving the likes of now defunct shows like Reaper, Cult and The Secret Circle it proves how you just can’t beat or replace the original no matter how hard you try.

There’s also a seemingly endless supply of myths to extract from the well, if the Lore podcast is any indication. So the boys will be busy for the foreseeable future. Here’s why.

5 – Syndication

This one is a no brainer. TNT currently airs reruns of Supernatural Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm.

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester Mystery Spot
Samesies. Also, watch this episode if you haven’t yet ASAP. Source:

It’s not like I played hooky from work for a month to find out or anything. Although I would highly advise the move if you are currently trying to exorcise a demon from your coworker, even if they are one in the same. It’s worth a shot. Anywho, syndication for Supernatural means a couple of things.

For one, new fans will be created on a daily basis. Home sick kids, unemployed folks and reckless babysitters are giving life to the Winchesters all the time. Take into account that daytime TV is astoundingly successful and you’ll realise that Sam and Dean are truly unstoppable.

It also means that even when new episodes stop production, these bad boys will still live on. They’ve already got 200+ episodes in the books. Can’t kill this show with holy water or a sawed off shotgun loaded with salt ammo. The CW is also super flexible with programming on their network. Go Winchesters! Let’s see what else works in their favour.

4 – Untapped supernatural myths

supernatural castiel
Castiel: Angel Badassery. Source:

If season 5 of Supernatural had been the series finale, it would’ve been an excellent way to go. Storylines were wrapped, 100 solid episode run and seemingly nowhere else to go. Or so we thought. Just when you thought God and the devil were the be all and end alls, they call in the calvary. Fairies, Unicorns and Golems – oh my!

That’s right. They dug DEEP into the abyss of the imagination and pulled out some gems from nowhere. The trickiest part is getting these stories to work and for the most part they do. Slenderman was already the basis for one episode. They even spun a kickass story based on The Wizard of Oz. Leave it to the Supernatural writers to make a scary story that much more horrifying.

So if they could do that, what else could they pull from? There are tons of stories they could get their hands on. Most impressively, they pulled off a Scooby-Doo crossover episode: Scoobynatural.

Supernatural Sam Winchester Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Scooby Doo CW
This was real and it was, like, totally cool man! Source:

The sky really is the limit in the Supernatural writers room.

3 – Our obsession with the supernatural itself

Supernatural Changeling
Sleep tight!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a fan of ghost stories in general. For some reason, we love ghost stories. It’s one of the reasons why Supernatural has been so successful. People just love getting freaked out, if only for a moment.

And it isn’t all out gory, crappy-pants scary like American Horror Story or Hostel. Except for maybe the clown episodes. Can we just stop with those please? No need to feed on our colourophobia, thanks.

Everything from haunted houses, scary movies and YouTube video hoaxes reflect our love of being scared. Our curiosity of the unknown and what could be on the other side of life’s veil sends a pleasuring shiver down our spines.

As long as our traditions of telling scary stories continue, so will the show. And this is something that many cultures do, so creeping each other out is universal. It’s like the Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. We tell horror stories, Supernatural reimagines those stories and we continue to watch. The cycle never ends.

2 – The Winchester brothers are staying put

supernatural winchester brothers
Not getting out until you do another 14 seasons! – Every Supernatural fan. Source:

With Supernatural‘s renewal for a 14th season and the commitment from everyone on board, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are going nowhere. Both guys who play Sam and Dean respectively have also said as much. That’s huge, especially when most TV stars try to make their push to the big screen or some other venture.

Another reason they’ll be hangin’ around is because the spin offs they’ve been trying to develop rarely pan out. Although that won’t stop the CW from trying. There’s one more coming soon called Wayward Sisters, based on an episode from earlier this season. Starring an all female cast that was slowly introduced over the Supernatural series, it promises to be better than Bloodlines or Ghostfacers web series. Fingers crossed it works out, these gals pack a serious punch.

They’re all pretty much fan favourites. Speaking of which, the main reason Supernatural has lasted and will last for a long time to come is because of…

1 – The Fans aka SPN Family

Supernatural Convention Castiel Misha Collins
They heart us! They really heart us! Source:

Supernatural fans may possibly be the best fans of a TV series ever. They’ve held conventions all over the world. They’re easily trending on Twitter week in and week out whenever a new episode airs. They also rally behind star Jared Padalecki’s various charity campaigns to help stop depression. As well as even running their own website that brings fans together from across the globe.

They’ve been so dedicated that the showrunners even decided to dedicate the 200th episode in their honour. In fact, fans get various winks in episodes from time to time that help keep viewership alive and unique. Add in that the actual cast reciprocate often at those conventions and on social media and you can see why Supernatural has the longevity and praise it’s had for all these years and many more to come.

So for all you idjits (thanks for that word, Bobby Singer) who haven’t checked it out yet, do it. Grab a slice of Dean’s favourite pie or Sam’s vegan plate and binge all 14 seasons ASAP. It’s so good you’ll want to sell your soul to Crowley at the crossroads.

After you’re done fighting demons from the netherworld, check out Why We All Hate Rebbecca Bunch but can’t help relating to her on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Discover genuine laughter again after watching the five best underrated comedies that will surely tickle your funny bone.

Are your house cats into S&M? Has a deer told you “Don’t get weird”? Did your parents drug your atheist fiancee to try to convert her to religion at a cabin getaway? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have either experienced them or have seen three of these five great underrated comedies. The latter, good for you! If it’s the former seek professional help ASAP.

The best underrated comedies seemingly come out of nowhere. One night, you get home after overextending a night that should’ve ended before it started. Turn on the tube at 3 a.m. and BAM! They just show up out of nowhere, like a fairy godmother of guffaws.

Best Underrated Comedies Eddie Izzard
Accurate. Source:

Sometimes a good show just sneaks under the radar. It may be on a channel you don’t watch, airs at an ungodly hour, or is just under-marketed for some reason. No need to fret. Your old pals are here to make sure the best underrated comedies are seared right into your eyeball sockets. Okay, maybe not that dramatic but you get the point. On to the shows…

5 – High Maintenance (HBO)

High Maintenance follows The Guy, played by co-creator/co-writer Ben Sinclair, as he makes special pharmaceutical deliveries on his bike to New York City’s most eclectic clients. We get a glimpse into each client’s story from the absurd to the almost heartbreaking fractured tales.

The Guy serves as a vehicle, opening windows into the lives of seemingly disconnected New Yorkers needing a fix. The Guy may find himself as the supplier of goods for a couple’s birthday party orgy celebration. Another time, he’s just trying to avoid being caught up on a social media addict’s instagram.

You’ll be surprised how closely we’re linked to a teenage girl trying to find her place in life and day breaker parties in BrooklynTotally one of the best underrated comedies, and one that is true to life.

4 – Brockmire (IFC)

What would happen if you took your favourite announcer and drowned him in a barrel of 1,000 year old whiskey? Then put that announcer back on the air to call your local minor league game in the middle of nowhere? You’d get Brockmire, one of the finest gentlemen with the smoothest voices giving you the harshest advice that life’s had to offer him and spitting it back in your face in the middle of a Sunday afternoon baseball game.

Starring Hank Azaria (basically all your favourite voices on the Simpsons) as the main character, Brockmire brings a brutal honesty about what’s really going on in the mind of an in game announcer. He brings about his own demise during a national telecast, when he reveals the very intimate details of how he busted his wife cheating on him. After years away from the game, he’s convinced to come back to work by Jules James (Amanda Peet), when his now infamous outburst becomes a viral sensation on YouTube.

We get a unique view of what fans imagine it would be like if the guys who called our games let loose a bit and really let us know what they think of the players and managerial calls in game. At one point, he trashes the players so bad that they actually form a hate-fuelled rally to come back and win a game on free booze night. It’s quite a treat to see if he can hold it together as the team he’s calling the plays for actually gets good and gains notoriety. He’s going to need all the luck in world being that season 2 takes place in bourbon soaked New Orleans.

3 – The Guest Book (TBS)

Just like High Maintenance, The Guest Book has one common through line connecting its rotating cast of main characters: The Froggy Cottage Guest Book. As the visitors come and go, they log in their experience at the cabin. Some are there to rekindle their marriage spark while others pretend to have a birthday party just to invite the coworker they have a crush on. Real common man stuff.

The subplot here is when the local strip joint owner/dancer tries to blackmail the owner of Froggy Cottage. Sometimes you should just avoid the lap dance and take a lap around town. Intertwining between each new story, we get to learn more about the inhabitants of the sleepy town and their vices as well.

It’s all tied together at the end of each episode by the band HoneyHoney. They delightfully wrap up each episode with a folksy song about the events that just transpired at the Froggy Cottage. This is what sets it apart from High Maintenance and keeps the fun in the show going when it gets dark. Like when a man’s parents purposefully drug his wife-to-be in order to accept God. Although the intended outcome is achieved, they end up losing their religion in the process. Irony folks!

2 – People of Earth (TBS)

Meet Don, Jeff and Johnathan. No, they don’t work in your accounting department or are attempting to reunite a defunct boy band. They’re the aliens confounding the members of the alien abduction support group, Star Crossed, in the quiet town of Beacon, New York. Surprisingly they have much in common with the average man.

New member to Star Crossed is Ozzie Graham (the ever-cool-sleepy-eyed Wyatt Cenac), a journalist who begrudging agrees to write an article about the tormented group. As he digs deeper into the group he finds that maybe he should be taking them a bit more seriously even though they seem wickedly whacked out.

This surprisingly has more twists and turns than a pretzel on a rollercoaster. It’s a comedy that incorporates drama and sci-fi effortlessly. And with a cast of alums from shows like The Office, The Daily Show and SNL, it’s no wonder why it works so well.

1 – Animals (HBO)

How do you get two puppies to stop fighting? Make ’em lick each other. A cat gets the perfect coat with a thousand brush strokes in his vanity mirror. New born baby birds love popcorn chairs, especially if they’re from Steve Buscemi’s backyard. I’ve learned all these indelible fun facts and more from HBO’s Animals. 

Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano (the main characters in every episode), Animals brings New York City’s other eccentric inhabitants to life in a hilarious and often thought provoking way. From the trials and tribulations of squirrel adolescence to adjusting your life as a divorced tick, Animals covers it all. One episode even covers the lifespan of ups and downs of a pair of best friend flies. One minute they’re oggling Victoria’s fly magazine *heh* and the next their aged wings are flapping for the last time *sob*.

Phil and Mike get some help from over 50+ guest voices that you may be familiar with. Kumail Nanjiani, Emelia Clarke, RuPaul, Nick Kroll, Jonah Hill – the list goes on. They even add some musical talents in the mix with Usher, Big Boi & Killer Mike and even Kesha. It’s a seriously long and star studded list. What’s better is that they add their own takes and improvisations on the characters they’re given and deliver.

What sets Animals apart from the likes of other animated shows like Family Guy or South Park is how they bounce from absurdity to genuine heart effortlessly. Each vignette will either have your brain going ‘WTF is happening right now?’ to ‘awww how sweet, I wish my human counterparts were like that!’ within a few seconds. With two seasons in the books and a third on the way, it truly is one of the best underrated comedies to date.  Already done with binge watching these bad boys? No worries, here are some other shows that are coming back from the dead ready to rock your socks off. 

Critics pan another Netflix movie that audiences love but The Outsider is a genuine throwback to old school gangster movies and should be treated as such.

Let’s clear the air right up front guys and dolls. Do we like Jared Leto? Honestly, he’s hit and miss. Are we getting a little burned out from sci-fi and comic book movies? Not really, but a breather every now and then is nice. Is Netflix approving every idea no matter how good or bad to hit their absurd production estimate? Yep, for sure.

Now here’s how The Outsider answers all of those questions.

No Gimmicks

The Outsider Netflix
Scaffold city. Source:

The Outsider is a slick, traditional gangster flick that gets straight to the point. No bogged down history. No insane CGI. Just an intriguing story about an American P.O.W. finding a family in the unlikeliest of places in the Yakuza crime outfit.

In fact, there’s barely a hint that it’s set in 1954. And that works for it. The only two things that let you know you aren’t in 2018 are the cars and the absence of cell phones. You get to focus on the characters and how they play off of each other. It’s pretty refreshing.

The movie also nails the perfect amount of dialogue, silence and action in a way that hasn’t been done in what feels like years. Beautiful establishing shots are also interwoven between scenes highlighted by minimal narration. The impact of the action scenes are made all the better with this method. Director Martin Pieter Zandvliet truly does a superb job with The Outsider.

Jared Leto: Hit!

The Outsider Jared Leto Netflix
No, tattoos cannot be t-shirts folks. Source:

Jared Leto is a mystery. Sometimes, he’s getting the ever butt lovin’ monkey snot beat out of him in Fight Club. His Paul Allen in American Psycho gets the axe from Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman (which he seems to have channeled for this role). Then he unconvincingly plays Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27. After that, he absolutely crushes a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club and even scores an Oscar! Following that role, he gets a little too big for his britches as Joker in Suicide Squad and was left in Hollywood limbo for some time. 

But now he’s back in an absolutely mesmerising role as P.O.W. Nick in The Outsider. Set in 1954 Osaka, Nick finds himself saving a fellow inmate’s life after a group of men hang him from a noose and make it look like he tried to take his own life. A Suicide Squad, if you will. (You know you laughed.)

Anyway, as a reward, the man, Kiyoshi, offers him a way out of prison with the help of his Yakuza brothers. We follow Nick as he gains favour with the Yakuza by getting his hands dirty when they don’t want to. Win win for everyone.

Leto plays the role as straight up as you can get and it’s refreshing. It’s evident Leto gave him a badass origin with the rigid way he carries himself. Couple that with his clenched monotone acme anvil voice and you get the impression that there’s a rage inside of Nick bubbling just under the surface. If you push his buttons just right, by calling him a ‘cute little kitten’ for example, you just may get a bottle of sake to the face.

No Heroes

The Outsider Netflix Jared Leto
This is for 30 Seconds to Mars. Source:

Welcome to Villains Inc. owned by Yakuza LLC. There are no goodniks abound here from P.O.W. Nick, all the way down to the two faced baddie, Orochi, played by Kippei Shina. The movie doesn’t even end well for the lesser of two evils. As it should. If you want a realistic gangster movie, The Outsider plays it to the bone.

And these guys know how to play bad well. The predominantly Japanese cast has you hooked from jump street. The aforementioned Kiyoshi, played by Tadanobu Asano, adopts Leto’s Nick like an older brother would. The bond of saving someone’s life in prison (not that I would know. Or do I?) reflects in the sincerity Asano brings to the role.

The whole Seizu clan, who are out to absorb Kiyoshi’s Shiromatsu family by any means, also makes for formidable opponents. They’re taunting and constant sabotage is enough to drive anyone mad. So much so that the Shiromatsu Family head Akihiro, played by Min Tanaka, confronts them out in the open like an old school gunslinger. His steel cold Eastwood-esque no nonsense take on the character really encompasses what it must be like to be the head of the Yakuza.

So don’t expect any miracle saviors here. No one gets out unscathed. The bad guys are all ya got and they’re all ya need.

Netflix Brought the Heat and Delivers

As we saw with Bright not too long ago, critics gave negative reviews galore even though it was a not so bad movie. According to Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes, such is the case with The Outsider. It isn’t exactly evident why that is. Had this movie been released in the late 80s or 90s this would’ve killed at the box office. Have critics gotten too soft? Maybe, but that’s an article for future, ‘old man yelling at the sky’ version of me.

The Outsider Grandpa Simpson
I haven’t and won’t age well folks. Source:

All in all The Outsider isn’t as bad as The Cloverfield Paradox or Mute and not as good as Mudbound. It hits the right notes as the film it was made to be: a simple story, in a simple time with a simple premise. It’s a nice deviation from what can become dull over an extended period of time.

What’s more is the Japan-a-tainment is absolutely immersive. One cool scene explains the meaning of the Daisho katanas, something that many avid anime watchers may already be familiar with and something that was touched upon in the Ready Player One novel. Another scene explains the myth of a Koi fish swimming upstream and becoming an arrogant dragon.

Much of the film is also in Japanese, which came from the depths of the ancient earth. It’s true, trust me. Don’t google it and betray your Yakuza (writing) brother.

So do yourself a favor and turn on The Outsider this weekend. And do it quickly before the aliens get here and takeover.

Ready Player One is about to make nostalgic worlds collide. Here’s a taste of what you can expect and some tubular stuff we want to see from the novel.

How would you like to suit up as your favourite movie, TV or video game character everday? How would you like to then interact with the entire world as that character in your daily life? On top of that, you could compete to win half a trillion bucks and own the business that allows it all to happen.

Well, hold on to your butts because that’s exactly what world Ready Player One is about to bring to life.

Written by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One drops us straight into the childhood fantasies we’ve all shared ever since video games were invented.

Ready Player One Synopsis

It’s 2045, and the real world has fallen into disarray. By using OASIS (not Liam and Noel), a super-powered virtual reality system, you can do and be anything you want to be. It’s basically the only way to cope and earn a living, but also sounds fun as all hell.

After the death of its creator, James D. Halliday, he issues a super rad contest with a pre-recorded video will. There’s an easter egg hidden in OASIS and the first to find it will gain wealth and power beyond belief. The inhabitants of the entire expanse of the OASIS go into a frenzy and soon change the landscape of culture as we know it. Since Halliday was obsessed with the 80s, so too is everyone who’s elligible for the contest. Including our hero, one Wade Watts.

Watts devotes every waking moment learning whatever he can about the 80s. Movies, music, TV, even commercials become his life. His holy grail, however, lies in classic video games. Joust, Golden Axe, Adventure, you name it. He has to overcome the situation he’s born into first – orphaned and poor, as is the prerequisite for most protagonists. But that doesn’t deter him from trying to reach his goal.

Here’s the real catch: advancing in this game entails getting past the IOI, a nefarious company that has plans to ruin OASIS for everyone if they become victorious first. They’ll do this by any means necessary with real world mind games and death threats if they have to. Wade will have to rely on friends he makes along the way if they all want to survive and beat the system.

Here are some things we’re hoping to look forward to in Ready Player One.

5 – Totally Tubular Planets

Ready Player One Arcades
You’ll never look at Pong the same again. Source: Gizmodo

Ready Player One mashes up all the iconic and obscure 80s pop culture you can think of. It even makes entire planets out of them. The OASIS is made up of 27 sectors, each with their own planets arranged to look like a Rubik’s cube. And each planet has its own theme. One planet we should get to see on the big screen is Archaide, a gigantic museum of sorts with old school arcade games and ‘ancient artefacts’ from the 80s.

There’s also an entire planet named after John Hughes and every neighborhood is modelled exactly to a T from every 80s movie he’s made. Hopefully the movie does the book justice. There’s another created for Robert Zemeckis, the man behind Back to the Future, Forrest Gump and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Literal worlds colliding, all in an interactive galaxy!

4 – Awesome Tech

Ready Player One Wade Watts Parzival
Grab that key Z! Source: Mold 3D

To be the best Gunter (easter egg hunters) in OASIS, you have to have a sweet rig. A rig allows you to access the OASIS via standard issued goggles and haptic gloves. You can even take them with you in the real world while riding in a bus or walking somewhere. Some wealthier users get suped up rigs and haptic suits that allow them to run without hitting the walls of their home with the help of a treadmill that moves in all directions. Pretty neat.

There are also other peripheral accessories you could get if you have the moola: An aromatic machine that lets you smell your surroundings; a chair and vest that lets you feel when you’re hit/shot. Probably want to keep those off most of the time though.

While immersed in OASIS you can also order food! You could get real authentic old school 80s Ninja Turtle pizza just how you like it by making a virtual order. It’ll arrive to you hot and fresh in the real world. Good to know that becoming even fatter in the future will be much easier and tastes bodacious!

But 2045 isn’t all peaches and cream. So when you log off be sure to protect yourself with some bullet proof vests and a bio metric gun. When you purchase a gun in the real world, your hands are scanned on the gun (both right and left) so no one else can fire it. You’ll also have a max amount of bullets you can fire per day. In fact, something like that exists today. Maybe 2045 isn’t that far off after all.

3 – Rad Mash-ups

Ready Player One DeLorean Ecto-88 KITT Ghostbusters Knight Rider
2045 looks intense. Source:

Ladies and Germs I present to you the Ecto-88 KITT De Lorean. That’s right: Ghostbusters, Knight Rider and Back to the Future all in one ride. Not only is this ride 80s-gasmic, Watts a.k.a Parzival (Wade’s alter ego, which everyone has in the OASIS) made this thing capable of flying through solid matter. Aren’t you ready to take this bad-boy for a spin!?

If the movie is anything like the book, there’ll be dream team match ups galore. Iron Giant, Voltron, and Gundam bots all fighting side by side against the big baddie. It’s another huge iconic name so I’ll keep that a secret just in case they don’t change it from the book. Hint: every so often he destroys Japan.

There are so many possibilities, that you can lose count just in the trailers alone. No worries. The hard working folks on YouTube have done their geeky duty. Check out Chun Li, Freddy Kruger, Chucky in action. Go on, take a gander.

2 – The Bogus IOI Indentured Prisoner System

As mentioned earlier, the IOI (Innovative Online Industries) are the antagonists hot on the trailer of Watts and friends. At one point in the story someone (dodging spoilers for you here folks, hope you appreciate it) gets locked up in their unique jail system.

Instead of just going behind bars, you’re forced to become a slave to IOI until your debt to them has been paid. This will never happen because charges you incur while locked up are charged to your existing debt, that in and of itself is accruing interest. All the while you’re forced to work in a 9-5 mundane job in the OASIS. Ear tags with cameras, ankle low jack and cameras up the wazoo all keep you in line just in case you actually think you have a chance at escaping.

These dudes really mean business and will do anything to get every last dollar out of you. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the movie because of its not so subtle metaphor for the real world cube monkey jobs.

1 – Smooth moves at the dance club

Ready Player One Neonoir Distracted Globe
Hard to have two left feet in this place. Source:

One scene from the book sticks out as by far the trippiest and most 80s thing of all: the group dance scene. You know the one: a song comes on that everyone knows and do the exact same dance moves. Ready Player One does it in spades and takes it to the Nth level.

For that scene we journey to The Distracted Globe on planet Neonoir, where it is always night time. Leather clad, mohawk wearing punk rockers inhabit this bitchin’ world. The club itself floats a few metres above the surface and inside is a combination of a zero gravity dance floor with the ability to walk anywhere you can around it, including the ceiling.

Order your favourite drink from any movie, maybe even a spiked blue milk from Star Wars or a $5 milk shake from Jack Rabbit Slim’s. There’s an incredibly wild dance routine where everyone turns into lava lamp blobs and the dancing literally becomes fluid. After all, this is the virtual world of 2045.

So, what are you waiting for? Strap in, get your dancing shoes on. You’re now prepared for Ready Player One. Let’s hope it compares to these Top 5 successful sci-fi book adaptations.

Don’t you just hate cliffhangers? These are some of the best cancelled TV shows that need to make a comeback so we can finally get some closure.

Isn’t the golden age of TV grand? From Game of Thrones to Black Mirror, we have a plethora of entertainment at our disposal. But sometimes these amazing shows swallow up the audiences of pretty awesome shows as well. That’s what may have happened in the case of these cancelled TV shows.

Now it isn’t just that audiences are too thinned out by great programming. There are a slew of reasons for cancelled TV shows to get the axe. Budgetary issues, negative reviews, bad marketing, and most of the time shows are just awful and shouldn’t have gotten the green light in the first place. But these shows seemed to have nailed it and still couldn’t avoid getting the Ned Stark treatment.

Let’s explore some of these reasons and see if we can get someone high up to get these cancelled TV shows back on the air somehow. I mean 2 Broke Girls and NCIS: Garbage Fire are still on our screens. We definitely deserve to get these gems back!

7 – ThunderCats (2011, Cartoon Network)

cancelled TV shows ThunderCats
Lion-O and his crew about to do work. Source:

Yeah, yeah. These guys aren’t the OG ThunderCats of the 80s. But the 2011 reboot was nonetheless awesome. It may even be BETTER than the original. It wasn’t a slow burn like the 80s version and got to the point pretty quickly. The writers and animators did enough to update it so that it fitted in as a new age cartoon with adults themes, all-the-while maintaining the essence of the original. But that wasn’t enough to save these purr-fect creations. (Ha! Apologies, that was my inner Snarf coming out.)

ThunderCats had a cool slick anime feel to it and a slightly dark overtone to match. The plot stuck mostly to its roots with Lion-O leading the team to find the book of Omens and needing the stones of power to defeat Mumm-ra. The update integrated a lot of cool new tech and deeper character development that brought the characters to life in an awesome way.

Even though it was well received, the show was apparently cancelled due to low viewership. No surprise there as the show originally aired Friday nights at 8 on Cartoon Network. The kids were probably in bed and the adults were out doing better things than watching in their Lion-O onesie. The failed attempt to bring back the series to Netflix may be proof of that.

6 – The Get Down (Netflix)

Cancelled TV shows The Get Down Netflix
Shaolin Fantastic and the Get Down Brothers. Source:

The Get Down brought to life the evolution of Hip Hop through the eyes of six kids growing up in the Bronx. Baz Luhrmann brought the late 70s underground music scene to life in his own unique way. There’s even a touch of old school badly synced kung-fu flicks sprinkled in for fun. The Get Down brought flavour and style to TV in such a way most shows can’t get away with. Add to that the narration of rap hall of famer Nas and this show was sure to be a bonafide classic.

But then Netflix had to go and pull the plug after only one season. Apparently budget issues, low ratings and Luhrmann’s own time constraints sealed its fate. But there are still so many loose ends to tie up with this show.

Does Books have what it takes to handle fame and school? Will Mylene dominate the disco scene before Hip Hop kills it? Why is LeBron James selling drugs and terrorising kids in the 70s?

Cancelled TV shows The Get Down Cadillac
You’re better than that LeBron. Source:

Luckily, there are some shows you can check out if you’re itching for more Hip Hop centric content. Check out Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix and Defiant Ones on HBO. Until then let’s hope Jaden Smith reboots the series some day.

5 – Forever (ABC)

Cancelled TV shows Forever Ioan Gruffuld
Skinny dipping by the Manhattan Bridge will not be tolerated! Source: the

What happens when you combine your standard whodunnit procedural and a cursed immortal detective? You get Forever starring Reed Richards aka Iaon Gruffuld of course.

Set in Modern Day NYC, we follow around the 200 year old Dr. Henry Morgan as he solves murder mysteries all around town. With each case, we flashback to different moments of his life peicing together just how he became immortal. In the process, he falls in love with NYPD detective Jo Martinez, his reluctant partner in crime solving. At one point, a nefarious shady character comes out of the woodwork and reveals that he too is immortal! GASP!

And just when all of these mysteries look like they’re about to be solved, ABC goes ahead and cancels the series. What a pity. The culprit: Viewership. Again. Alas, all we’re left with is CW Seed (thankfully) to relive the first season over and over. Immortality in the digital age, so to speak.

Forever really needs to come back if only to answer one question: Just how did it come to be that someone on a slave ship was cursed in the first place after standing up for said slaves?

This show had more depth than people took into consideration at the time. Really shouldn’t be on any list of cancelled TV shows.

4/3/2 – Original comedy sketch shows

Humour is always a good escape when the turmoil of the outside worlds seems to be overwhelming. Lately, though, it seems that even these forms of escape have been compromised by the same one note jokes. Original sketch comedy needs to make a comeback in a big way. Namely with these three shows: The Jeselnik Offensive, Jon Benjamin Has a Van & Pretend Time with Nick Swardson.

The Jeselnik Offensive was actually a late night talk show involving comedians that had well timed sketch comedy thrown in. Now this show isn’t for the PC culture faint of heart. So I could see why maybe it was ahead of its time or people didn’t get the humour. But Jeselnik’s view is much needed right about now even though he’s known to get a bit dark.

Jon Benjamin Has a Van was straight up bananaland as well as Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time. But silliness is just what the doctor ordered. I mean look at these faces:

Cancelled TV shows Nick Swardson Pretend Time
Cat stamps. Any questions? Source: Share
Cancelled TV shows Jon Benjamin has a van
I mean he has a van. That’s pretty endearing by itself. Source: wikipedia

Jon Benjamin’s voice is incerdibly funny for some reason, as well as indelible. You’ll recognise it as Bob’s voice on Bob’s Burgers and also as Sterling Malory Archer’s voice on Archer. Both shows had imaginative execution and absurdity in spades. Perfect for a half hour or hour of escapism. Click at your own risk for a taste of Nick Swardson’s Pretend time here. For something a little lighter, check out Archer hosting his own offbeat show below.

Comedy Central makes up for these cancelled TV shows by airing Nathan For You. It’s always good for a nice, charming, almost brainless laugh.

1 – Agent Carter

Cancelled TV shows Agent Carter Hayley Atwell
Even the car’s mind was blown after hearing about the Agent Carter cancellation. Source:

If you haven’t seen Agent Carter, you’re part of the problem bucko! Maybe the most underrated Marvel Character in the MCU, this show focused on what it would’ve been like as a female working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve a.k.a future S.H.I.E.L.D in the 1940s. Peggy Carter (wonderfully played by Hayley Atwell) sets out to prove that she can run with the best of the best and hold her own against new dangers that spring up after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. 

The noir style show also told the evolutionary story of S.H.E.I.L.D. It also started to give back stories to the real Jarvis and Howard Stark. And that was just a bonus. Agent Carter had that right mix of depth and storytelling, and added the perspective of a true common man’s superhero that is equal parts unique and unconventional. The show truly made her feel like an Avenger.

The amount of stories seemed endless with Peggy Carter at the helm and crossovers from golden age heroes would’ve inevitably joined the fold. With each decade, a new feel and look would’ve taken Agent Carter to new levels.

Thankfully, Hayley Atwell still embraces the character to this day, popping up in cameos here and there and voicing Peggy as needed in Marvel’s cartoon series and movies on Disney XD.  Here’s crossing our fingers to her getting a chance to shine again somewhere soon!

Honorable Mention: Powerless

Cancelled TV shows Powerless Vanessa Hudgens
The G.O.A.T. Batman Adam We. Source:

As far as the best cancelled TV shows go, this one is universally the worst on this list. But I just couldn’t let this one slip by, despite the fact that it was panned by critics and viewers alike. Powerless was about an insurance company who had to adjust to the daily havoc that battles between heroes and villains wreaked on Charm City.

It had a Parks and Recs feel to it and showed a citizen’s point of view of what happens on the streets below in the aftermath of a blowout. The cast was awesome, led by Vanessa Hudgens, with a great script to boot. The downfall of Powerless may have been that they strayed too far with unknown heroes and villains instead of going with solid know characters as their foils.

It’d be nice to see a new version of this show, maybe a bit more based in reality one day. Pick up the graphic novel Marvels by Kurt Busiek and painted by Alex Ross. That’s an even better version of Powerless and could work phenomenally as a TV series. Until then, support your soon to be cancelled TV shows citizens!

We like listing stuff. Here’s our article on the 10 comic-book to movie adaptations that need to happen.

Black Panther met and exceeded expectations at the box office. That’s because it isn’t just a run of the mill Marvel movie.

In case you haven’t heard, Black Panther is the new king at the movies. It isn’t just because Marvel has been doling out premium content since 2008. Black Panther goes in a direction no other comic book movie has gone in terms of creating a fantastic, awe inspiring technological dream and carefully tethering it to our reality.

Pretty much every ingredient needed to make a classic movie is present in Black Panther. Beautiful visuals, tightly woven and detailed compelling plot, an impeccable blend of veteran and upcoming actors, and music that fits perfectly with every theme to tie it all together. Black Panther really will rocket into your top 5 comic book movies before you can chant ‘T’challa goooo!’.

There are many reasons why the new superhero film has been successful, so let’s break down why it’s been such a captivating movie. Fair warning, there may be a few mild spoilers ahead. So stop reading now if you want to go into the theatre with an unbiased view of Black Panther. Otherwise, tread lightly friends.

5) Director Ryan Coogler never takes his foot off the gas.

Black Panther Ryan Coogler Chadwick Boseman
You can tell me what to do but I’m still the king right? Source:

As soon as Black Panther started, it hurled you straight into the story and never let up. Ryang Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station) was somehow able to create a truly immersive world without getting bogged up in trivial typical origin story quicksand. He managed to do this by interweaving Wakanda’s history throughout the film as a backstory, which comes to the forefront by its end.

The opening is a short history of the advanced nation, which worked super efficiently – similarly to Wonder Woman – and cut out the fat that usually happens with traditional superhero films. It’s a well received trend in movies and a catalyst that should be used going forward. Origin stories should be saved for prequels or TV shows to be watched in a Netflix minute.

Coogler also transitions beautifully from traditionally tribal Africa to modern day UK, South Korea and even the afterlife. Balancing out those dynamics aren’t so simple and he does so brilliantly. One minute we’re celebrating victory in Wakandan cliff-sides, the next we’re battling foes in a modern day South Korea. Just when that seems to be the pinnacle, we’re transported to the astral plane talking to deceased relatives. Simply mesmerising.

This is also exemplified by Wakanda itself, who have been able to hold onto their roots while incorporating Vibranium’s amazing technological advances at the same time.

Not too shabby for a kid who was in film school when Iron Man came out nearly 10 years ago.

4) Nearly flawless plot.

Black Panther Joe Robert Cole
Joe Robert Cole probably writing up Black Panther 2 while taking this pic. Source:

I’m using the word nearly here only because, as of the time of writing, this article is based on a first time viewing. Planning the second soon. That said, this was a flawless victory for comic-book movie-making in terms of the plot. Yup, Black Panther Johnny Cage’d the Goro that is the comic-book film industry.

Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage
Speaking of perfect movies, this wasn’t one of them. Source:

Joe Robert Cole (American Crime Story both the OJ and Versace seasons) and Coogler fit in a tremendous amount of story in only 2 hours and 15 minutes. They manage to layer ancestry, familial issues, internal cultural clashes, external societal problems AND tell a coherent superhero story all at once. It’s really something to behold.

It felt like watching a Black Panther edition of This Is Us. To maintain the level of depth attached to a crime-fighting king dressed as a predatory jungle cat is straight up mind boggling. Being that in tune requires out of this world precision even the New York Philharmonic would be in awe of. Nothing short of pure genius.

Dealing with family secrets coming to light? Check. Conserving religious traditions of your progenitors while being at odds with their global diplomacy? Double Check. Highlighting centuries of oppression in the West? Chubby Checkers. It really nails all of the above and even more. Even better, not a plot hole in sight. Infinity War is going to have to contend with this juggernaut of a story. Best of luck with that, Russo brothers.

Oh, there’s also humour. Yes! On top of all those heavy themes, they even remembered to have a couple of laughs. Integrating some of the internet’s most viral videos and memes into the dialogue was done so naturally. A forced joke would’ve been cringe worthy, especially into this movie in particular, and they pulled it off so well. So get ready and buy some stylish kicks because the ‘WHAT ARE THOSE?!’ jokes are about to make a huge come back.

3) Stellar Cast.

Black Panther Entire cast
Cancel the Oscars. These guys get all the gold statues. Source:

Take a good long look at that photo. Take your time with it and pace yourselves. Come back when you’re ready to discuss. Ready? Okay. Let’s do this.

Even before Black Panther hit theatres, the casting list was too staggering to even contemplate. What’s more is that they took that phenomenal story and brought it to life, again… what’s the word of the day kids? Flawlessly.

The cast simply took the weight of the screenplay and bench pressed it effortlessly like the Hulk smashes missiles. Chadwick Boseman combines his former portrayal of Jackie Robinson with a Nelson Mandela-like leadership, embodying what it means to be King and protector of Wakanda perfectly.

Every great hero needs a great villain and Michael B. Jordan puts on a show that makes him one of, if not THE, most insidious Marvel bad guys to date. To the writers’ credit and Mr. Jordan himself, there is a grey area developed within the character that reflects much of the conflict we face across the globe right now. So as evil as his actions were, there was still an undeniable humanity to him.

The supporting cast have each held up starring roles of their own and even include Oscar winners, who were just as integral to the story as main characters. Not one performance was wasted in Black Panther. Not one. Making a sequel to this film is not an envious task because adding to that roster of riches is going to be tough to beat.

Breaking down the cast and what they bring to the table is no easy feat. So here’s a list that breaks down their incredible work. I think the entire film academy is in Black Panther. And it never suffered from over saturation. Marvel-ous. I’ll show myself out.

2) Soundtrack Album.

Black Panther Soundtrack Kendrick Lamar
The premiere fashion statement of 2018. Source:

Welp. Seems like a certain soundtrack list needs to be updated. Kendrick Lamar matches the Black Panther movie tone and message on this album. That’s what makes this record more than a soundtrack. It’s an album that just so happens to also have music inspired by the movie.

Even before the soundtrack dropped there was much hype surrounding it because Lamar was in charge of making it come together. Seems like a trend Marvel is now willing to go with after the success of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which James Gunn had to fight for at first. Lamar collaborates with the best of the best: Weeknd, SZA, Future, Khalid, Travis Scott, James Blake and more. It’s almost as if they were competing with the cast for bragging rights.

The movie really uses the music superbly and timely. At one point it’s specifically asked for during a shootout on the streets of South Korea and it worked. Bravo. Even the tribal music is highly influential on the soundtrack itself. That’s a warm welcoming change and answer to some repetitive mewling kittens and the radio right now.

Additionally, there was plenty of dancing in the seats at my showing of Black Panther, myself included. I still can’t get out the simple T’Challa gooooo! Out of my head. Can’t wait to use that when I’m cheering for Deutschland in the World Cup.

Must listen tracks: Black Panther, All the Stars, King’s Dead, Redemption, Big Shot.

‘Pray For Me’ is the one that hits home and leads to the #1 reason Black Panther is doing so well…

1) Timely Social Commentary

The lyrics for Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Pray For Me’ are as follows:

I’m tryna fight back tears, flood on my doorsteps
Life a livin’ hell, puddles of blood in the streets
Shooters on top of the building, government aiding relief
Earthquake, the body drop, the ground breaks
The poor one with smoke lungs and Scarface
Who need a hero? (hero)
You need a hero, look in the mirror, there go your hero
Who on the front lines at Ground Zero? (hero)
My heart don’t skip a beat, even when hard times bumps the needle
Mass destruction and mass corruption
The souls are sufferin’ men
Clutchin’ on deaf ears again, rapture is comin’
It’s all prophecy and if I gotta be sacrificed for the greater good, then that’s what it gotta be.

The Truest of Heroes

As the movie drew to its conclusion, tears flooded my eyes. When T’Challa says he’s going to buy the abandoned buildings in the impoverished streets of Oakland, I lost it. Why? Because in that moment he became the hero I always wanted to be growing up. It’s an ideal I still strive for to this day. I was one of those kids on the basketball court in that scene. And I imagine that there will be kids going to the theatres who feel exactly the same way.

Writer Joe Robert Cole confirmed this for me in a recent interview. “This is the movie I wish I had to look up to”. I uttered the same exact words to my nephew by the end of the film. The head on attitude this movie takes on is more than I can ever clearly state. Here’s an incredible article by our own Patrick Newberry that better exemplifies what I can’t bring justice to here.

Black Panther attacks the topics of social injustices that minorities face in their everyday lives on a daily basis. It harks back to centuries of oppression and reminds us that we do have heroes that are looking out for us. It’s given another voice of resistance to a new generation that hopefully will be influenced enough to become that hero in reality.

A true hero raises themselves up out of the ashes and does the best that they can to provide for those who can’t. They place a stronger foundation for a better opportunity for those who will come after them. Black Panther embodies the spirit of a true hero. Wakanda Forever!