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Our Geeky Influencer Team

Our Content Creators built their following through entertainment based content creation. They have a perfect audience for entertainment brands.

We partner with brands on video-game launch promotions, film releases, events, tech launches, trailer promotions, and merchandise drops


Deadpool Influencers


20th Century Fox launched The Predator on Home Release. Digital Fox Talent provided 3 influencers plus a real life Predator for a boys night in gaining 150K views.
Marvel Influencers
Marvel partnered with Typo on some funky design kits. Digital Fox Talent provided 2 influencers, producing 9 content pieces and gaining over 10k total views across Instagram.
EA Influencers
Electronic Arts launched Anthem. Digital Fox Talent provided 23 influencers, producing 224 content pieces and gaining over 2.3m total views across social media.
Warner Brothers Content Creators
Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment launched Mortal Kombat X. Digital Fox Talent provided 10 influencers to play a beta version of the game, producing 249 content pieces and generating 549k views.
Deadpool Influencers
20th Century Fox launched Alita: Battle Angel in cinemas. Digital Fox Talent provided 24 influencers to attend a special fan screening, generating 184 content pieces and 893K views.
Playstation Influencers


Electronic Arts launched the video-game Anthem. Digital Fox Talent provided 23 influencers, producing 224 content pieces and gaining over 2.3m total views across social media.
Deadpool Influencers


20th Century Fox released X-Men Dark Phoenix at home. Digital Fox Talent provided 3 influencers, producing 15 content pieces and gaining over 100k social media views.
SparkeFilms launched the one of the biggest Australian sci-fi movies ever in Occupation. Digital Fox Talent provided 18 influencers, producing 108 content pieces and generating 530k views.
Universa Studios Influencers
Universal Studios launched Mortal Engines in cinemas. Digital Fox Talent provided 13 influencers to attend a special fan screening with Peter Jackson, generating 124 content pieces and 250K views.
Topps Content Creators
Topps Digital were recruiting new players for their Marvel Collect App. Digital Fox Talent provided 2 influencers, producing 10 content pieces and gaining over 100k social media views.
Disney+ Content Creators
Disney+ utilised Jayden Rodrigues as an ambassador to launch Disney+. Jayden produced 5 content pieces generating almost 10k views.
Deadpool Influencers


20th Century Fox released Deadpool 2 in cinemas. Digital Fox Talent provided 6 influencers, producing 30 content pieces and generating 500k views.

Our Specialist Influencer areas

As a member of Digital Fox Talent and part of a community of over 200 geeky content creators, you will work with a dedicated talent manager who will gain, negotiate and manage brand partnerships for you so you can focus on content creation.

You’ll receive brand partnership briefs from us which you can accept or turn down and we will help you help you to manage the project every step of the way so we can produce the highest quality content for them.

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Working in partnership with brands

Digital Fox Talent adjust strategies to brief. We usually run projects at scale with many influencers generation mass content for the branded campaign. Whilst we’re focused on high quality content, and generating views we can also assist in driving traffic and controlling brand sentiment. 

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