We have our new Riddler.

After months of rumours, speculation, and unsuccessful negotiations with other stars, actor Paul Dano has been cast as The Riddler in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

While The Riddler has not enjoyed the iconic onscreen status as characters like Catwoman or The Joker, Dano still has some big shoes to follow.

Let’s look back at the past actors to tackle The Riddler in live-action.

Frank Gorshin

The Riddler in live-action
Frank Gorshin in the Batman TV series.

Impressionist Frank Gorshin played The Riddler in seasons one and three of the sixties Batman TV series, and its 1966 theatrical film. Gorshin’s portrayal is based on the Silver Age comics, and thanks to the TV series’ classic status, he remains one of the most beloved versions of the character.

Gorshin reprised the role for Hanna-Barbera’s Legends Of The Superheroes TV special in 1979.

John Astin

Astin’s Riddler.

John Astin filled in as Riddler during season two of Batman, when Gorshin wasn’t available.

Though the stint was short-lived, Astin’s Hollywood icon status made this an important footnote in The Riddler’s live-action history.

Jim Carrey

The Riddler in live-action
Jim Carrey as the Riddler

For the character’s second theatrical appearance in Batman Forever, Jim Carrey took on the role.

Carrey’s Riddler was a disgruntled former employee of Wayne Enterprises, resigning when Bruce Wayne refused to mass produce a mind-altering invention of his for fear it could be dangerous.

This version of the character was driven insane by his own invention at the film’s conclusion. His costume appeared as an easter egg in the following film, Batman And Robin.

Cory Michael Smith

Cory Michael Smith suits up as The Riddler

After a long hiatus, The Riddler returned to the small-screen in the Batman prequel Gotham, played by Cory Michael Smith.

The series initially introduces the character as Edward Nygma, a forensic scientist who enjoys revealing his findings to Gotham’s police in the form of riddles.

Over the course of its five seasons, Gotham documents Edward’s fall to villainy, his rise as The Riddler, and his complicated relationship with Oswald Cobblepot, the man destined to become The Penguin.

Smith’s Edward Nygma introduced a new generation to The Riddler, resulting in a renewed love for the character.

Only time will tell how Paul Dano will stack up against these former Riddlers.

The Batman is due for theatres in June, 2021.

Lost In Space Season 2 has finally dropped a new trailer that has left fans excited for more!

Inspired by the 60s series of the same name, Lost In Space proved a surprise hit for Netflix in 2018. The show was a rare and special reboot that managed to honour the spirit of the original while also telling its own unique story.

However, the trailer for Lost In Space Season 2 suggests that the show is taking a little more inspiration from the original in its second run.

A scaled-back cast

The cast of Lost In Space.

The original Lost In Space had a small cast, featuring just the Robinson family, heroic pilot Don West, and the cowardly stowaway Doctor Smith.

Season one of the reboot added a few more supporting players, with a full new colony embarking on the trip into space. We had the scientific Watanabes, and the upper class Dhar Family. The Dhar patriarch, Victor, is supposed to be the leader of the colony, while his son, Vijay, was a short-lived love interest for Penny Robinson.

In the final episode of season one, the Robinson’s ship, Jupiter 2, is separated from the rest of the colony. So far, promotional material for the second season has shown only the Robinsons, Doctor Smith, Don West, and the Robot. Basically, the core cast of the original Lost In Space.

The allegiance of The Robot

The Robot.

One of the most iconic characters from the original Lost In Space was The Robot. Initially reprogrammed by Dr. Smith to serve him, the plan backfires when The Robot develops a personality and befriends Will Robinson. While Smith and The Robot become a humorous double-act, its loyalties remain with Will for most of the series.

The origins of the reboot’s Robot are a little more complicated. Originally, it is part of a squad sent to destroy the human colony. When it is damaged while chasing Will, its original programming is scrambled. Will repairs it, gaining him the Robot’s loyalty.

Will later reluctantly destroys The Robot out of fear its original programming could return and cause a danger to the colony. Long coveting The Robot’s power, Doctor Smith fixes it in the hope of using it for her own means. Ultimately, however, The Robot allies itself back with Will. In the first season finale, The Robot apparently sacrifices itself to save the Robinsons from a member of its former squad.

The trailer suggests that part of second season’s plot will be devoted to finding The Robot. Once they do, its loyalties will most likely remain with Will, as they did in the original. Another season of ‘is The Robot good or evil’ could get a bit repetitive. The problem the Robinsons will face is that The Robot is not the only one of its kind, and not all are as friendly as Will’s.

Doctor Smith is bad news

Lost In Space Season 2
Doctor Smith sinks her claws into will.

In the sixties Lost In Space, though the Robinsons learned to tolerate Doctor Smith, they knew from the beginning that he could not always be trusted. His stowing away and throwing off the weight of their ship is the reason they become lost in the first place.

In the reboot, Doctor Smith is not ‘Doctor Smith’ at all. She is June Harris, a troubled woman who manipulated her way into the colony by stealing her sister’s identity. When discovered, she uses the chaos of The Robot’s attack to steal the real Doctor Smith’s identity, and a place on one of the evacuation ships. The Robinsons spend most of Season 1 believing Smith is a friend and ally. Smith manipulates nearly every family member with bad advice until her treachery is finally revealed.

Like in the original, the Robinsons will begin Lost In Space Season 2 knowing that Doctor Smith can’t be trusted. However, lost with no one to rely on but each other, the time will likely come when they must trust her anyway.

The Robinsons are now officially lost

Lost In Space Season 2
Lost: The Robinson Family

The original series was just what you’d expect based on the title. The Robinson family are lost in space, struggling to return to Earth.

Despite the Lost In Space title, the Robinsons are not technically lost during the reboot’s first season. The Robot attack does force them to land on a planet they know little about, but it does appear on their space charts, so they do have some idea of where they are.

This changes in the finale of the first season when, as mentioned earlier, the Robinson’s ship is separated from the rest of the colony’s fleet. They also appear to have lost contact. This leaves the Robinsons, Don West, and Doctor Smith truly ‘lost in space’, just as they were in the original series.

With all this in mind, we can expect a slightly different show when Lost In Space Season 2 hits Netflix in December. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Robinsons and their companions.

Deathstroke, the season’s villain comes into the limelight in Season 2, Episode 5 of Titans, proving himself to be a formidable enemy.

It’s the moment Titans season 2 has been gearing up for—unleashing the season’s villain, Deathstroke, on the titular team of heroes.

Esai Morales’ Deathstroke is powerful, vengeful, and shows absolutely no moral centre as he goes after the team, which is exactly how fans would want him to be.

But aside from Deathstroke, there is plenty to love about this fifth episode of Titans season 2. We examine what went down in the episode and what it means for the hapless Titans.

Major spoilers ahead!

Dr Light’s Arc

Deathstroke and Jason Todd-Titans S2E5-Deathstroke-Warner Brothers 2
Deathstroke cleaning up. Source: Warner Brothers

Though teasers and trailers for Titans season 2 all but confirmed that Deathstroke would be the most troublesome element for the heroes, Dr Light (Michael Mosley) has caused the team plenty of headaches.

And his partnership with Deathstroke seemed geared towards making life even more difficult for the original Team Titans. He wasn’t afraid to leave a trail of bodies behind him—innocent or otherwise—and left light bombs to take out his adversaries.

But as we saw in episode 3 of Titans season 2, Dr Light was not as capable of taking down a full-fledged hero in hand to hand combat as he believed himself to be.

Jason Todd’s Robin 2.0 (Curran Walters) made short work of him and it was only when Deathstroke entered the fray that the new Boy Wonder was defeated.

Titans: ‘Deathstroke’ takes up from Jason’s capture, and once again Dr Light shows himself to be less than capable. He attempts to taunt Jason but ends up being suffocated by the still-strung up sidekick. Had it not been for Deathstroke, Jason would be safe at home by now.

But where Dr Light lacks in finesse, he makes up for with a big mouth. Time and time again, we have seen him talk at Deathstroke, while the masked villain sits eerily calm, plotting his next move. If Dr Light had paid attention, he would have realised that the next move was against him.

In an unexpected twist, as Dr Light heads off to confront the Titans, he is shot through the side of the head by Deathstroke. His body is then hung up to lure the Titans in for Deathstroke’s final trap.

Dr Light may not have been the primary villain of Titans season 2 but he certainly was becoming a problem. A part of me is upset that we won’t see more of him, but it does give the show more room to focus on Deathstroke, which can only be a good thing.

Kory and Rachel United

Starfire-Titans S2E5-Deathstroke-Warner Brothers
Starfire always has your back. Source: Warner Brothers

In Titans season one, Kory Anders/ Starfire (Anna Diop) and Rachel Roth/ Raven (Teagan Croft) became good friends.

But Kory eventually went her own way, joining up with Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) to hunt down metahumans.

Since being found by a Tamaranean bodyguard, Kory has been laying low, but she finally returns to the fold in this episode and immediately sits down with Rachel to find out what is happening at Titans Tower.

As we have been seeing over the course of Titans season 2, Rachel has clearly changed since her run in with her father, Trigon. He took her heart and it unleashed something within her—a kind of dark, protective cloud that Rachel is struggling to control.

The cloud went after Jason at a training session, and it has even attacked Rachel in her sleep. Gar Logan/ Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) also almost loses his hand to it.

This all weighs heavily on Rachel’s mind and Kory is the only person who will listen to her and understand—because Kory knows what it’s like to have uncontrollable power.

The starfire she possesses is supposed to be controlled by a band, but it never worked on Kory. She believes the control, or lack thereof, of their power doesn’t make them who they are—it’s the choices they make.

It’s great to see a strong female bond in superhero properties, and Titans is trying to give audiences more through Kory and Rachel, as well as Kory and Donna.

Long may it continue.

The Humanity of Heroes

Hank Hall-Hank and Dawn-Titans-Series Regular
Fast becoming our favourite hero. Source: Series Regular

Superhero stories can often get bogged down by action and special effects—but fans can all agree that the one thing that draws us to these stories is the humanity the characters display.

Titans has often struggled to show how human its characters are but it does manage to in Titans: ‘Deathstroke’.

As the original Titans brief Kory about the situation with Deathstroke, Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson) makes a heartfelt proclamation—that he can’t bear to leave Jason in Deathstroke’s hands. That he, and everyone in that room, knows what it’s like to be alone, facing a horrifying fate, waiting to be rescued, only to know that nobody will ever come.

But, as we learn later on, Hank knows this feeling better than the others. As a child, he was abused by his football coach. The trauma lived with him for years, until he got some relief by becoming the superhero Hawk.

However, even that didn’t help for long—it was only when he met Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly), that he could find some peace. She helped him take revenge by killing his coach.

Unfortunately, PTSD is a nasty beast, and it seems Hank still lives with the pain of his assaults—he tells Dawn that it is the reason he so desperately wants to save Jason.

Hank and Dawn were given short shrift in season one of Titans, but they are turning out to be two of the most well-rounded and compelling characters in this season.

Fight Scenes

Dick Grayson-Titans S2E5-Deathstroke-Warner Brothers
A stick and some skill. Source: Warner Brothers

It’s a superhero show, so of course we should expect epic fight scenes. But there’s something raw and visceral about the fights in Titans: ‘Deathstroke’ that make it so captivating.

In this episode, fans get a fun, almost goofy, face-off between Hank and Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zhang), who is trying to stop the Titans from handing her over to her father, Deathstroke.

Hank isn’t in full fighting form, and Rose makes short work of him, but not without some quips from Hank.

Rose then goes up against Rachel, who has only recently been becoming her friend. Doesn’t matter to Rose, who fights as hard as she can. That is until Rachel’s dark cloud emerges and she ends up murdering Rose. If not for Rose’s metahuman healing abilities, she would surely be dead.

There’s an energy in this season of Titans that makes the fight scenes so much more realistic. The stakes are higher because it looks like the characters can really get hurt.

In the final act of Titans: ‘Deathstroke’, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) tries to martyr himself by walking into Deathstroke’s trap. Fortunately for Dick, Starfire isn’t far behind.

There’s been a surprising amount of subversion in Titans season two and it’s great to see that continue in this episode.

Dick having to be rescued by Starfire is an unexpected move. She’s not been with the Titans all this while but that doesn’t stop her from being superhero when her colleague needs help.

And whereas male characters are usually the brawn of the show, with female characters being the damsels in distress. But here, Starfire is the one fighting while Jason needs rescuing.

And Dick leaves Starfire to fight while he tries to save a precariously-placed Jason. Starfire gives Deathstroke a full blast of her power. She has clearly managed to hone her skills and can now not only shoot plasma, but also deflect and absorb bullets! It takes a very powerful weapon to knock her out.

Which is when Dick steps back in with nothing but a stick for defense. But this is Dick Grayson we’re talking about—a stick is all he needs against Deathstroke’s sword.

Unfortunately, Deathstroke has more than a sword in his arsenal—he manages to knock out Dick and Kory for a second, and that is all he needs…

That Final Scene!

Jason Todd-Titans S2E5-Deathstroke-Warner Brothers
Serious Red Hood vibes here. Source: Warner Brothers

…to send Jason plummeting to his death.

There has been much speculation as to Jason Todd’s arc on Titans. As DC Comics fans will know, Jason Todd dies in the comic series—by Joker’s hand, not Deathstroke’s—and returns as the sometimes villain, mostly anti-hero, Red Hood.

After Jason was captured by Deathstroke, we had surmised that this would be his intended fate on the show. But Titans: ‘Deathstroke’ leaves us hanging with its final scene.

We see Jason losing his grip on Dick’s hand and falling to what should be his death, but we don’t actually see him die. Will that be confirmed in the next episode? Or will Jason live?

With Curran Walters having been promoted to series regular, one can assume that Jason will live on, but there is no certainty with Titans. I guess we will have to tune in next week to find out.

PAX is back for 2019 and promises to be bigger than ever!

When PAX finally made its debut in Australia in 2013, nobody could have expected just how big this convention would become. While it had started in 2004 all the way across waters in Seattle, PAX Aus has since provided a home for Australian gamers to celebrate all things gaming.

We at Digital Fox love going to PAX Australia, so much so that we’ve even put together a guide on how to best enjoy PAX. It’s pretty much a given that we are very excited to return to the convention once again!

Now into its seventh year in Australia, PAX has stated that 2019 is going to be a big year, with more panels, tournaments, arenas and gamers than ever before.

Jono Whyman, ReedPOP’s Event Director, quoted that “PAX is the home of gaming culture within Australia, and in 2019 we’re excited to be offering more to the PAX community than ever before.”

Prepare as thousands of like-minded geeks pour into the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 11-13th in order to attend Australia’s largest gaming festival.

What can I do at PAX?

PAX 2019
Plenty to do for everyone at PAX!

To celebrate the conclusion of Melbourne International Games week, PAX visitors will be able to roam the venue playing and competing against others in games ranging from Crash Bandicoot, to Battle Royale and even Dungeons and Dragons. Regardless of whether you’re a hardcore eSports gamer or you’re into watching livestreams, there’s something for everyone at PAX!

Of course, there’ll be plenty of guests and panels at the convention if you’re looking for something else. Or why not come dressed in some battle gear to show off your awesome cosplay?

Where do I sign up?

To register for PAX, all you have to do is go to their website and book your tickets. But I’d hurry if I were you. The convention’s in under a week and there aren’t many tickets left.

Plenty of panels and performers if you’re looking for something else.

PAX is slowly revealing more and more plans about their convention, so be sure to stay tuned for more announcements!

Marvel fans everywhere are celebrating the fact that Spider-Man is back in the MCU.

Only last month, it seemed as if Marvel Studios had lost Peter Parker forever, with Disney and Sony unable to agree on new terms.

Now, however, the two companies have struck a deal, putting Spider-Man back in the MCU stable for at least two more films.

While fans are very happy with this news, they probably shouldn’t be celebrating too much just yet. Spidey’s return may not be permanent.

The new deal only covers two more films

Spider-Man back in the MCU
Spidey’s return might not last.

As mentioned above, the agreement reached covers two more films: A third solo Spider-Man film, and probably one more team-up. Some fans are hoping this is a stop-gap deal while bigger things are being negotiated.

Unfortunately, this is probably not likely.

With only two films, the new Spider-Man deal doesn’t seem like something either Sony or Disney are looking to carry too far into the future.

Instead, the deal seems more like a simple courtesy for both sides. It will allow the MCU the opportunity to complete their Spidey trilogy, while saving Sony the problems that could occur from ignoring the MCU’s events in their own future films.

Sony is still moving ahead with their own plans for  Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man back in the MCU.
Venom could meet Spider-Man sometime soon.

One of Sony’s biggest frustrations with the original Disney deal was the restrictions placed against including Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in their own Spider-Verse films. This caused Sony issues when planning the Venom movie. Venom’s design and backstory both needed to be altered in the absence of Spider-Man.

In the new deal, these restrictions have either been reduced or removed. Tom Holland’s rumored appearance in the Venom sequel seems increasingly likely. There’s also been talk of Holland’s Spidey appearing in animated form in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel.

Sony is also moving ahead with their own  Spider-Verse movies

Spider-Man back in the MCU.
Madame Web is the latest villain in line for a film.

Aside from the Venom sequel, films based on Morbius, Kraven The Hunter, and Madame Web are in various stages of production at Sony. A film about the Sinister Six is also on the cards.

However, the Sinister Six are a group of villains whom unite to fight Spider-Man. Without Spidey, there doesn’t seem to be a point to a Sinister Six movie. Luckily, the wheels are in motion for Spider-Man to be back fully under their control relatively soon, only this time, they are going about it the right way.

As Kevin Feige has said, the Sony/Disney agreement was never meant to last forever. At least now, if it ends, it has the chance to end on a high. If these two films are the last, at least they will give the MCU the chance to finish the Spider-Man story it wanted to tell. Meanwhile, Sony build a new universe worthy for Tom Holland’s Spidey to move into.

MCU fans will probably still have to say goodbye to Spider-Man, but it should, hopefully, be an easier goodbye.

Episode four of Titans season two ‘Aqualad’ gives us the answers we’ve been looking for—what really happened to the original team.

Season two of Titans has been running, where its first season crawled, and it is more obvious with episode four, ‘Aqualad’. We have already been introduced to villains Deathstroke (Esai Morales) and Dr Light (Michael Mosley), and now we know why the remaining members of the original team Titans are so hellbent on taking them down.

We look at what went down in ‘Aqualad’ and how it fits into the Titans universe that we know. Major spoilers ahead.

Central Romance

Aqualad and Donna Troy-Titans-Aqualad
Love is in the air. Source: Warner Brothers

Turns out vengeance is the name of the game in Titans season two. The original Titans don’t just want to take down Deathstroke and Dr Light because they’re bad guys—five years ago, these villains took away one of their own.

Aqualad (Drew Van Acker) had been teased in the trailers for Titans season two, and we finally see him in this titular episode.

Five years ago, Aqualad had joined the Titans, and though he had only been with the team four months, he had more than made himself at home. With almost everyone except Donna Troy/ Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie). The two had history, and unrequited love, but being from different worlds—Donna from Themyscira, and Aqualad from Atlantis—they couldn’t quite be together.

Plus, Donna had to go back to Themyscira to become a warrior—there’s no point starting a relationship at this point. But Aqualad didn’t seem to care, making himself available at every opportunity.

But it is only when Donna has made her mind up to return that the two get together. She doesn’t tell Aqualad that she’s leaving—Dick Grayson/ Robin (Brenton Thwaites) has to do the honours.

However, in typical Hollywood movie style, Aqualad finds Donna at the airport and makes her realise that he can be her destiny.

And then, in typical Titans fashion, he is shot through the heart by Deathstroke.

Subverting Tropes

Donna Troy-Titans-Aqualad
Wonder Girl the hero. Source: Warner Brothers

Titans season two has been far more subversive than anyone expected—Dawn Granger/ Dove (Minka Kelly) being the badass stealth superhero, instead of Hank Hall/ Hawk (Alan Ritchson) has been one of the major highlights so far.

And Titans: Aqualad continues that trend with the romance between Donna and Aqualad.

Superhero stories have long suffered from the fridging trope—where a female character is introduced as a love interest, often for the duration of one comic or episode, only to be killed at the end as motivation for the male protagonist.

‘Aqualad’ turns that trope on its head. The episode introduces the titular character with the sole purpose of romancing Donna, and then he dies in order to progress Donna’s story.

Aqualad is little more than a plot device for viewers to understand why Donna stayed behind instead of heading back to Themyscira, eventually leading her to shed the Wonder Girl moniker to become a journalist and secret agent in her own right.

I’m genuinely surprised, and thrilled, at this turn of events—superhero shows are in the best possible position to subvert outdated tropes, and it is good to see Titans taking the lead in this area.

The Surprising Twist

Hank, Dick, Dawn-Titans-Aqualad
Dawn leads the way. Source: Warner Brothers

Losing one of your own is always hard but the Titans take Aqualad’s loss particularly badly. Dawn is the hardened warrior in the group—but she is also the conscience. When she says or does something, the team follows. And her words to Dick Grayson in ‘Aqualad’ rouse them to take the kind of actions that have dire consequences.

If there is one thing Titans has made clear to us is that the Bruce Wayne/ Batman of this world isn’t the greatest mentor, or the best hero. He definitely isn’t something that his ward Dick wants to emulate.

So much so, that Dawn actually tells Dick to not be Batman, just Robin. This gels with what we saw in season one, where Dick repeatedly asserted his desire to not be Batman, or like Bruce. And he even gave up his Robin mantle to cut ties with his mentor.

But by the end of ‘Aqualad’, circumstances have changed. Aqualad is dead, and the Titans are on their own to get revenge. Dick manages to find the perpetrator—they have clearly never met Deathstroke before this episode.

And then Dawn declares the zinger—“Be Batman”.


We’ve known for a while that Chella Man will be playing Jericho and we got the barest glimpse of him in Titans: Rose, plus confirmation that he had been killed by Deathstroke.

Aside from that, there has been nary a mention of Jericho, one of the most well-known characters associated with the Titans.

We finally get to meet him in Titans: Aqualad—he is a young man, living with his mom, who clearly adores him, and vice versa. But they are also living in fear of being found by Deathstroke—who we know has already found them.

But Jericho’s importance becomes clear near the end of the episode. An excited Jericho is looking through vinyl records when he is found by a friendly Dick Grayson—one week after Aqualad’s death. They bond over their shared love of music, but as Jericho turns away, Dick’s kind and friendly demeanour drops. He has an ulterior motive.

Having watched this scene, I can’t help but wonder whether Rose Wilson’s statement that Deathstroke killed her brother is entirely accurate. Or did the Titans have something to do with it?

It seems that, at Dawn’s behest, and to avenge Donna’s lost love, Dick has gone full dark Batman—finding Deathstroke’s son and possibly using him as leverage against Deathstroke.

We now have to ask whether Deathstroke even killed his son. Or was he protecting his son from the Titans? We can’t wait to find out these answers!

Titans: Aqualad answered a lot of questions but it is also making us rethink what we know about our heroes. Are they even heroes at all? Let’s see what happens next week on Titans.

We’re heading back to Arendelle because the second full trailer for Disney’s Frozen 2  has officially dropped.

Fans have faced a long wait for this full trailer, and it doesn’t disappoint, offering just enough information to keep fans talking until Frozen 2 arrives in November.

Here are the most important things we noticed in the trailer.

‘No one can get in, or out’ of the Enchanted Forest.

Frozen 2
Young Anna and Elsa with their Mother, Queen Iduna.

The Frozen 2 trailer opens with Elsa and Anna’s Father, King Agnarr, telling them a story about an Enchanted Forest he once saw. Unfortunately ‘something went wrong’, and now no one can get in, or out, of the forest.

Later in the trailer, adult Elsa and Anna do get into the Enchanted Forest, but only because Elsa’s powers somehow grant them access.

Many fans now believe that Agnarr and his wife, Queen Iduna, were trying to reach the Enchanted Forest on their ill-fated voyage in the first Frozen film. Some also speculate that Iduna is actually from the Enchanted Forest, and was trapped outside it. This would explain how Elsa was born with her powers.

Elsa is still closed off to everyone except Anna.

Frozen 2
Kristoff has not properly bonded with Elsa.

At one point in the trailer, Anna asks Kristoff if he thinks something strange is going on with Elsa. Kristoff simply replies that ‘Elsa is being Elsa’. However, something clearly is up with Elsa. She is hearing mysterious voices from the north, a fact she reveals only to Anna in the trailer.

This suggests that, though Elsa has learned to ‘open the door’ for Anna, she is still not entirely comfortable opening up to other people.

Elsa is still overly protective of Anna.

Frozen 2
Elsa worries for her sister.

At first, Elsa is completely against Anna accompanying her on her quest to the Enchanted Forest. However, Anna insists, and Elsa is forced to relent, bringing Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven along for the ride as well. Later in the trailer, Elsa scolds Anna for following her into fire.

This shows that Elsa still holds a significant amount of guilt for injuring Anna in the first film, and still fears her sister being hurt again.

Elsa’s powers are growing.

Elsa is becoming stronger.

In the first film, Grand Pabbie states that Elsa’s power will only grow. This definitely seems to be the case in Frozen 2. Aside from her almost successful attempt to create an ice bridge over a whole ocean in the first trailer, she has also mastered her powers in combat situations, as shown when she and Anna are first confronted by the people of the Enchanted Forest.

Unfortunately, the trailer also hints at the darker side of Elsa’s abilities. Grand Pabbie warns Anna not to let Elsa lose herself in her magic.

We can’t wait to see what other adventures are in store for Anna and Elsa when Frozen 2 hits theaters in November.

Ash Ketchum has finally won a Pokemon championship after 22 years and over 1000 episodes.

Ash achieved this long held dream by taking the top prize in the Alola League Championship.

It’s been a long road to victory for Ash, with many hard-fought wins and heartbreaking losses along the way.

Let’s take a look back at Ash Ketchum’s previous Pokemon League achievements.

The Indigo League

Ash Ketchum
Ash was devastated by his loss.

Ash’s first Championship attempt in Kanto’s Indigo League remains his worst performance, placing only in the top 16.

After a few impressive victories in the early rounds, Ash was feeling confident in the lead up to a battle against his friend and rival, Richie. Things seemed to be going well at first, with Ash managing to defeat Richie’s Butterfree, and his Charmander. Unfortunately, things soon take a turn for the worse. Ash’s Charizard, with whom he had a troubled relationship at the time, refuses to battle Richie’s Pikachu. Instead, Charizard falls asleep in the middle of the battlefield. Unable to wake it, Ash is forced to forfeit.

The episode came as a shock to fans, many of whom weren’t used to seeing a protagonist fail so badly. Ash’s Indigo League defeat remains an iconic moment in the Pokemon anime, one that showed how the cocky young trainer still had a long way to go.

The Johto League Silver Conference

Blaziken defeated Charizard

After a confidence-boosting victory in the unofficial Orange League challenge, Ash Ketchum sets his sights on Johto, eventually earning the right to compete in the Johto League Silver Conference.

Ash battled impressively in the early rounds of the competition, and scored a memorable victory against his long-time rival, Gary Oak, with help from his now loyal Charizard. Unfortunately, Ash and Charizard are defeated by Harrison’s Blaziken in the following round.

Despite his loss, Ash is pleased by his improved performance, this time placing in the top eight.

Hoenn League, Ever Grande Conference

Ash Ketchum
Swellow was vital in the battle with Tyson.

Ash Ketchum makes the top eight once again in Hoenn’s Ever Grande Conference.

Ash faced a long battle with Tyson, in which his Swellow defeated two of Tyson’s Pokemon before finally being taken down. Ash’s Pikachu defeats Tyson’s Metagross, before being defeated by its Meowth.

Tyson ultimately wins the championship, leaving Ash comforted by the fact that although he was defeated, at least he was beaten by the best.

Sinnoh League, Lily Of The Valley Conference

Ash Ketchum
Ash vs Tobias

Ash takes a step up in the Sinnoh League, making it all the way to top four – the semi-finals.

Although he ultimately loses, Ash’s semi-final battle against Tobias is memorable for the fact that Ash is the only trainer in the whole tournament to defeat Tobias’ Darkrai. Tobias needed a legendary Pokemon, a Latios, to take down Ash’s team.

Tobias goes on to win the Conference, meaning Ash was defeated by the best a second time.

Unova League, Vertress Conference

Lucario spelled the end for Ash.

In the quarter-finals of the Unova League’s Vertress Conference, Ash faced a fierce battle against Cameron.

For much of the battle, Ash appeared to have the upper hand. However, things changed quickly when Cameron’s final Pokemon, the already powerful Riolu, evolves into Lucario. Lucario defeats both Snivy and Pikachu, knocking Ash out of the competition.

Ash places in the top eight, which may seem like a step down from the top four in Sinnoh. However, Unova is an exceptionally large region, leading many fans to view his top eight finish as an equally significant achievement.

Kalos Region, Lumiose Conference

Ash Ketchum
Ash-Greninja battles Mega Charizard X

Ash Ketchum was just one step away from victory in the Kalos League, making it all the way to the Championship battle.

After a long, tiring battle, Ash’s unique Ash-Greninja falls in battle to Alain’s Mega Charizard X. Despite his loss, Ash is pleased to have made it so far.

This battle was memorable not just for being Ash’s first championship bout, but also the surprising early defeat of Pikachu.

Alola League

Ash Ketchum
Ash with his championship trophy

Ash finally achieves his dream of becoming a Pokemon League Champion in the Alola region.

After a drawn out battle with rival Gladion, both trainers are left with only a Lycanroc for the final round. Ash eventually achieves victory.

Now that Ash Ketchum has finally proven himself as one of the very best, there are questions hanging over the future of the long-running protagonist.

With the Pokemon anime rumored to be looking at a format change with the upcoming move to the Galar Region, some fans are speculating that Ash may take a backseat to make way for some fresh faces.

Before that potentially happens however, Ash has at least one more challenge to face: an exhibition match against the Masked Royal and his formidable Incineroar.

A series of leaked images, taken from footage screened at D23, have increased interest in  Marvel’s What If? series.

The animated series, set to air on the Disney+ streaming service, will tell a series of stories set in alternate versions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s everything we know about Marvel’s What If? so far.

The stories will be overseen by Uatu The Watcher

Marvel's What If?
Uatu The Watcher as he appears in the comics.

What If? will introduce the character of Uatu The Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright. Uatu will serve as the series’ narrator.

In Marvel lore, it is the job of the Watchers to observe and record the goings on in the multiverse. Though hugely powerful, they are not permitted to intervene in the affairs of those they watch. Uatu refuses to join the battle against Thanos in the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ story line, despite Adam Warlock pleading him to do so.

The Watchers have been seen in the MCU once before, during Stan Lee’s cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2. It is unknown if any of these Watchers were Uatu.

The first episode will feature a universe in which Peggy  Carter was the recipient of the Super Soldier serum.

Marvel's What If?
Peggy as Captain Carter.

Rather than becoming the ‘Captain America’ we all know and love, super-soldier Peggy will be known as Captain Carter in the series. Her shield is also slightly different, featuring a Union Jack in the centre.

Steve Rogers is not forgotten in this universe. While he does not receive the serum, Steve becomes the operator of a special mech-suit designed by Howard Stark, effectively making him this reality’s first Iron Man.

The romance between Steve and his beloved Peggy also appears to be intact. In one of the leaked images, Captain Carter appears to be hitching a ride on Steve’s back as he flies in his suit.

T’Challa will appear as an alternate Star-Lord

T’Challa will be very different in ‘What If?’

The D23 footage featured an alternate version of Guardians Of The Galaxy’s opening sequence, with a very different Star-Lord than the one we are used to. In this reality, Star-Lord is none other than T’Challa, the main universe’s Black Panther.

It will be interesting to see the exact ‘What If?’ scenario this universe spawns from. Whatever it is, it raises a lot of questions about the fate of other characters in this reality.

With T’Challa in space, who will take up the mantle of Black Panther?

And if T’Challa is Star-Lord, what happened to Peter Quill?

We will see a zombified Captain America.

Marvel's What If?
Cap in the ‘Marvel Zombies’ comics.

When the What If? logo was revealed at San Diego Comic Con, some keen-eyed fans spotted what looked like a zombie version of Captain America hidden within it. This prompted speculation that we might see a zombie Cap in the series.

The D23 footage and subsequent leaked images confirmed this, with the Winter Soldier seen doing battle with an undead Steve Rogers. Whether this is an isolated incident within that episode’s universe, or a hint at a full ‘Marvel Zombies’ adaptation, is unknown.

Marvel’s What If? will feature an all-star line-up of MCU cast members.

Hayley Atwell will reprise her role as Peggy in ‘What If?’

The cast list for What If? reads as a ‘who’s who’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest names.

In the first episode, Hayley Atwell once again reprises her role as Agent/Captain Peggy Carter, along with Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark.

Later episodes will have the majority of the Thor cast appear, along with Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, to name only a few.

We’ll have to wait until What If? premieres on Disney+ in 2021 to see what the multiverse has in store for our favourite characters.

With a number of heroes either killed or out of action  after Endgame, the MCU will be in need of a few  new Avengers.

Thankfully, Marvel has already been preparing for this scenario.

While some of these preparations, like the announcement of a TV series for Ms. Marvel, are rather obvious, others are subtle easter eggs only noticeable to keen-eyed fans.

Here’s everything Marvel has done so far to set up some New Avengers for the MCU.

Introducing Helen Cho

New Avengers
Helen Cho in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron introduced fans to Helen Cho. Cho is a brilliant scientist, first seen using her groundbreaking synthetic flesh to help heal Hawkeye. Later, under the influence of Ultron, Cho aids in the creation of the synthetic body that eventually becomes The Vision.

Cho has not been seen or spoken about since, aside from a brief reference in Infinity War. Fans could be forgiven for thinking that she is an unimportant support character.

This is somewhat true. If we do see Helen again, it will likely only be in a supporting role. However, having Helen already present in the universe eases the path for the introduction of another potentially important character..

Amadeus Cho.

Helen’s son, Amadeus. Amadeus Cho is a teen genius first introduced as a new friend to the Hulk, before eventually becoming the new Hulk himself.

One of many young heroes left disillusioned with his elders after the ‘Civil War II’ comic story, Amadeus joins Ms. Marvel to help form The Champions.

It is possible we could see an MCU introduction for Amadeus Cho in either the Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk series on Disney+.

Harley Keener’s Lab

New Avengers
Harley in ‘Iron Man 3’

At the end of Iron Man 3, Harley Keener discovers a fully functioning, high-tech lab in his garage, a gift from Tony Stark. We’ve seen little of Harley since, aside from a cameo at Tony’s funeral in Endgame.

However, Harley’s lab seems too big a plot point to forget entirely, and with recent events, it could be even more important. With Spider-Man leaving the MCU, and Morgan still a child, Harley is now the best candidate to carry Tony Stark’s legacy moving forward.

It has long been speculated that Harley will become the MCU’s version of the Young Avenger Iron Lad.

Cassie Lang wants to be a Superhero

New Avengers
Cassie with her Father, Scott Lang.

One adorable scene in Ant-Man And The Wasp has Cassie Lang express a desire to join her father as a superhero. This scene proved a fun easter egg for comic readers.

In the comics, Cassie dons her own size-changing suit to become Stature, a founding member of the Young Avengers. As a survivor of the Snap, the five year time jump brings Cassie’s age up to about fifteen- the same age at which the MCU’s Peter Parker was recruited by Tony Stark.

Cassie’s dream to be a hero could be a lot closer to becoming a reality.

Hawkeye really does want to retire.

Clint and Kate often team up in the comics.

Ever since Avengers: Age of Ultron, Clint Barton has expressed a desire to retire from the Avengers. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, he keeps getting pulled back in.

The team needs him. No-one else can quite fill the role that he does. If he ever wants his retirement to stick, he needs a suitable replacement.

This probably leads to his decision to train Kate Bishop as the new Hawkeye in the upcoming Disney Plus series.

The destruction of the Nova Corps

Early in Avengers: Infinity War, we learned that Thanos had obtained the Power Stone by attacking and destroying the Nova Corps base on Xandar. Many fans wondered why this event was not shown in the film.

The most likely reason is that the destruction of the Nova Corps is better suited to appearing in the origin story of another hero: Nova.

In the comics, Rhomann Dey (played by John C. Reilly in Guardians Of The Galaxy), the only survivor of the attack on Xandar, escapes to Earth. Unfortunately, Dey is mortally wounded, and survives just long enough to pass on his Nova helmet to a human teenager. The helmet grants its wearer access to the Nova Force, the power source of the Nova corps.

Many sources from Marvel Studios have stated that a Nova film is definitely part of their future plans. However, some fans have speculated over which of the two major Novas would be used: Richard Rider, or Sam Alexander.

The above origin belongs to Richard Rider, but Sam’s backstory includes already popular characters such as Rocket Raccoon. In the comics, Sam also becomes fast friends with Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, joining her as a founding member of The Champions. These existing character connections could make Sam Alexander the easier choice to tie in to the universe as a whole.

One thing is for sure, Marvel Studios has definitely planned ahead. We can’t wait to see how these plans unfold as a team of new Avengers takes shape.

Fans love meeting cosplayers at comic conventions. But how should fans approach them? Professional cosplayers weigh in.

At the 2019 Fan Expo Canada, I spoke to a few professional cosplayers and digital content creators from the geek world—Dee Rich, Ivy Doomkitty, MCubed, Nadyasonika, Onyxeia, King Tide, and Karli Woods—about their experiences meeting fans.

While most of their experiences were largely positive, there were a few instances that the cosplayers highlighted when I spoke to them.

Here’s what the cosplayers said were the major do’s and don’ts of approaching them.

Dee Rich

“Just hang out. We love to hang out. We love to talk about your fandom. But don’t do it when we’re stuffing food in our mouth. I’ve had this happen before. Yeah, it’s so awkward for everyone.”

Ivy Doomkitty

“Always ask for permission to take a photo because cosplay is not consent, right? Ask permission if you want to put your arm around someone or anything like that, because you don’t want to invade someone’s personal space. Just be polite and courteous—treat others as you’d like to be treated.”

“Also, don’t be upset if a cosplayer declines to take a photo, especially if they seem like they’re in a rush. More often than not, they are on their way to the bathroom. Or they have not had any food in however long and they’re just going to get food.”

“Oh! Don’t take photos of people while they’re eating. It’s happened to me and it’s the worst. It really is the worst. You’re going to get a better photo if you just ask them. Because then they’re going to pose, or do something related to the character, versus having a mouthful of food.”


“We dress up so that people will take photos with us. We don’t mind when people ask to take photos. But I hate when people try to take photos when I’m like eating or doing something else. Just give me one minute or just ask me, you know.”

“I also have people try to take photos from over someone’s shoulder. Just ask, I’ll take a photo with you. But, most of the time, people are pretty great when you go to cons.”


“I know for some people, when they want to meet a cosplayer, it’s very weird. But, for me, it’s been very rare to have bad experiences. It hasn’t happened to me.

“I would say, just go. Sometimes you hesitate and it is hard for some people. Just go. But sometimes it is easier for people to bring something as a start to the conversation, you know. That’s why I always suggest you bring along some candy. Everybody loves candy. So that’s a way to start your conversation.”


“Never take pictures of cosplayers when they’re eating or relaxing.”

King Tide

“Be patient. Be friendly. Be courteous. If you want to have a photo, ask first for permission. Just generally be polite.”

Karli Woods

“When you’re meeting somebody from the internet, just treat them with respect. Especially with a cosplayer, ask if you can put your hand around them to pose for a photo. And always ask people if you can take a photo before taking it. Just ask for permission. Be polite.”

There you have it, fans. As excited as you are to see someone cosplaying as your favourite character, always go up to them and ask for a picture—they’ve dressed up to be photographed! Don’t touch anyone without asking them first—cosplay is not consent. And don’t take photos of people eating.

Now you know! Have fun at your next convention.

Professional cosplayers have unusual but memorable names. How do they invent these names?

Walking past the cosplay tables at a comic convention, you can’t help but be struck by the stunning costumes worn by the cosplayers.

And more often than not, you will find yourself going up to the cosplayer to speak to them about the character they’re playing. That is when you notice their names—some familiar, some very much not.

At Fan Expo Canada 2019, I caught up with professional cosplayers Dee Rich, Fenix Fatalist, Ivy Doomkitty, MCubed, Nadyasonika, Onyxeia, Serhii Sparda, and King Tide to talk about the inspiration behind their cosplay names.

Here’s what they had to say.

Dee Rich

“Dee is my first name. And then I just kind of went with it. I was actually The Lady Scarlet and people would yell at me and I wouldn’t know why, so I wouldn’t turn around. I wanted it to be easier for me to realize that people were speaking to me. So, I went with my real name.”

Fenix Fatalist

“I used to have my own blog and I got the nickname Fenix Fatalist. Then when I started to pick up cosplay, I wasn’t sure which name I could use. So, I started to use the same one that I used in my blogs. So that’s how it happened.”

Ivy Doomkitty

“Ivy is my nickname. And Doomkitty is a mix of my obsession with cats and things like cloudy skies, thunder, lightning, impending doom. So, Doomkitty.”

“But all of that was my gamer tag from when the first Xbox came out. So yeah, old school gamer tag from way back when that became my persona as it were.”


“My initials are M.M.M. So, M to the third power ‘m’ cubed. So, that’s where that came from.”


“I started it back in the days. There was this page called DeviantArt. I needed a nickname. I was watching the TV and saw The Jetsons in Spanish, which is Los Supersónicos. Because I’m from Mexico. So, I said, ‘Yeah. Nadia. Sonika. Why not?’

“And then I started uploading my cosplay photos [on DeviantArt]. And that’s how I started getting known by that page. There was no such thing as Facebook or Instagram or anything. It was just this page. And that’s how I got my name.”


“Onyxeia is actually a character in World of Warcraft. It’s also because one of my favorite gemstones is onyx. So, I went with that.”

Serhii Sparda

“Serhii is actually my name. And the second part, Sparda is the nickname of one of my favorite characters in Devil May Cry. So, I just combined it.”

King Tide

“Well, mine’s from the Justice League. I wanted a name that fits the main character that I do, which is Aquaman. Something that kind of hints to that but not quite like Aquaman UK or something like that. So, King Tide was mentioned in the film. That’s what he comes in on.”

If you are an aspiring cosplayer, choosing a name isn’t going to be an easy task. From what I learned, professional cosplayers are inspired by a number of factors when choosing their names—characters they love, how they feel about certain aspects of life, and even their real names.

Keeping those points in mind, what would your cosplay name be?