Sony’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse sequel is on the way!

The first Into The Spider-Verse proved a smash hit in 2018, and now the sequel is officially set to hit theatres in April, 2022.

What can we expect from the upcoming film? If it builds on the premise of the first, we’ll probably see a lot more Spider-people.

Here are the alternate Spider-people we’d like to see in the Into The Spider-Verse sequel.

1. Silk

Into The Spider-Verse Sequel

Cindy Moon, aka Silk, gained her own powers from the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker. Cindy has similar powers to Peter, but her spider-sense is stronger, and she can produce webbing organically from the tips of her fingers.

Silk was originally supposed to appear in the first film, until she was replaced by Peni Parker. The character is already slated to appear in a female-led Spider-Verse spin off, but it would be nice to see her in the sequel too.

2. Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of the future.

A geneticist from the distant future, Miguel O’Hara gained his powers in an experiment gone wrong, in which fifty percent of his DNA was overwritten with a spider’s.

O’Hara has some abilities in common with the original Spidey, albeit with a few key differences. He has enhanced hearing and vision in place of spider-senses, and can inflict a venomous bite on enemies.

Spider-Man 2099 appears in a cameo in Into The Spider-Verse‘s post-credits scene, voiced by Oscar Isaac. It’s not a huge leap to think we’ll see him in the sequel.

3. Spider-UK

Spider-UK in the comics.

Billy Braddock is an alternate Spider-Man from Earth-833. He works with the Captain Britain corps under the mantle of Spider-UK.

Spider-UK plays a major role in the comics Spider-Verse storyline, setting out on an inter-dimensional journey to save his fellow ‘Spiders’ from the evil Inheritors.

Many fans would love to see the character come to life on the big screen.

4. Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew

Originally created just so Marvel Comics could trademark the ‘Spider-Woman’ name, Jessica Drew proved popular enough to earn her own solo comic. Her solo title has run on-and-off in the years since her introduction. The character has also been a member of the Avengers.

Like Silk, Spider-Woman is set to appear in a Spider-Verse spin off. However, there’s no reason why she can’t also appear in the sequel.

5. MCU Spider-Man

This Spidey has been through a lot.

The future of Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker was recently thrown into question, with Disney and Sony struggling to reach a deal. Thankfully for fans, an agreement was eventually reached, with MCU Spidey sticking around for two more films.

Rumour has it that one of the conditions of the new deal allows Sony greater freedom to use Holland’s Spider-Man in their own projects. While this most likely opens him up to appear alongside Tom Hardy’s Venom, some fans have expressed hope that Spider-Holland could appear in animated form in the Into The Spider-Verse sequel.

We’ll have to wait until the film is released in 2022 to find out. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a fun, spider-filled ride.

Why do most cosplayers have active social media accounts? We find out more.

At Fan Expo Canada 2019, I spoke to professional cosplayers and digital content creators Dee Rich, Fenix Fatalist, Ivy Doomkitty, MCubed, Nadyasonika, Onyxeia, King Tide, and Karli Woods about how important social media is for cosplayers trying to go professional.

Dee Rich

“It depends on what you want to do. If you want to get to conventions, if you want to get picked up for panels at conventions that are very choosy about their panels—you kind of have to have a social media following. You don’t really have a choice. “

“But you really have to have a thick skin if you’re going to have social media. Sometimes people aren’t very nice to you. There’s a lot of negativity about your costumes. It happens a lot.”

“I don’t want people to like get their feelings hurt. I really enjoy having social media because people will send me photos because they saw my Battle Peach so, they made a Battle Peach. It’s the best feeling ever when they send you that. I really like it to come full circle—like, ‘I saw what you did. Let me follow you.’ And I’ll go, ‘Let’s do another one with someone else’. And that’s how you make friends.”

Fenix Fatalist

“I think it’s very important. But you don’t need to relate your self esteem to your numbers on social media, because social media works so differently from the art that you do.”

“Sometimes you can make amazing art and you will know that it’s amazing, but it won’t work for Instagram. It may work better on Twitter, instead.”

“The thing is that you need to know that follower numbers are important if you want to make some income. But it doesn’t tell you how good your art is.”

Ivy Doomkitty

“It’s really important, because, at the end of the day, social media really makes or breaks exposure, in terms of if you’re going to be at a show or things like that. If you get photos taken at a convention, you want to be able to see them. More often than not, people will post pictures on social media.”

“Having a hub where people can tag you, so that you can see the photos on social media is really a wise choice in terms of having some form of page online, where people can always revert back to see the work that you’ve done.”


“Oh, very, very. It’s basically how you get known, by posting on social media. And, it doesn’t always matter how many followers you have. As long as you have good content, you’re posting often, and you try to interact with your fans online. Because, obviously, we’re interacting with fans at cons. But if you don’t interact with anybody online, then they’re not going to want to follow you.”


“I think we live on social media. Now it’s very important because that’s how you can communicate with people that you don’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter what platform you like—it could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook Live—it could be a lot of ways, but it’s good to keep posting.”

“That’s a good way to say to your followers, your friends, and your family, that you like this and you’re into cosplay. That you’re working on it.”

“You show your progress and then you post some costumes that you’ve been finishing because people like to see how you’re doing that. ‘What are you making now?'”

“It is so important. But it’s also something that you have to think about carefully. Because you’re going to be judged. Sometimes, you are not going to have the best comments. So, you have to be ready. That’s the only thing I suggest. When you start [on social media], you have to be ready that you might not get always a good comment.”


“It’s good for networking.”

King Tide

“It’s the platform where you get recognised on. There’s no other way. It’s gotten harder over time, especially on Instagram, the algorithm isn’t so good. My reach has just plummeted. So, it’s getting harder but when it’s been good, it’s what people see you on.”

Karli Woods

“Social media is so important, for any brand. You just get online and that’s how you are marketing yourself to the public. That’s how you get your exposure out there.

“You can do ads and boost your posts. But posting every day and just letting people know that you’re still relevant and you’re online is the best way to let people know what you’re doing.”

Cosplay and social media are intrinsically linked. If you hope to become a professional cosplayer one day, you need to work on your social media presence.

But don’t focus on your follower count, or on the negativity that is bound to come your way. Do your best and showcase your costumes, and you may eventually get into the big leagues.

Cosplayers make intricate, screen-accurate costumes. What funding methods have worked best for them?

There is nothing like seeing a cosplayer at a comic convention—it’s like seeing your favourite character come to life. We know that cosplayers spend a lot of time and energy creating their costumes and props, but how do they pay for it?

I met with professional cosplayers Dee Rich, Ivy Doomkitty, MCubed, Nadyasonika, Onyxeia, King Tide, and Karli Woods at Fan Expo Canada to ask them this pressing question on everyone’s minds. This is what they had to say.

Dee Rich

“I have an account specifically for Dee Rich—I never spend my personal money. You need to be really careful. Because you’ll get sucked in. You’ll go: ‘this is fine. I’m just gonna do this one thing.’ And all of a sudden, you’ve spent $300 on your stuff.”

“I reach out to a lot of wig companies and things like that. Sometimes they’ll send you some to test and that really helps cut your costs down, because wigs are really expensive.”

“I also do a lot of thrifted versions of cosplay. So, your local Goodwill is your best friend! I have a lot of costumes that are made from things from Goodwill.”

Ivy Doomkitty

“It really depends on the costume, on what it takes to go into it. I’ve made costumes that have cost me as little as $30-$40, which is my Star Trek red shirt. I made the costume, but my fabric, the wig, and the boots, was about $45. So, that was a very economical costume.”

“So is my Velma. I bought my sweater from eBay and I made my skirt from what I had at home.”

“But I’ve also made really intricate costumes, that I’ve either made or have commissioned out and some pieces of it can go into like a couple thousand dollars. So, just depends on what you want to do.”

“And there’s really no wrong way of doing it. You can make something for cheap, and not break the bank. And it will still look amazing and great. Or just as good as someone who has spent $1000-$2,000. It depends on each person. Honestly, I would rather spend less than spend more.”

“And Goodwill. Goodwill is awesome!”


“You need to have a budget. Most of my costumes are screen accurate, but I try to stay within a certain budget. For the easier costumes, which are like normal clothes, I’ll go to thrift stores. I use thrift stores a lot for fabrics, and shirt patterns and stuff, because you can just cut stuff apart.”

“Just be aware of your budget. Because it can get expensive, and it is addicting. You want to always do more!”


“Now it is easier, because cosplay is bigger now. If you’re responsible and you keep posting on your social media and you always have content, there are a lot of stores that can sponsor you and that way you save some money.”

“For example, you can get a wig sponsor, so you don’t have to be worrying about buying the wig. Instead, you can focus on buying fabrics and all the accessories, shoes, and paint, and everything else you need. Some cosplay stores now sponsor cosplayers.”

“Those are the things you can get if you post on your page constantly, and your work is good.”

“If not, I had, for a very long time, a full-time job. I didn’t have so many costumes at the same time. You choose the ones that you like the most. You basically spend all your money on that cosplay. You save some more money, and then you wait a little bit. Now you make the next one.”

“And that’s just the best way. Because, you know what? Cosplayers are very creative. And sometimes we start buying the wig and then we bought the shoes from another costume. And then we bought the fabrics from another costume and we don’t have anything at the end!”

“It’s better to just think of one that you really like, and then you get all the stuff that you need for that one and then finish it. And when you finish it, you can start the new one. That’s the best way.”


“A lot of cosplayers have Patreon and Kofi, where people donate money and stuff, which is really nice. And we sell prints as well, and that helps go to the next costume.”

King Tide

“Well, I try to make everything myself. I make everything from scratch, so I limit costs.”

Karli Woods

“Well, there’s different ways to fund cosplay, depending on whether you want to make it your job. Some people do it just for fun. And then some people do it professionally.”

“There’s different sites like Twitch—you can live stream making your costumes. Then there’s donations. You can use Patreon as well, which is a platform where creators can generate revenue—there are podcasts on Patreon, cosplayers, anybody that’s creating something can be on Patreon.”

“There’s brand deals that you can do on Instagram, Facebook, event appearances.”

“There are so many different ways that you can generate revenue, especially if you’re a content creator, you have to create a brand. You have to be an entrepreneur, eventually.”

Cosplaying can be addictive and expensive, but you need to budget for it according to the costume you want to make. Avoid spending too much—instead, head to your local thrift store to gather costumes and supplies.

You can also look for brands to sponsor parts of your costume, like wigs and accessories, which can be expensive. But you need to post regular content to be attractive to brands.

Aim to start small and put together what you can from the sources available and you can eventually make more professional-looking costumes.

Howard The Duck is coming to TV with a brand-new animated series.

The new Howard The Duck series will be produced by Kevin Smith, and is set to air on Hulu.

Howard will also feature in The Offenders animated special, alongside M.O.D.O.K, Hit-Monkey, Tigra, and Dazzler.

This new series is not the first attempt at bringing Howard The Duck to the big or small screen. These previous attempts have seen varying degrees of success through the years.

Let’s go through four of the most memorable onscreen appearances of Marvel’s favourite duck!

1. Howard The Duck (1986)

Howard The Duck
The 1986 film is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

The most infamous attempt to get the character onscreen is the 1986 film Howard The Duck. I say infamous, because it is considered one of the worst comic-book movies of all time.

The film has Howard unintentionally transported to Earth by the invention of two bumbling scientists. Once there, he rescues a woman, Beverly Switzer, from street thugs, and the pair hit it off. Unfortunately, a later attempt to send Howard home results in the evil Dark Overlord arriving on Earth.

The movie was a box office bomb, and panned by critics. Many of its stars struggled to find work for years after it was released. However, like so many ‘bad’ movies, Howard The Duck has since developed a cult following.

2. Ultimate Spider-Man

Howard with ‘Web-Beard’ and his crew.

Howard has had several cameo appearances in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

His most significant appearance was in the episode ‘Return To The Spiderverse, Part 2. When Peter Parker and Miles Morales find themselves in a pirate universe, they encounter the ‘Dread Pirate’ Howard. Howard used to serve that universe’s Spider-Man, Web-Beard, but incites a mutiny after learning Web-Beard was hoarding treasure for himself.

They reconcile after a Kraken attacks the ship, and everyone must work together to defeat it.

In this appearance, Howard is voiced by Seth Green.

3. Guardians Of The Galaxy films.

Howard The Duck
Howard comforts The Collector.

Howard The Duck has also had a cameo appearance in both live-action Guardians Of The Galaxy films.

In the first film, Howard is a living exhibit in The Collector’s collection. He is freed in the explosion caused after The Collector’s assistant lays hands on the Power Stone. He is seen again in the post-credits sequence.

In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, Howard is seen flirting with a woman on Contraxia, and also appears briefly during the credits.

In both of these appearances, the character is voiced by Seth Green.

4. Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series.

Howard in the Guadians animated series.

Howard The Duck is a recurring character in the Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series, again voiced by Seth Green.

Like in the films, Howard is first seen as a part of The Collector’s collection. He is later revealed to be an old friend of Rocket. In one episode, Howard recruits the Guardians to retrieve an object for him. Unfortunately, the mission is a ruse by The Collector to set the Guardians up as thieves.

He later redeems himself, placing a tracking beacon in The Collector’s ship so the Guardians can find it.

Only time will tell if the new Howard The Duck series will be a high or low point in the character’s onscreen history. But with the talent involved, we have high hopes.

A brand new Nancy Drew movie is heading our way.

The movie, titled Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase, has a lot going for it. The film is being produced by Ellen Degeneres, and IT star Sophia Lillis will be playing the new Nancy.

While the literary Nancy is still going strong, with new books being released twice a year, past efforts to adapt the Girl Detective for movies or TV have been hit-or-miss.

Let’s look at some of the past attempts at getting Nancy Drew on screen.

1. Bonita Granville’s Nancy Drew

Bonita Granville as Nancy.

In 1937, Warner Bros. obtained the film rights for the Nancy Drew novels. They intended to produce a series of B-movies based on the stories.

Bonita Granville was cast as Nancy, with John Litel as her father, Carson Drew, and Frankie Thomas as her friend Ned Nickerson, renamed ‘Ted’ in the films. While popular with movie-goers, the films were frowned upon by fans of the books. The characters of Nancy, Carson, and Ted/Ned were completely unrecognisable from their literary counterparts.

Four films starring Granville as Nancy officially exist. However, rumours persist that a fifth film was produced, but never released. If this film ever existed, it is most likely lost.

2. The Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mysteries

Nancy Drew
Pamela-Sue Martin as Nancy alongside The Hardy Boys.

In 1979, Nancy Drew made her small screen debut in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. Future Dynasty actress Pamela-Sue Martin starred as Nancy.

In the first season, episodes alternated between Nancy and The Hardy Boys, but in the second season, Nancy was mostly reduced to a supporting character in the more popular Hardy Boys stories. Nancy was dropped from the show entirely in season three after Martin opted not to return.

Pamela-Sue Martin’s Nancy Drew remains one of the most popular incarnations of the character.

3. The 1995 series

A screenshot from the 1995 series.

In 1995, there came another attempt at a Nancy Drew TV series. This one starred Tracy Ryan as Nancy, and Joy Tanner as her friend Bess. Scott Speedman appeared in a recurring role as Ned.

This series boosted Nancy’s age, re-imagining her as a twenty-one year old Criminology student. A new Hardy Boys series aired around the same time, leading to occasional crossovers.

Sadly, both shows were cancelled halfway through their first season. However, the Nancy series has popped up on a few streaming services.

4. 2002 TV movie

Nancy Drew
Beth, Nancy, and George in the 2002 movie.

2002 saw yet another attempt, with Disney producing a new Nancy Drew TV movie. This time around, Maggie Lawson stepped into the shoes of the Girl Detective.

Despite being produced by Disney, the 2002 film puts a slightly more adult spin on Nancy. The core mystery involves a drug bust, and Nancy falls out with her usually beloved father, Carson.

The film was intended as a pilot for a possible TV series, but it wasn’t meant to be.

5. Nancy Drew (2007)

Emma Roberts as Nancy in the 2007 film.

Surprisingly, it took until 2007 before the first full-length theatrical Nancy Drew film reached cinemas.

Emma Roberts stars as Nancy Drew. After moving to California from her small hometown, River Heights, Nancy is soon caught up in the unsolved mystery of movie star Delia Draycott. Draycott’s will has gone missing, leading to conflict over the inheritance of her estate.

The film received reasonably good reviews, but fans were disappointed in the omission of many classic characters from the books.

We may be about to see a lot more of Nancy. 

Apart from Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase, a pilot for a new TV series featuring an older Nancy has recently entered production.

Only time will tell whether either of these attempts will give this classic character the truly successful adaptation she deserves.

Fans everywhere are are going gaga for these CGI cuties.

The advancement of CGI technology in recent years means some of our favourite fantasy worlds can now be brought to life in ways we never would have thought possible.

Movies like Harry Potter and The Avengers can only exist because of this technology. Other times, it has been responsible for some really adorable stuff.

An unusually high number of cute CGI creatures are on their way to movie screens soon. Fans are already falling in love.

The Baby Nifflers

CGI creatures
Newt wrangles a Baby Niffler

In Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, we met the Niffler, an adorable little creature with a pick-pocketing habit.  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald upped the cute factor by introducing a trio of Baby Nifflers.

Fans were falling in love with the Baby Nifflers long before the film was released. The little creatures feature heavily in Crimes of Grindlewald merchandise.

Despite this heavy promotion, the babies only appear in one scene. However, they completely steal the show in their all too brief screen time, leaving us hoping for more Baby Niffler action in Fantastic Beasts 3.


CGI creatures
Simba in next year’s The Lion King.

Some fans were understandably concerned about plans for a CGI remake of The Lion King. After all, why mess with a classic?

The recently released trailer for the film has silenced many of it’s doubters. Recreating the original’s iconic ‘Circle of Life’ sequence, the beautifully rendered teaser introduces the new generation’s baby Simba. And we have to say, he is absolutely gorgeous.

Now, concerns have shifted to how heartbreaking it will be to watch this little Simba grieve Mufasa’s death.


CGI creatures
Dumbo with his magic feather.

Of all Walt Disney’s classic films, Dumbo is easily one of the biggest tearjerkers. Tim Burton’s re-imagining looks set to keep this aspect of the original intact.

The new Dumbo isn’t rendered in the hyper-realistic style of The Lion King, but he shouldn’t be. While Simba will speak, Dumbo remains mute, as he was in the original film.

The character needs the expressiveness of his wide blue eyes to help make a connection with the audience. He is succeeding. Fans are already in tears over Dumbo.


Pikachu in ‘Detective Pikachu’

Since the very beginning of Pokemon, fans have clamoured for  a live-action take on the franchise.

While Detective Pikachu may not be exactly the film these fans were expecting, it has done one wonderfully right. The CGI version of Pikachu is as adorable as any Pokemon lover could wish for.

These four only scratch the surface of the cute CGI creatures heading our way.  Other much loved Pokemon will be joining Pikachu on screen. Meerkats are naturally occurring balls of cuteness, so Timon promises to be just as adorable as Simba.

We can’t wait to see all these cuties in action when their movies hit the big screen.

Oz Comic-Con is hitting Brisbane on September 22-23, and Sydney on September 29-30. Dichen Lachman is the first guest to join the lineup.

Yes indeed, the first guest star of Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney has been announced, and it’s none other than Australia’s own Dichen Lachman.

Lachman is best known as Reileen Kawahara from Altered Carbon. Yet the actress has an impressive resume. She has also starred in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Supergirl, The 100 and Neighbours.

There is no doubt she is fast becoming one of Australia’s biggest actresses.

Lachman will participate in panels each day at the Sydney and Brisbane events, as well as photograph and autograph sessions with fans.

This is certainly an exciting start for September’s Oz Comic-Con’s lineup.

And if Oz Comic-Con Melbourne is anything to go by, Lachman is the first of many big names.

Melbourne featured an impressive list of Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Justice League), KJ Apa (Riverdale), Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2), Keiynan Lonsdale (The Flash), Clare Kramer (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments) and David Ramsey (Arrow).

Check out our Kat McNamara interview below, or our interview with David Ramsey, which can be found by following this very pretty hyperlink.

Yes, you should go to Oz Comic-Con.

Do you love any of the following: TV, movies, comic books, cosplay, anime, manga or gaming?

Then Oz Comic-Con is the place to be.

In addition to the amazing panels and meet-up opportunities, the con has workshops, masterclasses, very rare collectables. The list goes on.

It’s basically geek heaven.

Will you be attending?

It’s been a long time since witches were the queens of our TV screens. That may be about to change, with a brand new generation of TV witches heading our way.

Samantha Stevens. Sabrina Spellman. Willow Rosenberg. The Halliwell sisters. Our screens were once packed with the magical misadventures of great TV witches. Some of them remain iconic to this day.

While there are a number of supernatural-themed series still running today, any witch characters are, more often than not, left in a supporting role. Or worse, revived in the form of a terrible movie (we’re looking at you, Bewitched 2005).

This may be about to change, with three new series about to bring us a brand new generation of TV witches.

Here’s what to expect.

1. Charmed

From 1998 to 2006, The Halliwell sisters (Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and later Paige) were the undisputed queens of TV witches in Charmed.

Now, after years of rumours, speculation, and false starts, we are finally getting a Charmed reboot.

The reboot will introduce us to the Vega sisters: Melanie, Maggie, and their newly discovered older half-sister, Macy Vaughn. After the sudden death of their Mother, Marisol, the sisters discover that they are witches. And not just any witches – they are the Charmed ones, destined to become an immensely powerful force for good.

The Vegas must come together to master their powers, and discover the truth behind their Mother’s death.

One of the major differences between the new show and the original is the more diverse cast, including Afro-Caribbean actress Madeleine Mantock as Macy, and Hispanic actresses Melonie Diaz and Sarah Jeffery as Melanie and Maggie. Where all four Halliwells were straight, middle Vega sister Melanie will be gay.

While Macy and Melanie share the same powers as Prue and Piper, the youngest sister’s power has been altered. Phoebe experienced premonitions, but Maggie will instead have the power of telepathy.

The new Charmed may face an uphill battle, with some fans and cast members of the original frowning upon the reboot, but we’re prepared to give it a chance. The series is currently set to air its first episode on October 14, 2018.

2. A Discovery Of Witches

TV Witches
Valarie Pettiford, Teresa Palmer, and Alex Kingston star in ‘A Discovery of Witches’. Credit: Sky One.

Based on the All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches follows the story of Diana Bishop.

After a lifetime of trying to avoid her witchy destiny, Diana is forced to embrace it when she discovers an important magical book. She is then forced to team up with charming Vampire Matthew Clairmont to protect the book and uncover the secrets hidden within it.

A Discovery of Witches will star Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop and Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont. Alex Kingston and Valarie Pettiford will be featured as Diana’s witch Aunts Sarah and Emily, whom she turns to for help after discovering the book. Lindsay Duncan will also appear as Matthew’s Mother, Ysabeau.

The first season will adapt the first book in the trilogy. If the show is successful, we can expect the others to be adapted in a second and third season.

A Discovery of Witches doesn’t have the same name recognition as Charmed or the following entry on this list, but it does have an awesome cast to fall back on.

Definitely worth checking out when it airs sometime this year.

3. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina

Between 1996 and 2000, Sabrina The Teenage Witch was the top TV witch for family audiences. Played by Melissa-Joan Hart, Sabrina Spellman was a character loved by all ages.

Netflix’s upcoming Sabrina series won’t be quite so family friendly. Starring Kiernan Shipka in the title role, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be a much darker take on the characters we’ve come to love.

The series begins as Sabrina is just beginning to learn about being a witch. She must juggle her human life with the dark forces that begin to pursue her.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will also star Lucy Davis and Miranda Otto as Aunts Hilda and Zelda, and Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle. Former Doctor Who actress Michelle Gomez will play Mary Wardell. Formerly Sabrina’s favourite teacher, she is possessed by the series Villain, Madame Satan.

While initially intended as a companion series to Riverdale, the connection is less clear cut now Sabrina has moved to Netflix. However, the creators have not ruled out the possibility of a crossover in the future.

The comic that inspired Chilling Adventures features the Riverdale residents joining the search for a missing Harvey Kinkle. However, it also portrays Betty and Veronica as witches. Make of that what you will, Riverdale fans.

The show might scrape in for a December 2018 release, the more likely premiere date is early 2019.

Witches could soon be the Queens of our screens once again. We can’t wait to see what this new generation of TV Witches have in store.

It’s going to be a magical ride.

Citizen Kane is the best film ever made. But what gives it that reputation?

If you’re not sure what the plot of Citizen Kane is, here’s a quick synopsis.

The film opens with the elderly Kane (Orson Welles) on his deathbed. A snow globe in hand, he utters the word “Rosebud” with his dying breath. A newspaper tasks a reporter with identifying the meaning of Kane’s final word. As he interviews those who knew Kane well, flashbacks depict his life story.

So why do people say Citizen Kane is the best movie ever?

The story of Citizen Kane is intimately linked with that of Welles himself. Critics labeled the film “quasi-biographical,” including elements from Welles’ own life, as well as those of well-known business tycoons.

Welles’ entry into Hollywood was certainly unique. RKO Pictures took an interest in him after his radio broadcast, The War of the Worlds, quite literally took the world by storm. The studio gave Welles unprecedented freedoms as writer and director. These included developing his own story, selecting his own cast (all but one of whom were new to film), acting in the film, and enjoying final cut privilege.

In terms of technique, Citizen Kane has been called revolutionary. But, according to French historian Georges Sadoul, “The film is an encyclopedia of old techniques.” Viewers were unaccustomed to chiaroscuro (high contrast) lighting, temporal jumps (flashbacks), impressionistic shots of ceilings, or deep focus cinematography (a large depth of field in where foreground, middle ground, and background are all in focus). Yet, filmmakers had done it all before.

The film’s trailer was also unique. It did not contain footage from the film itself. Instead, filmmakers shot it as a documentary of the making of the film. Said British actor Simon Callow, the trailer has “great playful charm … it is a miniature documentary, almost an introduction to the cinema … Teasing, charming, completely original, it is a sort of conjuring trick: Without his face appearing once on the screen, Welles entirely dominates its five minutes’ duration.”

Citizen Kane today

Today, Citizen Kane is a staple for film students, and critics continue to turn out books and documentaries on it. The U.S. National Film Registry selected Citizen Kane among its inaugural group of films for preservation.

Citizen Kane also holds a rare 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. They describe its popularity in this way: “Orson Welles’s epic tale of a publishing tycoon’s rise and fall is entertaining, poignant, and inventive in its storytelling, earning its reputation as a landmark achievement in film.”

Learn more about film history, classic films, and silent films.

Batman Ninja is wild. Although not necessarily in a good way.

Over the years, DC has given us a wide assortment of animated films that vary in style, tone and genre. We’ve seen everything from the Return of the Caped Crusader, a feature that emulated the 1960s Batman TV series, to Justice League – The New Frontier, which gave us an elseworld look at a Justice League forming in 1950s America. Nothing however has been as diverse as Batman Ninja.

In 2008, Batman: Gotham Knight, the third DC universe animated film, was released. Much like the Animatrix before it, this was a series of partially connected vignettes predominantly showcasing Japanese animation. Batman Ninja is a similar experiment, although in this case it is all clearly one story.

There is a story, but trust us – it doesn’t matter this time.

The story begins with Gorilla Grod having built a time machine. Batman attempts to thwart his plan but the device is activated at Arkham asylum, transporting himself and his rogues gallery to Feudal Japan.

Batman arrives two years later than everyone else and learns that the villains of Gotham have become warlords, each now controlling a section of Japan. After finding the rest of his team, Batman sets out to free to Japan from his enemies before the Joker can bring the nation under his control.

That’s the set up, but it’s really just chaos from that point onwards.

batman ninja
The redesigns for Batman’s rogue gallery are pretty amazing though I’m not sure they all worked for the best. -DC Entertainment Inc

So the story gets crazy, but what’s the Batman Ninja animation like?

For the most part, Batman Ninja is a thing of beauty. The animation style is incredibly varied so if consistency is your jam, then this film may not be for you.

The film’s style switches from segment to segment, sometimes looking like a modern sleek anime, others more like a video game cutscene or traditional Japanese tapestry.

In a film like this, the chances are that not all of it is going to work for everyone, but thankfully the style changes often enough to stop the audience from losing interest.

So how Japanese is it?

Batman Ninja is not just Japanese themed. It fully embraces the spirit of Japanese cinematic insanity at its most extreme.

The finale has everything from temples that transform into a giant Voltron style robot, to an army of monkeys. Whilst on one hand this is arguably the Batman Ninja‘s greatest strength, it’s also the film’s biggest weakness.

batman ninja
Wait a minute; if the Joker has a Voltron style robot and is fighting to unify Japan, does that make Batman the villain here? – DC Entertainment Inc

Truth be told, this film may just be a little too chaotic for its own good. At times Batman Ninja feels like it was written by a group of twelve year olds with incompatible ideas, but they all agreed to throw everything in.

Sadly that’s most of the time, and the result is a film that is not just uneven but lacking in any real substance. Much of the audience will be grinning like idiots the whole way through, but with little to anchor the story, you’ll probably forget half of it by next week.

Final thoughts on Batman Ninja

The movie is worth a look. If you love the mental side of Japan or enjoy films like Crank 2 High Voltage, then this could be a perfect fit for you. If you love all things Japanese then you’ll definitely get a kick out of it.

Sadly I have to report that DC has released several titles that are much more worthy of your time and money. For those looking for a bit of steampunk with their Batman, I highly recommend Gotham by Gaslight, or if Batman isn’t your thing, All Star Superman is a fantastic look at the final adventures of the Man of Steel.

If you haven’t gotten on board with the DC animated universe, then there is a lot of great content out there, but this is probably not the best entry point. Alternatively you could check out some obscure space adventures.

HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes were bound to happen in their adaptation but unexpectedly fumbles what should’ve been a scorching five alarm hit.

Let’s start on Jump Street and work our way down: the book is better than the movie. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes the novel dramatically. In general, this is the case every time a book is adapted. Especially for Fahrenheit 451. For those of you who haven’t read the book, here’s a taste:

“Her face was like a snow covered island upon which rain might fall, but it felt no rain; over which clouds might pass their moving shadows, but she felt no shadow.”

That’s just poetry, right? Do yourselves a favor and read this book. It’s about a future where firemen are now tasked with burning books instead of putting out fires. Pure classic. At only 158 pages (around 790 tweets, millennials) it’s basically a micro read.

Ray Bradbury was so vivid and detailed in Fahrenheit 451 that a straight copy and paste job by HBO would’ve sufficed. But, at the same token, the writers and director are artists after all and should leave their own mark. But subtracting Bradbury’s key elements drains a story where there’s barely room for drainage. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes the most basic elements of the story. For instance…

1 – No Hound!

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 changes The Hound
This dog don’t sit and beg. Source:

No, not the warrior who’s afraid of fire on Game of Thrones, that guy wouldn’t survive one second in 451 land. We’re talking about the sleek, hunting machine that puts humans to sleep for a change.

Not having this doberman of destruction in the film is a grave disappointment. Whether it was due to budget restrictions or plot change, they could’ve used this beast for some seriously intense action sequences. In the novel, published in 1953, Bradbury even describes slo-mo moments that we’re used to today, using the hound as a focal point.

Guy Montag, played by the ever talented Michael B. Jordan, has a contentious relationship with the poisonous puppy from the beginning in the novel. It’s tasked with tracking down people who have somehow preserved books, Eels aka illegals in the HBO version, and tranquillising them if they try to escape.

The mechanical hound is actually sent sniffing and hunting for Montag in the book and serves as another fantastic metaphor against technology. The pets of the future only serve as coldly and obediently, the complete opposite of a fluff ball’s purpose today. No Scooby Snax would subdue this monstrosity.

The spark of omissions is set by HBO right out the gate.

2 – Mildred Montag & Professor Faber are M.I.A

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Mildred Montag Faber
Primary characters aren’t safe in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451.

Mildred & Professor Faber are representatives of the status quo in 451. Mildred represents the way people mask their feelings in the face of tyranny. This is reflected in her attempted suicide, then denial of it later on. All Mildred wants to do is converse in the parlor with her three TV walls. Perhaps, she will get a fourth one to hide from the horror of impending war in the real world.

Professor Faber, however, is Montag’s conscience trying to keep Montag together. They hatch a plan to setup fellow firemen by planting books in their residences. Doing so would make them see the error of their book burning ways, prompting them to abandon the practice altogether. An ear piece invented by Faber makes for some pretty heart pumping scenes throughout the book.

This subtle push and pull of complacent versus subversive ‘commoner’ would’ve been nice to see boiled down to these two characters. Instead they’re replaced by Yuxie, an Alexa/Siri home device that substitutes as your personal companion. That idea is as good as letting Siri Home have access to Best Buy reviews. While we’re at it, Hey, Alexa, what are some of HBO’s other Fahrenheit 451 changes?

3 – Clarisse McClellan is far from a freedom fighter

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Sofia Boutella Clarisse McClellan
Teenage angst has paid off well. Source:

In the novel, Clarisse McClellan is meant to be the childhood curiosity that pushes Guy Montag’s own questioning over the edge. She’s the one who carefully prods and pries to get Montag to open up and feel the world around him again. She’s the physical manifestation of a seed that’s slowly growing within Guy for a year.

In the movie, she’s been hardened by the world around her, the exact version of Montag only serving the do-gooders deeds.

Her character may have been changed so she could represent the strong female lead. If that’s the case, a new character could’ve been introduced and moulded as such. Or, apply those values to the woman who sacrifices herself and sticks to her moral code by refusing to leave her burning books. There’s a delicate metaphor represented with Clarisse in the book and that is of a pure view of the world gone by, tucked away somewhere that won’t die in our minds. Speaking of minds…

4 – Memory is turned to ash

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Memory
Note to self: sticky notes too sticky for the prefrontal cortex. Source:

The keepers of the sacred word have invented a way to keep the precious tomes safely hidden away in our DNA called OMNIS. While I admit it’s a pretty cool idea, it’s also quite creepy. Just like real life RFID Chips. What this does is minimize the capacity of the human brain, namely, how it can and has preserved the written word for thousands of years.

The film does to the story what its memory dampener eye drops do to its characters. Though the film does a great job encapsulating that thought, it contradicts itself with the mutated DNA. Leave that to Marvel.

Bradbury even makes this detail well known as he describes human interactions as an indelible ‘thumbprint on the mind’. It’s an amazing way of looking at it really. While they keep the idea that the information can be stored within us, they’ve genetically infused it, abandoning the need for our brains. Why think or construct ideas when it’s already infused within us?

The humanity is almost removed with this change, fanning the flame of HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes.

 5 – It’s not the end of the world, as we knew it

HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Mushroom cloud
That quirky R.E.M. song is the gift that keeps on giving. To paranoid apocalypse enthusiasts. Source:

Montag and his cohorts make it out alive, each holding a book or part of a book in their minds. They’re far enough away from the city that they are safe when it’s nuked but not too far so that they can’t feel the death force from the impact. Once the city is levelled, they slowly walk towards it, bringing life to literature. It’s a great way to end the book, leaving room for hope that we can start over and make things better.

But the movie version is even more hopeful, even though we lose Montag. A biblical sacrifice mixed with a Noah’s ark olive branch aka OMNIS DNA delivering salvation to the world. It’s the ‘sacrifice one for the good of all’ method at work. Killmonger is going to have a few words with Montag in the afterlife.

Sifting through the ashes

Everything considered, HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 is definitely a decent sci-fi flick. Michael B. Jordan can do no wrong and Michael Shannon nails it as Beatty. While some of HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 changes may have missed the mark, it’s worth the watch. Especially if you’ve read the novel. The lesson: pick up a book kids! Reading is FUNdamental! That’s a Reynolds! (as in wrap…Reynolds wrap…ah, never mind.)

If you like comparisons as much as we do, check out How Riverdale Differs From The Archie Comics here.

How will the next two MCU films (and beyond) fit in with the events of Avengers: Infinity War?

We all went into Avengers: Infinity War knowing that it was going to reshape the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). What we didn’t know was just how much. So let’s take a look at Infinity War and what it means for the MCU. Major spoilers and speculation ahead.

Image result for spoiler warning avengers
Haven’t seen Infinity War, stop now and go watch it, then come back. We promise to wait for you. -IGN

Infinity War shook the MCU to its core. At first glance it may seem difficult to suss out where Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as Captain Marvel fit in.

First let’s get Captain Marvel out of the way. We know this film will be set in the ’90s. Captain Marvel will feature Nick Fury and Agent Coulston. This will pave the way for Captain Marvel to feature prominently in Avengers 4.

Image result for captain marvel
Expect Nick Fury to have two eyes when the film starts and one when it ends. Here’s hoping Rocket has another spare.

Ant-Man and the Wasp will most likely be set concurrently with the events of Infinity War. It would make perfect sense for us to see a couple of references in the background to the events of Infinity War Marvel loves references(and we know how much ). Don’t be surprised if Hawkeye makes a return here.

Will all the deaths in Infinity War get retconned?

In the world of super heroes, death is a temporary condition, one that is often treatable. Infinity War portrays a number of heroes who die before the end of the film and a number who seemingly die in Thanos’ culling of the population.

I’ll get onto the culling deaths later, but for now let’s look at some of the others. These deaths could all be reversed with the timestone, though that seems unlikely.


Perhaps he could get a job as the doorman to Valhalla – Marvel Studios.

It’s incredibly unlikely he’s coming back. As great as his character has been, he’s never had much room for growth.


The many faces and multiple sexes of Loki
One time he was reborn as a kid and another time he was female. -Comic vine

Popular fan favourite, he’s cheated death before, he could do it again. He’s also been reborn after death in the comics on more than one occasion, so that’s an option too.  Tom Hiddleston’s contract might be up, so rebirth would be the ideal way to recast.


Image result for Gamora kid infinity war
Expect an unhappy reunion in Avengers 4 – Marvel Studios

Needed for Guardians 3, her death will almost certainly be reversed by Thanos out of remorse. One scene towards the end of the film seemed to imply that her soul is contained within the Soul Stone.


vision infinity war
Vision in Infinity War. Source: Marvel.

He’s not alive in a conventional way, it makes sense that he could be repaired.  There is precedent for this in the comics and he sported the colourless look both in comics and action figures.  If he does come back though, he might not be quite the same person he was.

What about the people culled?

Now here’s where things get interesting. I don’t think these characters are dead, in fact I think I’m of the opinion that they were the ones chosen for Thanos’ new prime reality. The world we see at the end of the film will be a collapsing reality.

I could be way off base but look at the characters left behind, you’ll notice that it’s the characters who aren’t needed moving forward. Would they really kill off Spiderman and the Guardians permanently?

Could resetting reality stick?

Come on this is going to happen sooner or later, Make it Avengers 4. -Movie web

Absolutely and it provides Marvel with the perfect opportunity to make a few subtle adjustments moving forward. Remember that the X-Men and Fantastic Four are set to return to Marvel and there needs to be a credible method for bringing them across.

Rebooting reality would make a lot of sense. The Scarlet Witch has altered reality in the comics so it’s entirely possible that she plays a part in creating a new reality saving almost everyone. That is of course assuming she isn’t really dead.

Will Thanos die?

Ok so it probably wont be like this, but come on this would be pretty damn cool -Marvel Comics.

Possibly, but I think his defeat needs to be more ideologically based rather than just being a smack down. He needs to see that his plan for the universe comes at too high a price.

This would give the audience a lot more catharsis in the long term.  If someone does kill him though let’s make it the Guardians.

Final thoughts

Doctor Strange says at the end of Avengers: Infinity War that this was the only way. He saw only one path to victory. Presumably Thanos has to win first before he can lose and Strange is guiding the path.

We can probably expect Iron Man and Captain America to team up but go down in a blaze of glory.

Really though, all of this is speculation and educated guesses.  Did I get everything right or am I totally wrong?  We’ll find out in a year.