Digital Fox Talent

We run geeky influencer campaigns at scale with a talent pool that’s signed on to work with Digital Fox. We have superhero influencers, sci-fi influencers and fantasy influencers with an audience of movies, gaming and tech fanatics. Our influencers collectively reach an audience of over 3m+ Superhero, Sci-fi, fantasy, horror or action fans.

The purpose, is to drive influence at scale, with 5 – 50 geeky, credible influencers all endorsing the same campaign.

Deadpool influencer

We use our content production team to produce engaging content, often working with our influencers.

This content can then published through our media platforms and amplified through our Talent team of influencers listed below.

Or, we can just use the Talent Team to produce content to support your brand campaign.

If we can help provide sci-fi, superhero, movies, gaming, influencers for your project, email us.