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Rumours have emerged about a new Batman: Arkham game. This is enough inspiration for us to take a look back at the previous games in the great series.

News has recently emerged from the depths of Gotham river that the Batman: Arkham series will be starting its Tim Burton-esque Penguin rubber ducky speedboats again. This time (according to rumours), the newest game will take place in a setting three years after the Arkham: Origins game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

Let’s set out the timeline – one event Doctor Who would be envious at. We were first introduced to Batman: Arkham Asylum in 2009 where we caught Batman in the middle of escorting Joker to his cosy prison cell.

Along the way we have friendly catch ups with the likes of Killer Croc, Victor Szaz and Riddler. We have a cuppa’ tea with Harley Quinn, pump iron with Bane and do some gardening with Poison Ivy. After witnessing Joker Hulk-out with Titan formula, we are treated to one of three endings, giving us a peak to a possible sequel storyline.

Batman: Arkham City (2011)

batman: arkham
Batman: Arkham City. Source: Warner Bros.

Batman: Arkham City introduces the strangest rogue yet in Doctor Strange, a character to match Batman’s wit. This time stakes are higher as we are treated to an expanded view of Gotham City, albeit a portion of the city given over to the Arkham asylum, but a pleasant view nonetheless.

Another story arc we are shown is one of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman’s oldest friends Tommy Elliott, who we later recognise as Hush, the steady-handed, face-altering mate jealous of Brucey himself.

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013)

We then take a jump back to Arkham Origins to a younger Gallery of Rogues and a much less grey Batman, during which time we are confronted with a Black Mask and the scary Scarecrow (the name doesn’t lie).

As if an unbirthday to us from Mad Hatter, out popped a much younger Joker with a whole new crazy.

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

batman: arkham
It’s like looking in a mirror. Source: Warner Bros.

Fast-forwarding the Bat-VHS, we skipped to a larger Gotham City. Titled Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman is sent on a chase through Gotham to apprehend a great number of villains, super-villains and nuisances.

This all culminates to the Boss fight with the military clad, Batman copying villain. All of which was a front for the Red-in-the-face Hoodlum himself, the only Robin Bats ever failed, by the hands of Joker. Yes, The Hood comes off to reveal…the Hood.

So what’s next for the Batman: Arkham series?

According to rumours, the next game will be titled Batman: Arkham Insurgency, and will act as a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins.

The new game will feature the Batmobile (yay), but won’t have the battle features seen in Batman: Arkham Knight.¬†It will also include an expanded battle system, a new area of Gotham City and loads more.

Let’s get pumped.

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