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A ghost walking through walls or appearing at will can shake the average human being to the core, but what about a superhero? We take a look at the villain from the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp movie, The Ghost.

In the forthcoming MCU film Ant-Man and The Wasp, we will see how much fright a costumed hero can take. The Ghost is no ordinary supervillain, and indeed is no phantom to take lightly.

Capable of turning invisible and walking through walls, The Ghost made his debut in Iron Man #219, June 1987.  Shown as a corporate saboteur, obsessed with destroying big business, this character struck a chord in the ’80s Wall Street excess era.

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The Ghost MCU style.

Believed to be the ramblings of an older executive, hackers tale, or urban legend, The Ghost was not taken seriously at first by Tony Stark, or the corporation he was attempting to buy and profit with. A shady company called Roxxon was also interested in the company Accutech and hired the Ghost to destroy it when they wouldn’t sell to them.

His streak of terror had Tony sleeping in his Iron Man armor, living in his lab to improve his armor and Accutech products (to save his company), and having James Rhodes carry a firearm at all times. The Ghost pushed the armored Avenger to the edge and almost won against our hero.

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The Ghost’s name was never revealed, but his obsession, ingenuity, and cold-blooded approach to situations rattled Iron Man and almost cost him everything.

A prime example of his ruthless streak is when another saboteur/supervillain, Spymaster, was hired to replace the Ghost. His response was to partially phase Spymaster into a wall to kill him.

Although supposedly killed in Iron Man #221, he has returned time and again in the comics and in other media. With the MCU Ghost powered by the Quantum Realm from the first Ant-Man film, our heroes may barely have a ghost of a chance to survive.

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