Was Catelyn Stark in Episode 4?

Game of Thrones fans were shocked to see someone that looked very much like Catelyn Stark behind Arya, in episode 4.

GrennsGal, of House Reddit, spotted something that appears like a wonderfully crafted nod to Lady Stoneheart. It appears she isn’t making an official appearance in Game of Thrones as per the books, but directors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss sure know how to keep fans happy, and talking.

You can see what sparked the curiosity in the clip below, just as Arya mentions her mother, a robed figure wanders past in the background.

From a timing point of view, it’s pretty clear this is intentional. When you think about a director setting the scene up, and the detail and craft that goes into every scene it would be hard to believe this was done by accident. The camera is so far back, and giving a clear view of the gap in the wall.

As fans of the books will know, Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected Catelyn Stark, brought back to life after being murdered at The Red Wedding. Which is perhaps one of the most shocking scenes in television history.

In the books it seemed that she was destined to wreak vengeance upon The Frey’s. Murdering someone, after welcoming them into your home, and particularly at a wedding is begging for Game of Thrones karma. It’s even referenced as something that’s, well, just not done, and is bound to upset the Gods (new or old, I can’t remember).

I suppose the question as to whether Lady Stoneheart will be coming back into the series will continue, but personally I think it would complicate the already heavily story-lined plot too much.

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