Infinity War death
Captain America faces Thanos in 'Avengers: Infinity War'. Credit: Disney

Avengers: Infinity War was a heartbreaking ride for Marvel fans. At least all the OG Avengers survived, right? Well… maybe not.

Since the release of Avengers: Infinity War on DVD and Blu-Ray, fans have been eagerly pouring over every frame of the film, in a desperate search for clues about what to expect in Avengers 4, to be released in 2019.

A new fan theory now offers the possibility of a major death in Infinity War that we might have missed. The death of a much loved original Avenger.

How could we possibly miss that, you might ask?

Read on…

Captain America, Rest In Peace?

Everyone remembers the scene in which Steve Rogers leads the ultimately failed battle to keep Thanos from taking The Vision’s Infinity Stone.

Sadly, he only manages to hold the Mad Titan back for a few seconds before being knocked out by a single, brutal punch. He is not seen again until the beginning of ‘The Snapture’. But was Cap really just knocked out?

Watching the scene again, he does seem horribly still after the punch occurs. This was a punch from the strongest being the Avengers have ever faced. Thanos was not holding back. This is the same character who takes down The Hulk in seconds earlier in the film. And he king-hits Steve Rogers, who, though enhanced, is still technically human.

This new theory suggests that Steve was actually killed by Thanos’s punch. At least temporarily, only for his death to be reversed when Thanos uses the Time Stone in order to take the Mind Stone from Vision. The reversal makes a certain sense. Other events occurring just before Vision’s second death are also reversed: Black Widow is no longer trapped amongst stone pillars, War Machine’s suit is no longer crushed, and Okoye is not as injured as you would expect a human to be after a direct attack from the Power Stone.

Even though Cap’s potential death was reversed, if true, it could have interesting implications for Avengers 4.

What could this mean for Avengers 4?

Infinity War death
Captain America, Black Panther, and Black Widow prepare for battle. Credit: Disney

At this point, it is all but certain that Avengers 4 will be Chris Evans’ last film as Captain America. It is due to a contract extension that Evans will appear in Avengers 4 at all.

Because of this, there are many theories surrounding how Steve Rogers might bow out. Most of these revolve around the character’s death. Some suggest that Cap will offer himself as a sacrifice to gain the Avengers the Soul Stone.

Time Travel seems to be a key plot element in Avengers 4. If Steve did in fact die in Infinity War, it may become a matter of leaving his death un-reversed in favour of a greater good.

A sacrificial death such as this would bring the character of Steve Rogers full circle. He proved himself worthy to become Captain America by throwing himself on a grenade for his fellow Soldiers. He could prove himself again by sacrificing himself for his friends, and the Universe. Remaining as he promised he would always be: Not just a good soldier, but a good man.

We’ll find out the truth when Avengers 4 hits theatres in 2019.

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