dominic sherwood interview

We sat down with Shadowhunters star Dominic Sherwood, and got to hear his thoughts on the sad end of the series.

The following is a snippet from our full Dominic Sherwood interview. You can watch the 10-minute interview here:

It must be very moving seeing the way fans of the show have created the whole #SaveShadowhunters movement. Is there anything you want to share with them?

Yeah. It’s such an inspiring thing to see people from all over the world coming together and really spreading positivity in the name of our show. It’s people who don’t know each other, from different backgrounds, and they all care about this one thing.

I think for me the most important thing that we’ve seen – and it really fills my heart – is charities like The Trevor Project, managing to benefit them in the name of the show.

The SaveShadowhunters hashtag is amazing. But I like the Shadowhunters legacy. Because if this is the end of the show, I don’t want people spending their money trying to save something that maybe can’t be saved. I don’t know the answers to this. But I think what’s more important is, if this really is the end, moving forward we really leave something behind us that is going to make people smile and happy and be a real benefit for the world. So if we can, that’s what I’d like to do moving forward.

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