Hulk outfits
Concept art for Avengers 4. Credit: Marvel

He’s never been the Avenger best known for his costume, but even The Hulk can appreciate a swanky new outfit.

Avengers 4 is a year away, but information about the film is slowly being revealed. While the rumour of footage from the film being shown at CineEurope has been debunked, lucky attendees were treated to a behind-the-scenes featurette, and concept art.

The biggest takeaways from the concept art were Clint Barton apparently suited up as Ronin rather than Hawkeye, and even more surprising, The Hulk in his very own super suit.

Unlike the other Avengers, Hulk isn’t recognisable by what he is wearing. That said, he isn’t averse to adjusting his attire to fit the situation.

Let’s take a look back at the Hulk’s outfits over the years.

1. The Trusty ol’ Lab Coat

Bruce Banner, as he appears in the Comics. Credit: Marvel

Before the accident that turned him into the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner was a regular scientist. And what do scientists wear?

Lab coats.

Whenever he is not Hulked out, Bruce is usually wearing a lab coat, engrossed in an experiment of some kind. The MCU’s Bruce sometimes drops the coat in favour of neat-casual attire in the lab, though he wears one briefly during Age Of Ultron.

Hulk Outfits
Bruce’s lab coat in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Credit: Marvel

The prominence of Bruce’s lab coat makes it one of the most common Hulk outfits, even if The Hulk doesn’t actually wear it.

2. The Tattered Purple Pants

Classic Hulk. Credit: Marvel

As long as there has been The Hulk, there has been his tattered purple pants. Though Hulk loses or destroys any other clothes Bruce Banner is wearing when he transforms, the pants remain.

Once again, the MCU mixes it up a little. The pants aren’t always purple, but he always keeps them on, at least while in Hulk form.

He has to. No one wants to cop an eyeful of The Hulk’s junk, do they? Just ask Thor.

No matter what other accessories he adds from time to time, the tattered purple pants will always be the most recognisable and iconic of Hulk outfits.

3. The Incredible Ponytail

Hulk outfits
Hulk in Exiles. Credit: Marvel

An alternate version of the Hulk appeared in the Exiles comics. With a ‘peace out’ costume and hair worn in a pony tail, this incarnation looked very different to any Hulk outfits before or since.

Unfortunately, the Exiles Hulk was eventually killed in battle by Hyperion. Unlike many other superheroes who are regularly resurrected, he has not been seen since.

4. Maestro

The Maestro, ie, Evil Hulk. Credit: Marvel.

The Maestro is a version of The Hulk from an alternate future in which Bruce Banner gave in to all his darkest impulses after the Gamma accident. He is a terrifying blend of Hulk’s brute strength, combined with the intelligence of Banner.

Due to his retained intelligence, Maestro does have a slightly more dignified dress-sense than his original timeline counterpart, and is usually seen clad in a blue battle suit, gauntlets, and a necklace of some kind.

Wreaking havoc when he is accidentally brought to the main timeline, this is one Hulk you do not want to run into in a dark alley, no matter how stylish his outfit might be.

5. Gladiator Hulk

Hulk outfits
Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. Credit: Marvel

After an incident in which he trashes part of Las Vegas, it is decided that The Hulk was too dangerous to stay on Earth any longer.

At the beginning of the ‘Planet Hulk’ comic storyline, he is launched into space, where he crash lands on the unusual planet Sakarr. The Hulk is quickly captured and forced to fight against other aliens for the entertainment of Sakarr’s elite. During his bouts, Hulk wears armour similar to historical Gladiators.

Hulk’s Gladiator outfit has gained greater prominence since its use in Thor: Ragnarok, which partially adapted the ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline.

6. Samurai Hulk

The Undead Hulk. Credit: Marvel

Sometime after his death in the Civil War II story arc, The Hulk is briefly revived by The Hand to fight for them. During this time, The Hulk is dressed in Samurai armour.

Eventually, the Undead Hulk is defeated by the Uncanny Avengers, allowing the soul of Bruce Banner to rest in peace… for a while, anyway. No one stays dead in comic books.

We’ll see how The Hulk’s new supersuit stacks up against Hulk outfits of the past when Avengers 4 hits theatres in May, 2017.

To say we’re excited for Avengers 4 is probably the biggest understatement we’ve ever written. EVER. Fact check it. To join us in excitement, have a read of these five very interesting character interactions that may take place in Avengers 4.

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