marvel's multiverse
Infinity War. Source: Screen Rant.

Marvel’s multiverse is the key principle behind their movies. Here’s a brief explanation of Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Before I begin, please note that if you were to ask a Marvel, DC or any comicbook fan about comics, comicbook movies, etc., you will be met with an explosion of intense excitement and eagerness to unload endless knowledge on the subject. Clearly, I am one of those people.

In regards to the recent Marvel cinematic phenomenon, here is a small piece on how to navigate between the many Marvel movies, which are all connected in some way!

In the beginning…

Marvel's multiverse
Iron Man being a badass. Source: YouTube.

Nine years ago, the Marvel treadmill began with the introduction of Iron Man. A billionaire engineer with a habit for saving lives, Iron Man was our first look into the brand new cinematic universe of Marvel comicbooks.

With the success of this, we were than treated to a Spidey-like web of many more Marvel movies. Much like a web, all movies had been connected thanks to the already established Marvel universe of connected planets.

Jumping onto this wagon was a whole new line of re-ignited Marvel comicbook reboots, Marvel cartoons, Marvel TV shows and video games (most of which also adhered to this ‘invisible connecting’ string theory).

Soon, movies began to span Marvel’s multiverse…

Marvel's multiverse avengers
The Avengers going at it. Source: Comic Vine.

From Ironman, we witnessed the remaining Avengers come into the spotlight, via their own standalone movies – all of which have their own interesting journeys and paths. But all of this was done in the build up to the Marvel comicbook milestone that is Civil War, which splits the Avengers as we know it into two groups with opposing views on their interactions with human beings.

As we sat in the midnight screenings with our popcorn and soda, we saw the introductions of a few additional characters once again (as Marvel are good at doing). I say this as Marvel have a unique technique in showing ‘easter eggs’, which are attributed to other exciting characters of the Marvel universe.

Most notably in Civil War, the introduction of Spiderman and Black Panther was linked to previous and future Marvel projects – as confirmed by directors The Russo brothers and producer Kevin Feige.

So what is the future of Marvel’s multiverse?

As I sit in front of my very (very) old laptop, fuelled by Nachos and Coca-Cola, I am excited by the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. This is not only because we will see stand alone movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, and Black Panther, and TV shows such as Inhumans, X-men: Gifted, The Defenders. But we will see these culminated into the mega Marvel movie, Infinity Wars!

For those not aware of what Infinity Wars is (or what it means for Marvel fans), this movie is the ‘megastone’ event of the Marvel universe. It is the landmark movie with a landmark villain in Thanos, a Marvel villain from another planet determined to obtain six uniquely powered stones of the Marvel universe. For more on what these are go here.

Understandably, this is a short summary of what the Marvel cinematic universe is and a basic understanding of what they are doing in regards to the connections we see with each Marvel movie.

Further to this is the common comparison to the DC cinematic universe, Sony superhero movies and all other universes out there in movieland. If you want to see me delving deeper send me some feedback 🙂


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