Star Trek Discovery - Points of Light - Michelle Yeoh
Emperor Georgiou embracing her new life. Source: IMDB

The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery introduced the secret Starfleet organization, Section 31.

We at Digital Fox recently reported on news that Michelle Yeoh would be headlining the Star Trek: Discovery spin-off featuring Section 31, a covert ops organization run by Starfleet. Now, the latest Star Trek: Discovery episode, ‘Point of Light’, has given fans their first glimpse inside the secret organization.

We break down the clues and what they could mean for the spin-off.

Spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery, ‘Point of Light’ ahead.

New Tech

Star Trek Discovery - Points of Light - Michelle Yeoh 2 - Section 31
The gizmos are getting an upgrade. Source: IMDB

When Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) comes to save Klingon chancellor L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) and Ash Tyler/ Voq (Shazad Latif) from the traitorous KOL-Sha (Kenneth Mitchell), she uses a bevy of new and exciting technology to defeat KOL-Sha and his minions.

Amongst Georgiou’s gadgets is a disintegrator that made short work of the Klingon guards. She also wielded a gun that produced a bubble incapacitating Kol-Sha, and levitating him considerable feet off the ground. After that, Georgiou used the replicators on her ship to create almost lifelike replicas of the heads of Tyler and L’Rell’s son.

Disturbing, but impressive.

If this is the kind of advanced technology Section 31 commands, they are going to be a formidable group to deal with. Enemies of the Federation had better watch out.

Black Insignia

Star Trek Discovery - Points of Light - Michelle Yeoh - Alan Van Sprang
Alan Van Sprang’s Leland aboard the Section 31 ship with Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou. Source: IMDB

Once aboard the Section 31 ship, Tyler notes the updated tech, querying Georgiou about where she acquired it. In reply, Georgiou shows him her badge – a black version of the standard gold Starfleet badge all fans will know and love. Looking at it is enough for Tyler to confirm that Georgiou is a member of Section 31. Does that mean that the covert group is an open secret? Onboard Georgiou’s ship, there are already several crewmembers, so how long has Starfleet been recruiting Section 31 candidates?

Plus, the question remains, what is Starfleet’s reasoning behind creating Section 31? For all intents and purposes, the human-Klingon war has ended. So why this new brand of officers led by Emperor Georgiou of the Mirror Universe, of all people? It’s going to be interesting to find out.

Familiar Faces

Star Trek Discovery - Points of Light - Shazad Latif
Ash Tyler among the Klingons. Source: IMDB

We already know that Emperor Georgiou, in the guise of the late Captain Georgiou, is an integral part of Section 31. Not only that, but it seems that Starfleet has also entrusted her with recruiting new members to the team.

Georgiou’s rescue of L’Rell and Tyler wasn’t solely to avoid a Klingon civil war – Georgiou also intended to encourage Tyler to join her in Section 31.

Fans of Star Trek: Discovery were unanimously fond of Tyler. A more noble and hard-working crewman could not have been found across the Federation. His friendship with the Discovery crew, and his relationship with the much-maligned Michael Burnham, were highlights of season one.

The revelation that Tyler was indeed Voq of the Klingons was a harsh blow, to the characters and fans alike. By the end of season one, it seemed that Tyler was only steps away from reclaiming his true existence as Voq.

However, Tyler’s hope of regaining his Klingon self were cruelly dashed in ‘Points of Light’. In an effort to ensure the security of L’Rell’s leadership of the Klingons, Georgiou and L’Rell hit upon a plan to discredit him, and present the fake heads of Tyler and L’Rell’s son to the Klingon leaders. All while the real Tyler joined Section 31.

Though this new version of Tyler will be a far cry from the ray of hope that he was in season one, many fans will take solace from the fact that he will be in action again with Section 31. Though there is no confirmation yet of Tyler’s part in the spinoff series, fans have every reason to be hopeful.

Our first look at Section 31 has already got us excited about the new series, set to debut following the conclusion of Star Trek: Discovery season two. It is going to be a long way till then, but certainly one that will be worth it.

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