Summer is coming in Australia. So we needed inspiration to get in shape. And who better to speak to about the Thor of Oz diet and approach than the man himself?

Can you feel it? That’s right! The weather is warming up, and it’s only partially due to climate change! And as the weather rises, I turn to my favourite poet Nelly; and I recite his verse: “It’s getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes.”

But in all seriousness, summer is coming, and we are all in need of some serious motivation to get our beach bods ready. And by beach bods I mean superhero bods. It’s time to go from Mr. Incredible to Mr. Fantastic. It’s time to go from the Kingpin to Daredevil. It’s time to go from Penguin to Robin.

But for most Marvel and DC fans, this is a lot easier said than done. Because it takes a lot more effort to go outside and train like Thor, than reading about Thor’s adventures in Ragnarok.

So to be inspired to get that superhero physique that we need, but don’t deserve, we decided to have a chat to our resident Superhero and Cosplayer extraordinaire – Thor of Oz. For those who didn’t check out last month’s article, Thor of Oz is a cosplayer called Andrew Lutomski. Andrew, thanks to his remarkable resemblance to Chris Hemsworth, cosplays as Thor regularly (duh), but also doubles as a personal trainer.

And if pictures can speak a thousand words, then I can stop talking about how shredded Andrew is. This is what a Thor of Oz diet gets you.


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But Andrew wasn’t always like this. Long before he was this 90kg perfection of pure protein, he was 15 and not in the best shape. So in keeping with our collective goals of training to beat Goku, or at least Krillin, we thought it’d be best to hear from Andrew, and how he transformed his life to get the body goals we’re all desperately craving.

If this interview isn’t going to inspire you to get superhero fit, then I don’t know what “the Hel” will. 

You’ve mentioned in a previous interview that you weren’t always as fit as you are now. So my first question is, what was life like for you at age 15?

“Age 15, that’s half a lifetime ago! Like any typical 15 year old (I suppose), what mattered most was video game release dates! I recall being particularly excited about titles such as Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 which brought us timeless classics such as Goldeneye 007 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. 

Just give me a second… the memories are rushing in hard and fast here… Good times!

Around this time was when I really got deep into my PC Gaming too. The Half Life Mod, Counter-Strike, and Age of Empires II would take up many, MANY hours of my weekday and weekend life. In fact, gaming almost was my life at this time. I had grown up playing all types of team sports in a social capacity, which I thank my parents for getting me involved in. But I had very little interest or knowledge about fitness. Games kept me interested and were FUN. Whereas exercise and nutrition was boring and to me just seemed like hard work.

I guess my lifestyle was somewhat reflected by my level of maturity at age 15. I’m not saying mature people can’t play games, but I was HEAVILY immersed in them and had little interest in anything else.”

Everyone has a turning point, that moment where they realise something has to change. Then it’s just about research, getting guidance, and resolve.

Was there a turning point where you realised that you wanted to change your lifestyle?

“I vividly remember standing at the pantry cupboard doors of my parents’ house, around age 16, completely annihilating a box of Pizza Shapes. Standing… eating them so quickly, I didn’t even take the time to sit down and actually enjoy them. I remember something coming over me, almost as if I stepped outside of my own body and observed myself in the moment. And then I started thinking about all the not so great habits I had formed over the years, unhealthy habits like eating large volumes of calorie dense, processed foods. 

I was close to weighing 120kg at the time. Not 120kg like Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson. It was more like 120kg of Andrew “Jabba the Hut” Lutomski. My body didn’t do a lot for my self-esteem, so I realised my habits needed to change.”

Can confirm the Thor of Oz diet plan works. Source: Thor of Oz. Photo by Volk Photography

According to Andrew, the internet is a goldmine for fitness tips and he used this to build his Thor of Oz diet and approach.

What changes did you implement in order to improve your health and fitness? Was it hard?

“I knew I needed to make changes to improve my health and fitness. I didn’t know what nutrition was, really, so that was the very first thing I did – I learned. 

The internet was a great source of information for me, as well as fitness and bodybuilding magazines. I would spend hours researching nutrition, exercise programs and the benefits of protein intake. I had come to learn that the people I admired most, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, WWE Wrestlers like Triple H and The Rock, all had one thing in common. They were jacked and looked bloody fit! But they all had the discipline to follow great exercise regimes and filled their bodies with nothing but good, healthy food (and perhaps some additional “supplements”).

It was certainly a challenge to implement these new habits into my life, however I did this progressively, and slowly my bad habits were either heavily reduced or eliminated.”


Andrew is currently an ambassador for Bulk Nutrients who promotes healthy living by providing supplements to fulfil your individual health outcomes.

It goes to show that small changes can lead to huge differences later down the line. And I don’t think anything gets that message across quite like Andrew’s story.

What were the changes that you noticed, both to your physical health as well as to other aspects of your life, as you started slimming down?

Taking the responsibility for my health manifested positive effects over my whole life. It isn’t a quick fix, it takes constant and consistent efforts day in and day out. Without realising it you’re learning the tools to invest in long term meaningful goals. The determination, self-worth and maturity that comes with this was seen through my change in attitude and performance at work, personal relationships and overall happiness. People always focus on the physical changes because they are initially the most obvious difference – but it is the changes that you can’t see that make the biggest impact.

Now I don’t want to jump to any big conclusions, but it sounds like Andrew’s lifestyle and Thor of Oz diet changes helped him become a valuable member of a team… Just like Thor in the Avengers?


Just a lazy Avengers gym session at @fit441 with @gods_among_us_cosplay @est1990.cosplay and @prototypemale

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It’s all about where you invest your time.

In hindsight, if you had the chance to meet 15 year old Andrew, what would you tell him?

I’d probably want to hang out, be best buds and laugh along with myself because of the unique sense of humour I have and jokes that only we would find funny. Or otherwise, I’d smack him around the head and tell 15-year old me to wisen up because he doesn’t know everything! 

Do you have any tips to give to our readers who want to make a turnaround for their health?

Invest time into learning about nutrition. The internet is a great source of information if you’re looking in the right places.

Invest money into physical exercise. Hire a knowledgeable, well accredited fitness professional, and join a gym. This will help keep you accountable.

Gravitate towards people who will support you in making a turnaround.  People who share common interests in health and fitness and who encourage you to make positive changes. Talk openly with your family and friends about what you want to achieve and what goals you want to reach.

Thor welcomes new starters to fitness, so be sure to get in touch if you’re in need of a superhero diet plan.

And of course, if they are ready to make some changes and are serious about making a turnaround for their health, they are welcome to contact me for health and fitness coaching. I would love to help in any way possible.”

You can reach out to Thor of Oz if you would like some guidance on getting yourself superhero strong. You can touch base on his facebook page or email him here.

Digital Fox is working with Thor of Oz as part of the Digital Fox Cosplay partnerships programme.


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