The major part of cosplay is the actual costume, but for some ‘filling out’ the role and “training for cosplay” is equally important.

But how can you hope to physically build yourself up, or down to superhero size – and do it in a safe and healthy manner?

We recently had a talk with Andrew Lutomski A.K.A. Thor of Oz about how his new Online Coaching Service can help cosplayers do just that.

Andrew is arguably the biggest Thor cosplayer in Australia. And by biggest, I’m not just referring to his physical size, I’m talking about the fact that he’s the number one Thor cosplayer on hire.

Cosplay trainer
I can’t even tell which one is Chris Hemsworth?! Source: Thor of Oz

I don’t know if you recall, but before the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok, many cinema chains did promotions for the film featuring cosplayers. Obviously, it’d be ridiculous to hire Chris Hemsworth to sell tickets, so you get the next best thing. And the next best thing out there are cosplayers. But you’re not going to hire any random cosplayer, you want the very best. And that’s why for the Ragnarok movie, they hired Andrew.

But that wasn’t it for Andrew. In this year alone, he’s been hired by Marvel Australia and New Zealand to play the official Thor for corporate events. On top of that, he appeared on Australia’s biggest talk shows – ‘The Project’ and ‘Sunrise’. And that was just 2017. In January of 2018 he’s due to appear at the Australian Open too! Thor of Oz is literally going to be swapping a hammer for a racket.

But of all the Thor cosplayers out there, why is it that Andrew’s doing so well? Well we met up with Andrew to talk about just that.

Andrew Lutomski – Cosplay Trainer

cosplay trainer
I actually stared at this for a few good minutes to make sure this wasn’t a photo of Chris Hemsworth. Source: Thor of Oz.

Andrew thinks a large part of his success has to do with the fact that he looks a lot like Thor. And when I tell you he looks like Thor, I really mean, he looks A LOT like Thor. Andrew recently posted this photo and I wasn’t sure if that was him, or an actual photo of Chris Hemsworth.

Speaking to Andrew, he claims that the best way to help your cosplay career is by getting your character just right and physically training for cosplay. And Andrew takes this very seriously.

After recently announcing that he’s going to be cosplaying as He-Man, Andrew has completely changed his fitness routine so he can do He-Man some sweet, sweet justice. This is definitely going to be a bit of a struggle. Seriously, have you seen He-Man’s quads!?

But while it’s easy to say “oh yeah, you just need to match your character’s physique”, it’s a lot harder to actually get done.

But that’s where Andrew comes in as a Cosplayer Trainer.

Andrew was inspired by his insight that the reason for his increased cosplay success is that he now physically looks like Thor. Now he wants to help other cosplayers achieve the same success. Andrew now has his own online coaching service just for cosplayers who want to improve their health and fitness. So I guess that makes him… the globally available Cosplayer Trainer?

Andrew Lutomski – Online Cosplay Training service

This online cosplay training service is for anyone who wants to achieve success in their health and fitness goals. So if you’re looking to decrease your body fat percentage – Andrew’s got you covered.

If you’re looking to increase muscle mass – Andrew’s got you covered. Want to get more toned? Andrew’s got you covered. Why? Because he understands you are an individual. One of the first things he’s looking to achieve is to understand your body type and your objectives.

So long as you apply yourself, exercise displicine and always give your best efforts when provided with my guidance and recommendations, I can be confident in saying that you will experience positive results towards achieving the health and fitness goals that you desire.

So whether you’re looking to get the gains to pull off that Wolverine cosplay, or get Cat-Woman’s extremely toned look, Andrew will help you get there.

The Online Cosplay Training Services

Well this comprehensive online coaching service includes an initial assessment of your lifestyle, followed by an in depth analysis of your current health and fitness. Then you can expect your recommended exercise program, which comes with recommendations regarding diet and supplements. This will of course all be based on your individual health and fitness goals where you will receive easy to use programs from Andrew – the cosplay trainer.

Furthermore, so you aren’t feeling completely thrown into the deep-end of workouts, Andrew provides instructions on how to perform all the exercises you’re going to be doing. Teamed up with that is an ongoing examination of your progress, which will be followed by alterations in your program (if necessary), providing any other guidance.

In terms of contacting Andrew and arranging some training for cosplay, there’ll be an initial skype session to just lay everything on the table (seeing what’s best for you, expectations, etc.). Following that is unlimited email contact whenever you need help. This can span from exercise, to nutrition and supplements, to even making changes to your lifestyle.

To find out more, you can message Andrew on his Facebook page (Thor of Oz) or via his email at [email protected].

What you can expect afterwards

Training for Cosplay
#goals. Source: Thor of Oz

According to Andrew, once you really look like your cosplay, you can make big improvements to your cosplay career. By building up your physicality and appeal to businesses, you are at a better position to get more gigs, expand your fanbase, and all that good stuff.

Having said that, there’s still a lot more that goes into making your cosplay successful. While looking a lot like Cyclops, Wonder Woman, Cat-Woman, or Thor can go a long way, it isn’t enough. There’s obviously a lot of work that needs to be put in if you want to make a career out of cosplay.

But of course, your health and fitness is one of the many things YOU can control so YOU can get ahead in the Cosplay game if you’re looking to monetise your hobby.

Digital Fox is working with Thor of Oz as part of the Digital Fox Cosplay partnerships programme.

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