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Vero is attracting users, influencers and creators fast. But what is Vero?

Vero, after being around for a few years, is suddenly generating serious growth. It’s a social media platform very similar to Instagram where creators, and well, everyone else too, can publish their content.

Vero Social Media App
What is Vero? Source: Vero

Vero promotes itself as “a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.” This is actually underselling it, and makes it sound pretty standard. What Vero actually is, is a slicker, faster, more controllable platform similar to Instagram.

Digital Fox decided to give Vero a go

You can find us on the platform by searching for Digital Fox through the top menu search icon. Have a flick through the content and you can see how we make use of it.

Vero Digital Fox
This is the Digital Fox account on Vero, Yes, we know we need to charge the phone.

How does Vero work?

You can have followers in the same way as you can have Followers on Instagram, Acquaintances which might be people you know a little, Friends who are obviously more likely to be within your social circle, and Close Friends, which is your closest social circle.

This gives you layers to share your content with. It’s a bit more granular than sharing to public or sharing to friends etc etc. You can do this on Facebook but Facebook hasn’t been designed in a way to encourage this as well. Because of this, you can use Vero as a business/influencer/brand platform sharing to all of your fans (followers), or as a personal social network.

Vero SamSamCam
Our good friend @SamSamCam is on Vero too.

Vero also categorises the content in ways that Instagram doesn’t. With Instagram you get one feed, and there isn’t an opportunity to post links (outside of stories). But with Vero you can go to someones profile and just look at the video content, or the links that profile has posted. If you’re in a mood for reading content, this makes the app more useful than Instagram which has increasingly become video focused.

Vero categories
Here are some of the categories on Vero. Source: Vero

There is no advertising on Vero.

According to a company statement, there never will be. For brands and publishers, this takes us back to the good old days when it was all about the quality of content, and growing your following. For users, this means no unsubscribed content appearing in your newsfeed targeting you. Instead, in the future, there will be an annual charge for using Vero, which is planned to be around the price of two cups of coffee.

The other way Vero will make money is through commissions. Users have the ability to sell items on Vero, and Vero will eventually make a very small commission on these sales.

Vero for publishers

For publishers with a website presence, the ability to place links onto Vero is very appealing. There is no algorithm in place to restrict your reach either, so what you see in your follower count is what you get.

There is also the ability to review music, movies or TV shows in an instant, which brings the app into the pop culture hemisphere, and with the acquisition of Zak Snyder it further resonates with superhero and fantasy fans.

Overall, we highly recommend giving Vero a go, particularly if you’re a cosplayer, or have a focus in the movies, TV, gaming, music world.

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