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There are so many Marvel female superheroes. It’s time for an MCU all-women team up.

Recently Tessa Thompson kicked all of the asses as the heavy-drinking, hard-hitting Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok.  Since empowered women empower other women, Tessa mentioned she would love to see a team up of Marvel’s impressive list of powerful women.

The MCU already has a lot of awesome women to create an amazing ensemble cast. This would also be a perfect opportunity to expand their current roster.

We have had The Avengers, The Defenders, and The Revengers, now let’s bring forth: (cue Alan Silvestri theme) The Liberators.


It’s fitting that Tessa would be the one to suggest the all-female MCU team up, since her character was the founding member of the Secret Avengers and co-leader of the Fearless Defenders in the comics canon.

Named for Odin’s shield-maidens of old, Valkyrie can sword fight and fight in unarmed combat. Her fighting ability is among the best of all Asgardians.

Black Widow

As one of the original MCU Avengers, Nat is a no-brainer. She has bested Loki, kicked alien ass, and stared down world leaders with flawless hair and a knowing smirk.

Black Widow has proven herself a world class athlete and an expert martial artist. She has also shown to have an enviable intellect. She held her own with Cap and Falcon in Winter Solider.

Quite simply, she’d be crucial piece to the Liberator puzzle.


gamora mcu
Gamora: One of the baddest in the galaxy. Source: Marvel.

Gamora is one of the greatest assassins in the Galaxy. Her fate is up in the air with the fourth Avengers movie still in production, but we can still dream.

Gamora has had her speed, strength, agility, and durability enhanced and is an expert warrior.

You can read an explanation as to what happened to Gamora in Infinity War here.


Nebula’s character really grew more interesting in the second instalment of Guardians of the Galaxy. We caught a glimpse of the lifetime of torture that she was forced to endure at the hand of Thanos.

I would love more of Nebula on the big screen, especially if she gets some good hits to her adoptive titan dad.


This hypothetical endeavor could help to provide a much needed character arc for the sweet pet of Peter’s creepy Dad-Planet. The films have employed her empathetic powers, and not a whole lot else.

Mantis’ comic origins are traditionally much more combative and interesting. Since actress Pom Klementieff possess some solid boxing skills, we could definitely see some strong growth with Mantis.


Okay well before anything, how cool is that fight scene?

Even though we never got Wolverine in any of the Avengers movies, maybe someday we can get Laura Kinney instead.

Like Logan, Laura possess an accelerated healing ability. In addition, she has heightened senses, speed, agility, reflexes, and endurance. Oh, and some nifty adamantium coated retractable claws.


Okoye is another incredibly skilled warrior, but she brings a humor and a humanity to her character. Her team up with Scarlet Witch against Proxima Midnight in Infinity Wars was one of the best parts of the film. We couldn’t have a team up without this bad-ass.


Adorable, educated, inventive, are just a few words that can be used to describe the Princess of Wakanda.

Shuri’s incredible mind and tech skills are a must for the team. Her genius rivals that of Tony Stark, and she would be an incredible addition to the all-female MCU movie.

Scarlet Witch

scarlet witch avengers
Get em, girl. Source: YouTube.

Although Scarlet Witch is coming into her own in the Avengers arc, it is without a doubt that the MCU has underplayed her abilities.

Wanda Maximoff is one of the most dangerous characters in Marvel Comics. It may seem like simple telekinetic power, but Wanda actually has the ability to manipulate chaos magic.

Captain Marvel

Fans are already stoked to see the gifted and charismatic Brie Larson bring Captain Marvel to the screen. Carol Danvers is exciting, fun, and a total bad-ass.

Marvel President Kevin Fiege, said “she is as powerful a character as we’ve ever put in a movie. Her powers are off the charts, and when she’s introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we’ve ever had.”

We detail the history of this awesome Marvel female superhero here.

Ms. Marvel

Kevin Fiege also confirmed that there are plans in the works to introduce Ms. Marvel to the MCU. Kamala Kahn is a 16 year old Muslim girl who needs to be on screen like, now.

According to Fiege “Ms. Marvel…is definitely sort of in the works. We have plans for that once we introduce Captain Marvel.”

Kamala is sympathetic and funny, and can shape-shift to boot.


wasp superhero movie
Who’s excited for Ant Man and the Wasp? Source: Marvel.

Am I the only one who is so stoked about Ant-Man and Wasp? Yes? Okay then. Wasp was an original Avenger, and I can’t wait to see the whole gang together again. The Wasp has all of the abilities of the Ant-Man, but with wings and blasters.

Kate Bishop

Those fans unfamiliar with the comics no doubt just asked “Who?” Kate Bishop is Hawkeye. Not Lady Hawkeye, just Hawkeye. Together, they are Hawkeye and Hawkeye. She is a member of the Young Avengers.

Kate is skilled at archery, fencing, swordsmanship, jiu jitsu, and boxing. She has some weapons mastery as well, since she obviously uses a bow and arrow. Black Panther had also supplied her with trick arrows.


This may seem derivative, but Jennifer Walters and her She-Hulk could be a very cool addition to the MCU. A refreshing change that cuts down on a lot of character arc, Jennifer retains her personality when she Hulks out. Asides from being a total badass, Jennifer is an accomplished attorney.

The best thing about this whole all-female MCU concept? This list is just a tip of an iceberg. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is open for a rebirth. In a business sense, opening up the possibility of a female strong superhero film opens a Pandora’s Box of new characters, and successful TV and movie spin offs.

We are waiting ladies.

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