What Actually Happened to Gamora in Infinity War
What a wholesome movie. Source: Marvel Studios

With Avengers: Infinity War breaking records worldwide, theories about the film have been popping up like rabbits. One theory I’m proposing is about what actually happened to Gamora in Infinity War.

It’s been a week since Infinity War has came out, and people, I’m still shook. Russo Brothers and everyone working at Marvel – I have to say you all did an amazing job! It takes a really skilled team to fit in so much and not come out with a half-assed movie.

But my small praise aside, there is something I’ve come to talk about. And that is, what actually happened to Gamora in Infinity War?

A Quick Recap

What Actually Happened to Gamora in Infinity War?
No this is not the scene I am referring to. Source: Marvel Studios

So you probably know the scene I’m referring to. You know, that one – where Thanos sets out to retrieve the Soul Stone? Also, can confirm, the Soul Stone was neither in Hemidall’s eye, nor in Wakanda.

Also, how good was Thanos? He’s potentially the most fleshed out villain in the entirety of the MCU (yes, even more so than Loki).

But I digress, the point is that to retrieve the Soul Stone, Thanos had to give “a soul for a soul”. And that’s what he did – he sacrificed his favourite daughter, the one thing he loved most in the world, for what he believes is for the benefit of the universe. The final shot of that scene is Gamora, supposedly lying dead on the ground. But is she really dead? Well that’s what we’re going to find out!

The Soul Stone

What Actually Happened to Gamora in Infinity War?
Look at the pretty Stone! Source: Marvel Studios

In Infinity War, the abilities of each Infinity Stone are left somewhat vague (except in this nifty article here). You know the Power Stone increases power, the Space Stone allows for teleportation, Time to control time, Reality for reality, and the Mind Stone for controlling people’s minds. But the Soul Stone doesn’t really get fleshed out. However, that isn’t really an issue if you’ve read the comics (a great one to start with would be Jim Starlin’s Infinity Gauntlet).

The main thing you need to know about the Soul Stone is that it primarily absorbs people’s souls. Wow! That kind of seems very obvious, but regardless, it had to be said. Now I believe that this fact is going to be very fundamental for the Infinity War Part 2.

What actually happened to Gamora in Infinity War?

What Actually Happened to Gamora in Infinity War?
Note the pavilion. Source: Marvel Studios

Considering that the Soul Stone absorbs people’s souls, I don’t think it’d be too outlandish to say that Gamora is… you know, in the Soul Stone? And there’s some precedence for it, because souls absorbed by the Soul Stone enter the pocket-dimension called ‘Soul World’.

Preceding Marvel Comics’ Infinity Gauntlet storyline, Gamora was actually sent to the Soul World by Thanos (not in the same poetic and tragic way that happened in Infinity War but still). And it was only later in the story, with the magical abilities of a character called Adam Warlock, that she was able to return to the real world.

Interestingly enough, we may have potentially gotten a glimpse of Soul World in Infinity War. Back when Thanos wipes out half the universe, he wakes up in this orange tinted world with a young Gamora, which I, and many others, believe is in fact Soul World. Why? Because the Soul Stone also happens to be orange and seeing a young Gamora in a pavilion that is almost identical to where Thanos adopted her, where his love for her began, could reflect the event that sprouted the love for the thing he loves most in his universe.

But what actually happened to everyone else in Infinity War?

What Actually Happened to Gamora in Infinity War?
Does that pavilion look familiar to anyone or is it just me? Source: Marvel Studios

Now if you believe me when I say that Gamora is in the Soul World, would it be much harder to believe that half the MCU is also in the Soul Stone? They may not in fact be dead after all. So perhaps we’ll see the return of our favourites (including Gamora) in Infinity War Part 2?

Please Russo Brothers, you can’t take away Peter from me like that! And by Peter, I mean Parker. Quill is the bane of my existence and he should burn in hell.

But what are your thoughts? Do you also think that Gamora and the rest of the MCU are in the Soul Stone? Or are they just plain dead and going to be resurrected by some other Deus Ex Machina?

Leave a comment down below, or tweet me @ElliMiller17 so we can keep the discussion going!

But in all seriousness, dammit Peter, you don messed up!

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