The Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds, got a dramatic introduction this week. Here’s a breakdown of what we got to see.

Episodes eight of Supergirl and Arrow gave fans a sneak peek at the 2018 Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds, starting December 9, with a mid-credits scene featuring the deaths of several heroes on Earth-90. The promo also introduced the crossover’s villain with tantalising hints of what is to come.

Here’s what the scene has set up for Elseworlds. Spoilers ahead!

Fallen Heroes

Firestorm-Legends of Tomorrow-Elseworlds-Its All The Rage
Casualty of war. Source: Its All The Rage

An immense explosion turns Earth-90 into a barren wasteland. But worse, the ground is littered with the bodies of fallen superheroes, some of them familiar to viewers, and others, slightly obscure versions of known heroes.

The first of the fallen that we see is Stargirl, who Arrowverse fans will remember from Legends of Tomorrow. Stargirl was one of the members of the Justice Society of America, whom the Legends encountered in season two. The Stargirl we see here is obviously the Earth-90 counterpart to the one we have already met as Stargirl, and her colleagues in the Justice Society, were killed in Legends of Tomorrow.

As the camera pans away from Stargirl’s prone form, we also see Huntress, who had been an ally, and then an adversary, of the Arrow in early seasons of Arrow. This Earth-90 Huntress appears to have finally reformed her villainous ways to end up dying a hero. What would Earth Prime’s Helena Bertinelli make of her counterpart’s demise?

There is a version of Firestorm who lies dead near Huntress. It looks to be Jefferson Jackson, and the suit Firestorm is wearing is the same as that worn by Firestorm 2.0, when Jefferson and Martin Stein formed Firestorm. However, Earth Prime’s Jefferson Jackson has been depowered following Martin Stein’s death in the 2017 crossover, Crisis on Earth-X. The version we see on Earth-90 could very well be a different combination of heroes who have fused together to make Firestorm.

There is much debate about the identity of the next fallen hero. Some say it is Obsidian, who appeared in Legends of Tomorrow alongside Stargirl, while others believe it is Earth-90s version of Spartan, aka John Diggle, the Green Arrow’s close friend and ally. The consensus seems to be that it is actually a version of Brianiac-5, who first appeared in season three of Supergirl and has recently joined the DEO to help Supergirl and her team of allies take down villains.

There is also considerable debate about the next hero we see – a silver-haired figure clad in a leather jacket. Some viewers have surmised that it might be the Black Canary from Smallville but, according to a number of geek websites, it is actually Captain Cold from the 1990’s The Flash. The hair is certainly consistent though the jacket is not. However, one can assume that Captain Cold has had time to upgrade his jacket since the 90s. It is also interesting that 90s Captain Cold, who was an out and out villain, has been killed alongside heroes. Other Captain Colds, from Earth Prime, and Earth-X, have had heroic streaks but 90s Captain Cold did not. Clearly, heroism runs in the Captain Colds’ DNA, no matter which universe they are from.

Jesse Quick-The Flash-Elseworlds-TV Insider
Say it isn’t so! Source: TV Insider

If the red-suited figure beside 90s Captain Cold is who everyone says it is, Earth-90 has lost a powerful hero. Jesse Wells is the brilliant daughter of the equally brilliant Harrison Wells from Earth-2, who gained the power of Superspeed to become Jesse Quick. It seems Earth-90 had a similarly brilliant, and heroic, Jesse Quick, who has fallen in this battle. Two speedsters are usually good enough to take down a villain but clearly Earth-90 is in the grips of an attack by someone far too powerful.

We see two Hawk helmets on the ground, presumably belonging to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, who first appeared on The Flash in season two, and became regular characters on Legends of Tomorrow, where they battled Vandal Savage. The Hawks left the Legends after one season, and have not been heard from since. It is likely that the Hawks we see here are the Earth Prime versions, but it could also be Earth-90’s versions instead. The helmets are certainly consistent with Earth Prime, and so is Hawkman’s suit, but his wings don’t appear to be visible, which could point to this being an Earth-90 Hawkman. Or, it could mean that Hawkman’s wings have been torn off him completely. We can’t confirm the status of Hawkgirl, as we only see her helmet – her body is nowhere to be found.

We also see The Ray’s helmet, though not his body. We had met The Ray on Crisis on Earth-X, and he had proved to be a valuable ally to Team Super Legends of Flarrow. And there is a figure in a parka very like Earth Prime’s Captain Cold or Earth-X’s Citizen Cold lying beside Hawkman. Could these be the Earth-X characters or Earth-90 versions of them? Hopefully not the former, as last we heard of Earth-X’s Ray and Citizen Cold, they were getting married. Tell us they didn’t decide to honeymoon on Earth-90 just when things started blowing up?

Interestingly, there is a Green Arrow who lies dead among the fallen heroes. This Green Arrow looks less like Earth Prime’s Oliver Queen, and more like Smallville’s Green Arrow! This is a surprising inclusion, and partly gives credence to the Black Canary theory above, if it is true. The suit, what little we can see of it, is certainly consistent with the one on Smallville, though fans are left wondering whether it is indeed Earth-90’s version of Oliver Queen who is Green Arrow, or someone else, perhaps Connor Hawke, who was Green Arrow in a dystopian future that the Legends visited.

One Bright Spark

1990s Flash-Elseworlds-Inverse
Sole survivor? Source: Inverse

The 1990s Flash is the only hero left standing, or rather, crawling, in the massacre. He tries to get to a mysterious book but is too late to stop another figure from picking it up. Why is the Flash the only one left alive? In the various promos we have seen, John Wesley Shipp’s 90s Flash joins the heroes from Earth Prime and Earth-38, but was he kept alive for some other reason? Or did he just get lucky?

When the Flash questions the book thief about his actions, he is told that he brought this upon himself and that everyone will “perish” as a result. What did the Flash do for there to be this much blood on his hands? Other speedsters have changed the past with catastrophic results, the chief culprit being Earth Prime’s Reverse Flash and Barry Allen, but is the massacre on Earth-90 the result of the Flash tampering with the past or breaching the barriers between worlds? We will have to wait till next week to find out!

Villain of (Next) Week

What does he want? Source: IGN

The imposing caped figure who commands the mysterious book has been revealed to be the Monitor, and the Anti-Monitor, a powerful being in charge of controlling the multiverse. The Monitor is supposedly a good guy, one who is constantly opposing his evil doppelganger, the Anti-Monitor, from razing the multiverse.

However, the Monitor’s methods have been nothing less than suspect. In the comics, he has often supplied weapons to both sides in an attempt to see who is the strongest, so it is hard to tell whether the man we see in this sneak peek is a good guy or a villain.

What is certainly interesting is what the Monitor releases from the book. Though we aren’t sure what it does, the beam of light emanating from the book obviously has some lethal properties because the Flash tries to get out of its path as quickly as possible.

Could the book’s power possibly be the cause of Elseworlds? From what we understand, things are about to get very topsy-turvy next week and this book could be why.

This sneak peek has definitely whet our appetites for Elseworlds (as if we weren’t already excited). It is going to be a wild ride and we cannot wait!

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