Captain Marvel punching an old lady
Captain Marvel is the hero I've always wanted. Source: Marvel Studios

The Captain Marvel trailer has gotten Digital Fox all kinds of hyped and March 2019 cannot come fast enough.

But while the trailer is exceptional in itself, lots of people are wondering why it shows Captain Marvel abusing the elderly. So today we’re going to be answering that question: Why is Captain Marvel punching an old lady?


Oh lord, we are pumped. Brie Larson looks absolutely fantastic as your fave Carol Danvers! Sammy L Jackson looks as if he is 30 years younger (good work Disney De-Aging tech)! And ARGH! I’m just so excited.

There was one thing in the trailer that I wanted to address because I can imagine people going up against the wall about it. And that thing is Captain Marvel punching an old lady on a bus.

Wait, you haven’t seen the trailer? But… How? Okay, no matter. Have a watch of the trailer here and the specific scene I’m talking about happens at 1:30.

So why does Captain Marvel punch an old lady in the face?

Captain Marvel punching an old lady
Carol doesn’t believe in letting the elderly have seats on public transport. Source: Marvel Studios

Well my dear reader, if you’d really like to know the answer to that question, just know that knowing will involve some POTENTIAL plot spoilers. So you have been warned.

Now the official synopsis for Captain Marvel is as follows: “Carol Danvers [Brie Larson] becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.”

And to understand why we find Captain Marvel punching an old lady in the face, we have to establish that Captain Marvel is ‘originally’ sided with one of these alien races – the Kree. The other alien race that the Kree are at war with are the Skrulls. And here’s the thing about Skrulls, they’re shape-shifters, and you can see a shot of them just handily before we see Captain Marvel punching Gertrude (I have decided her name is Gertrude).

It is highly likely that the events of Captain Marvel will follow the plot of Marvel’s Secret Invasion storyline. Secret Invasion sees the Marvel superhero community discovering that many of their own have already been replaced with Skrulls who have been impersonating them for who knows how long. And without going too much into it, I believe we will see some exploration of that story where some of Earth’s population has been replaced with these Skrulls.

Is Captain Marvel an abuser of the elderly?

Captain Marvel punching an old lady
Here are the aforementioned Skrulls

No not really. If you haven’t pieced it already, it’s likely that Captain Marvel is chasing down a Skrull through Los Angeles’ public transportation system. Which explains that one scene where she looks so lost in the train station. You know, BECAUSE SHE’S LITERALLY TRYING TO PICK UP A SHAPESHIFTING NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK. And bringing things to a close, it also explains why we find Captain Marvel punching Gertrude in the face.

So there you have it kids. Don’t be scared, Carol Danvers is not the kind of hero who punches geriatrics in their faces willy-nilly. She is MOST LIKELY uncovering the Skrull amidst the masses of innocent Earthian civilians. Otherwise… she may just have a problem.

Anywho, I hope you are just as excited as we are to catch Captain Marvel when it premieres March 7th in Australia.

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