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These multiplayer mobile games will keep the party spirit flowing for everyone.

Quick preface: I’m not the biggest gamer anymore. I’ve retired from gaming for now. It’s been quite a while since I’ve even beaten a game. I think the last one I actually played was on Gamecube, a mini Harry Potter quidditch game or something. My senior citizen gamer community age (35) has given me Alzheimer’s disease. And diarrhoea of the mouth.

I digress. What I do know are mobile games. These addictive little whipper snappers just know how to get me. Maybe it’s because of the relative ease from having my phone on me all day. Or perhaps it’s the fact that by simply clicking on an app, you can entertain a group of friends in an instant. Here are a few of the best multiplayer mobile games that I enjoy while pretending to be young.

A few weeks ago, my nephew introduced to me to one of the most fun party games I have played recently. It’s called Jackbox Party Pack 2 and Mr Nephew organised a party game from Nintendo Switch and everyone else in the room simply logged in from Safari and entered a code to join the game. We’re living in the future folks!

The following three mobile games are apart of the Jackbox pack and can also be purchased for big time systems and as board games as well!

1 – Fibbage

multiplayer mobile games
Hey there Pinocchio. Source: Jackbox games.

We started off with a game that may be familiar to some: Fibbage. It resembles another game called two truths and a lie. But with this game, a question is asked and whoever is playing (there were three of us, so I’ll use that number going forward) has to make up a lie that one could think is the correct answer to said question.

After you’ve done this, the next screen to pop up shows you multiple choice options to select which answer you think is correct. If someone chooses your lie you get points. Find the correct answer you also get points.

Guess who didn’t get the most points? That’s right. Old man river over here. Nonetheless it was a great time seeing what everyone came up with. Sure to have a few laughs with this one.

2 – Bidiot

Fancy yourself an art connoisseur? Or think you’re the next coming of Da Vinci? Well this game is for you. With Bidiot, you have to draw pictures based on topics the game provides.

For example, they suggest you draw a fancy dinner. Everyone draws what they think it looks like and then you have to bid on everyone else’s drawings. It’s similar to Fibbage in that you get cash every time someone buys your art. But there are added twists: You have to bid within value of the art piece to get more cash. If you overpay, you lose cash.

But fear not! You have the option to call the bank for a loan, but watch out for loan sharks! The banter of ‘The Host’ for this one is great and makes for added fun to the absurd drawings you can come up with. Total party maker.

3 – Bomb Corp

multiplayer mobile games
Cool let’s accidentally explode stuff! Source: Jackbox games.

Congrats, and welcome to your new job at Bomb Corp! Where you have to disable an active live bomb with your co-workers! YAY!

This one was the most fun for me. And the most nerve wracking! Each person gets a set of rules on their phones. You have to read them aloud to the designated wire cutter. If you can’t figure out which wire to cut, well, hope you’ve enjoyed your job at Bomb Corp!

Communication is key here, so be sure to pay attention. The countdown clock keeps running in the background, which doesn’t help concentration much, so beware!

4 – Phase 10 (oder Phase Zehn)

I found out about this game on a recent trip to Germany. My girlfriend’s parents introduced it to me right after dinner one night and I couldn’t get enough. It reminds me of the popular UNO card game (both made by Mattel), which I was the master of until old age set in. Now I can’t keep up any more.

The point of the game is to complete Ten Phases by collecting a certain set of different cards for each phase of the game. So phase one would have you collect two sets of three cards with the same number. Another phase can be a run of consecutive numbers and cards with the same colour. There are skip cards and wild cards as with UNO, so you can spice up the game as you see fit. We played it a few times while in Germany because it was always a blast, even when her dad gave us the smackdown every time.

However, when I got back to America, I realised I needed a fix to hold me over until I could get my hands on a physical deck. Enter: the future! I did a quick search in my apps and there it was, Phase 10! I shouldn’t have been surprised because it seems like the future is in mobile games anyway, but I still felt super happy I could share this game with all my friends back home. You can even play on your own with a computer or invite people to download the app and play with them. I highly recommend this one!

5 – Shoutrageous!

mobile games shoutrageous app party fun
Shout! Shout! Let it all out! Source: @tjm9513

This is another one my nephew bestowed upon my elderly mind. Bless the youth for their knowledge of mobile games.

The idea is simple here. Create two teams and select a topic. This could be current events #trendingnow, movies, TV, dating etc. etc. The list goes on. Within that topic they’ll ask you to name things associated with a subject. For instance, how would you train for cosplay.

You then hand the phone off to the opposing team/person and begin to list what you think would be associated with training for cosplay. Your opposition will have a checklist and for each one you name, you get points. This back and forth happens for three rounds until the end when you have to flip the rules around. You’ll slowly get a list of things and have to guess what they all have in common before time runs out.

Shoutrageous is so simple, which makes it an easy go to when fun may be in short supply.

6 – Heads Up!

Probably my favourite of the list. My sister, probably the queen of gaming in my family, gets the credit for this one. Also, Ellen I suppose. But more my sister.

This one is basically the game they played in Inglorious Basterds. You pick a topic, place the phone on your forehead and everyone else has to give you clues as to what the cards on the phone say. And the rules to giving clues may differ. You can outright shout them out, act them out without speaking, or speak in different accents.

Another easy one that’s simply infectious. We’ve played this at brunches and parties but I recall one time I was out with another friend and we decided to get a night cap at a bar. Said bar was relatively empty so we decided to play Heads Up! to pass the time. Within 10 minutes of playing, we attracted the few people who were in attendance and before we knew it we started an intimate party. Fantastic game all around.

Also, for a couple more laughs, the phone automatically records the people giving clues! So when you’re playing the Act It Out version of the game, remember to save the video where everyone is dancing like whacked out monkeys or barking like dogs. Take it from a wise old man, it’ll come in handy when you may need a favour from them some day.

Oh, so you enjoy multiplayer mobile games? Well, what’s the one thing better than having fun with friends? That’s right, having fun without friends! Have a read through our list of the five best Miniclip games.

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