A leaked gaming industry presentation by Data Broker LLC has given gamers plenty of reasons to despair.

After the drama caused by EA, Bungie, Warner Bros, Activision, etc., the world kept a close eye on the gaming industry and just where it was heading in 2017.

The other day I watched a video on YouTube from SidAlpha regarding the future of micro-transactions and where AAA video games are likely to be in the future.

Brace yourselves, the future is definitely not bright.

data broker llc presentation
2017 Saw the year of the loot box, and 2018 will only see the predatory practice as well as its counterparts evolve.

A leaked presentation from Data Broker LLC entitled “Online Game Revenue Models With AI DRAFT” explained how by using AI & Dynamic Pricing Modes, gamers can be further turned into payers in more devious, invasive and predatory ways.

The days of the loot box are numbered, and will be replaced by this new medium. This includes three main ideas:

  1. Utilising AI to increase revenue streams in game by combining out of game or “real life” information and out of game AI generated activities with in game premium activities.
  2. Main revenue creation tactic involved utilising persistent bait-and-switching of in game incentive advertisements with intermittent premium advertisements driven by the same AI.
  3. Most importantly, the AI will be allowed to alter a player’s game as a whole (social engineering) and alter the player’s individual gameplay experience (psychological manipulation tactics), causing a competent and dramatic increase in recurrent revenue streams.
data broker llc presentation
How ads will soon pop up on your screen as you play.
data broker llc presentation
By making inserted adverts seamless and appear as part of the game, players will be more drawn to follow where they lead.

Yes, they actually said “bait-and-switch” and other predatory practice lingo in their presentation. 

What does this mean, you ask? 

Well, as SidAlpha explained, this system can track your movements in and outside of the game. Where you live, are you single or married, do you have pets, your income, habits, and so on. 

This system will aim at turning non-common players of a game into common players of said game, exclusively. Meaning more time spent playing one game and more money going to the hands of the same publisher. 

These new audiences will then go on a “pay journey” if you will, where, on their way to activation, new audiences also show a method of individual price “discovery” all to make sure that these players pay the highest prices. 

The fact that something like this exists is effing scary. One cannot be for sure if this presentation is the real deal or not, but a look through of all the slides and the concept they represent leaves me believing we have a reached a state of technological revolution. We have become a species relying on AI to do our dirty work.

Make your thoughts seen in the comments and lets build a dialogue around this. It’s time tell game publishers and developers that we the players do not stand for or condone ANY of this!

I have included the link to the images taken from the presentation here. And if you’re feeling particularly angry at the gaming industry, have a read of our rant- I mean article on the five worst trends in modern gaming

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