Fallout 4 mods battle at the castle
A General must always be calm in battle. Now if only I could have tea while I give orders...

If you’re a streamer, these Fallout 4 mods will help you bypass YouTube’s growing censorships.

Over the past year or so, YouTube has been coming down hard on their content creators because they’re Corporate America’s little bee eye tee see aitch.

Seriously though, Google’s quest to make YouTube turn a profit has led them to censor and copyright control the content YOU produce for their platform. They do this instead of finding better companies to advertise with.

But we who make content still need to pay the bills. So while YouTube de-monetises itself out of business, here are 10 Fallout 4 mods to help you avoid the censor.

Radio Noise

One of the most common reasons for a video to be censored is the use of content not original to the video. While the creators of music in particular are usually happy just to have people listen to their songs, their corporate overlords are not. The lawyers love getting involved here. So anything more than the BGM in a Fallout game is usually not going to be allowed on Youtube or Twitch.

God only knows why Bethesda couldn’t just get Public Domain music themselves. They had to know people would want to stream their game, and end up with problems like this.
But here are mods that should help you get around that for now.

Some issues here though. The volume control is not great, and some of the electronica songs may get claimed by their creators for monetisation. A video I had originally intended for this article had the electronica playing and got tagged. It didn’t get removed, but it seems even the Indie Electronica scene has some petty lawyers now… So be aware of that at least.

Gamma Radio
Silver Shroud Radio Everywhere
Jazz and Ragtime Radio
Radio Nostalgia (I couldn’t hear it, apparently due to file size it takes a long time to load)
Copyright Free Diamond City

And this final one changes the classical station to Indie Electronica. It should be noted that one of the first videos I made for this article had a track from this playing in the background, and got dinged. Classical Radio to Electronica

Nate’s US Army Reserve Gear

Hey, Nate was a soldier right? Typically soldiers who retire get to choose whether to cut ties completely or join the reserves.

Now I don’t know what it’s like in peacetime, but under the threat of invasion a reserve unit likes to have lots of equipment readily available. Still Nate must have been pretty elite, because there’s a footlocker in his closet with a whole lot of gear in it.

Fallout 4 mods Nate's gear
Nate’s Army Reserve gear

Regardless how realistic this is, it is a great starter pack for anyone looking to do full in-character play-through as a Soldier.

Portable Folding Chair

The ability to just sit down wherever you happen to be IRL is one of the few ways real life is still better than video games. But we all know not all seats are created equal. So while there is a mod that lets you Sit Anywhere, some of the results get really silly. If you want a more dignified portable sitting experience, why not bring along a folding chair?

Now if only someone would make a mod called ‘Butts in Seats’ to fix clipping issues with shorter or taller characters…

James’ Journey

This mod is a story, like a small DLC. And it’s arguably better than most of the paid junk coming out of the Creation Club.

This mod is partially voiced, with only James himself and the PC being completely silent. He’s got a lot of lines, so it makes sense it’d be hard to get somebody to take the role.

Castle Defence

Or to be exact: Castle Defence Trigger aka Castle Live Fire Exercises.

What a mouthful, but it’s fun. It’s a great way to test your defensive layout before the actual storyline invasions. It’s also a fun little thing to do if you’re bored and you want to stream some random violence…

Also if you want the P90 you can find the mod here.

Choice Mods

This short list is in addition to The 75 in my previous article. But some of the mods listed here will overrule some of the last list. And if you’re a streamer already, you should know that some of the mods in the previous article are certainly NOT appropriate if you want to stream. So use your better judgement when choosing your Fallout 4 mods.

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