Join our Talent Team

Digital Fox Talent is a team of influencers and/or cosplayers Digital Fox work collaboratively with to promote movies, games, anime and tech.

There’s two ways our Talent Team work with our other departments. The first is just to produce really cool, fun stuff as part of the team.

The second is working with our brand partners. These campaigns are paid.

We’re putting a lot of effort into ensuring this talent are paid for the hours and time they have spent building their profiles and cosplays.

Digital Fox Talent Influencers

If you believe the same, have followers, or a high quality cosplay (90%+ realistic), then you’re welcome to join our team.

Your rates will vary depending on the brief, and if you want an example of the standard rates email: [email protected]

Cinema influencers

Here are some examples of the activities we run, and that you would be a part of.

• Deadpool

• Infinity War


To apply to join our talent team email [email protected] Please include links to your social channels, and why you would like to join the team. If accepted we will then send you a sign up form and officially welcome you into the team.

You can see more videos that we do below. These are Digital Fox Features and are fun projects we do with our Talent Team.