Editorial Director, Aus


We’re looking for an Editorial Director in Melbourne, Australia.

You’re into words. You like editing and making an existing piece of written content even better. You’ll have the ability to manage a team of writers, reviewing their work, providing feedback and making it the best version it can be.

You’ll publish content, and know the best way to format the piece for the platform it is being published on. This includes publishing video content. You’ll also have a good understanding of SEO, and how this will affect the content being produced.

You’ll be able to look at a brief, and plan out the execution of the brief.

The ideal candidate, rather than looking for a job role, is likely to be looking for something they can really get their teeth into for the long term. You are probably a little tired of taking orders, and want to have a little more freedom in creating your own future.

For a full job description, email [email protected]¬†and provide a link to your LinkedIn and a little introduction.