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The first official look at the upcomingVenom movie is here!

Ever since Sony announced plans for a solo Venom movie, fans everywhere have been very apprehensive about the idea. Could a Spiderman-less Venom movie even work? Plus, I still haven’t forgiven what Sony did to Venom in Spider-Man 3 *shudder*. However, Sony just dropped a teaser trailer for Venom! (albeit without any Venom in it).

Nonetheless, this movie has me very excited because of its slick cast and duh, because it’s a Venom movie! This project has been kept under wraps by Sony and a lot of things we know are just rumours and speculation. However, there are a few things you need to know about Venom.

1. Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock AKA Venom

Tom Hardy, aka Bane himself, would be playing Eddie Brock/Venom. Hardy is notoriously picky about his movies, so the screenplay for Venom must be REALLY good for him to choose to sign on.

Hardy is not only a critically acclaimed actor but he’s also the perfect build for Venom. Just take a look at him in films like Warrior, Bronson and of course as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. As bad as the Topher Grace casting was in Spiderman 3, Hardy’s casting feels perfect! Venom also added Riz Ahmed and Woody Harrelson making up a pretty stellar cast.

2. It’s going to be rated-R!

Rated-R comic book movies seem to be all the rage these days, ever since Fox started it in 2016 with Deadpool. Venom being R-rated kinda makes sense. I mean he is a hulking alien creature with razor sharp teeth that loves to kill. On the other hand he is still a Spiderman villain who is very much a child friendly superhero, so I’m eager to see how Sony realise this vision.

Sony pitched Venom as a horror science-fiction film and the tone of the teaser very much conveys that it won’t be a joke cracking Marvel movie. I loved Logan – it was dark, gritty and told a mature story. I really hope Venom does the same.

3. It will follow the ‘Lethal Protector’ storyline from the comics

Venom movie
Venom is a good guy now! Well sort of… source-

Okay, so my first reaction to Venom being in his own movie was, “Venom is a straight up villain, how are Sony going to make Venom work as a protagonist if he just does bad things?”

Luckily this question was easily answered with a bit of research. In the comics, although Venom is introduced as a villain, he eventually turns into an anti-hero who fights even worse criminals than himself. He even teams up with Spidey at one point!

In the ‘Lethal Protector’ storyline, Venom leaves NYC and promises Spider-Man he will no longer commit any more crimes. Venom then comes face to face with a mysterious company known as the “Life Foundation”, which experiments with alien symbiotes. Later in the series Venom embraces the mantle of anti-hero and fights five new symbiotes created by the life foundation: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Agony. (If you have no idea who those are that’s okay because I don’t either!)

Basically, the Venom that we will get will very much be more of an anti-hero than a straight up villain, and that sounds pretty dope. The actual plot of the film may not be an exact retelling of Lethal Protector, but may borrow some elements from the storyline.

4. Spider-Man may show up

When Sony first announced the solo Venom movie, they said it would take place in a universe separate from the MCU and Spider-Man, which was disappointing to say the least. However a few weeks ago, rumours surfaced online that Tom Holland’s Spidey will indeed be showing up in the movie at some point. However, it might be just a small cameo.

If Spiderman shows up does that mean that Venom does take place within the MCU? If so, could he take on The Avengers at some point in the future? (That’s if Thanos doesn’t wipe them all out first!). We will have to wait and see.

Venom movie
Spidey in Venom? Surely that’s a no brainer. source:

5. Carnage might be the villain!

More rumours surfaced online about the Venom film and this time it was regarding the movie’s villain – and it may be Carnage!

Again we don’t know if the actual plot of the film will follow the Lethal Protector line page for page, but we do know that Brock will go up against the life foundation. This is where Carnage may be introduced instead of the original five symbiotes created by the life foundation.

For those who don’t know, Carnage is the offspring of the venom symbiote and its most famous host is a serial killer named Cletus Kassidy. Carnage is pure evil and one of my favourite Spiderman villains. Carnage provides the perfect foil to Venom and I can’t wait for them to square off on the big screen.

Venom movie
Venom v Carnage Dawn of Injustice? source –

And that’s everything you should know about Venom (so far)!

Sony should drop a full trailer later this year (which will hopefully have some Venom in it). This film is one of my most anticipated films of the year and it’s shaping up to be a very exciting prospect. And it’s coming out in October!

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