Some series start great. Some stay great. Others however fizzle into boredom.

The rise of quality Netflix shows and the mediocrity of general television has created a divide between watching and streaming TV. The spectrum of TV shows has great gaps between production quality and budgets.

With the rise of Stranger Things, The OA, Marvel’s Daredevil to name a few, Netflix has been killing the TV sphere. And I started noticing how I stopped watching some regular TV shows I used to enjoy, purely because they failed to grasp me as much as other shows Netflix was producing.

And so, here is my list of 5 TV shows that got boring, and ceased to captivate my interest. Naturally this is a purely subjective list and my personal thoughts and opinions. Spoilers are to follow.

1 – Arrow

Arrow started off great, a Dark Knight-esque, Nolan type TV show. It was dark and gritty, but then, for some reason, the writers of the show decided to turn Arrow into a soap opera, with love triangles and romance at every corner. And on top of all that, Arrow decides to not kill anymore! All the positives of the show, that separated Green Arrow from Batman were replaced by a sob story hero who doesn’t kill and is in love with his eyes & ears team member.

Said team member Felicity Smoak plays one of the most annoying roles ever. My cherry on top was during Oliver’s child story ark.

The biological mother makes Oliver promise not to tell anyone about his child if he wants to continue seeing him. Smoak finds out and flips her shit, feeling betrayed. Oliver is a bad person. And on top of that when Felicity manages to get her legs working after a run in with a villain or accident in the office (honestly I cannot even remember and couldn’t care), she leaves Oliver and literally “walks away” from their relationship.

Well played writing team, right on the nose.

2 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

After a rocky season 1, AoS picked up steam very quickly. And the fact that it followed the movies was a nice nod to the MCU and Marvel’s ability to make good TV.

However, not long after the first half of season 4, I lost interest. It became mundane. My investment in the show dropped below the realms of watchability.

Episode 13 of season 3 almost had me in tears during the spy’s goodbye sequence at the end. Even recapping it now breaks me a tad bit. Mac (Henry Simmons) kills this scene of him holding the shot glass sharing one last goodbye and a smile with old friends.

With the inclusion of The Inhumans story arcs things were getting interesting but then, after ghost rider bid adieu, I lost interest somehow.

This isn’t to say I won’t return back to the show, just not right now.

 Marvel’s Defenders 

Okay, a little clarification here. First, this shows that Netflix is not above the list. Secondly, I haven’t actually started watching The Defenders (sue me).

After struggling to enjoy Iron Fist, moving onto Defenders has been a task I am not rushing in to. Granted Daredevil is one of my favourite shows on Netflix and TV in general. Luke Cage scores high in my books as well, The Defenders had an even split down the middle. Two very good shows, two disappointing ones.

The whiny baby man playing the lead of Iron Fist became so irksome to watch, it failed to enchant me as it set out to. Expecting to see what an immortal warrior looks like only to be met with a cry baby instead complaining almost every episode about what is going on in his life and around him I barely made it past halfway through the season.

Jessica Jones had something also. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. Maybe the characters were unknown to me. It definitely rates higher than Iron Fist.

Bottom line is, I was sick of the series before it even began.

4 – The Walking Dead

I am just going to say it, The Walking Dead feels like Days of Our Lives – with Zombies. It was a show I used to love, praise and adore.

But when you see the same people in the same scenarios week in week out you tend to get over it quite quickly. Yes sure it is about the people and relationships built and lost throughout their journeys. But how many times can we deal with the rinse and repeat process of: walk here, walk there… ohh a place to camp… oh no, bandits… captured by bandits… Rick escape and the group kill bandits… claim bandit territory… overrun by zombies.

The show got old and monotonous for me and personally lost my interest.

5 – Gotham

Gotham had a lot of promise for me. An origin story of memorable characters, non-canon.

Sure, the acting was weak in some instances and questionable decisions were made (Barbara Kean as the Joker, really???). But the show had something promising about it, some charm or character. The Riddler especially stood out as one of my favourite characters.

After season 3 and the return of The Joker I was met with some disappointment. The Joker’s reveal in episode 16 of season 1 blew me away, with Cameron Monaghan’s portrayal of my favourite villain. To top things off Fox went with with DC’s New 52 arc of comics and introduce the Court of Owls, and it was pulled off brilliantly.

So, eager to see The Joker return to the show under the theme of the New 52 I was pretty excited. But what I got was a little less than I expected. Obviously they cannot go into the gore that the comics went into with The Joker’s new face, but the effort could have been a bit more than makeup and some staples.

I saw through the charade and was put off.

And there you have it, my list of 5 shows that got boring and made me lose interest in them.

A bonus series on this list for good measure is American Horror StoryNot because I lost interest, but because season 6 disturbed me so much I have been too afraid to see what season 7 holds for me. Hold my hand someone, please?