Black Panther character

Black Panther has hit screens around the world. This is what makes the Black Panther so great.

“Explorers have searched for it for centuries, [they] called it El Dorado, city of gold. They were looking for it in South America, but it was in Africa the whole time.”

Quoted by Ulysses Klaue, said to be the only man to escape the Wakanda jungle. Played by the amazing Andy Serkis, to Everett K. Ross played by the equally amazing Martin Freeman. This was the first scene from the first trailer for the solo Black Panther movie, released February 15 this year.

Here are 7 cool bits of background information on the Black Panther character.

1. Hero Status

First appearing in issue 52 of the adventures of the Fantastic Four of Marvel comics in July of 1966, Black Panther would make a regular cameo across a number of comics alongside numerous Marvel characters. It would not be until 1977 that he would establish himself by having his own line of comics.

2 – Namesake

With the popular belief that Marvel’s Black Panther grew to fame out of the African-American civil rights movement, Stan Lee later came out and said that the same names were just a coincidence, as the movement groups would later be established in October 1966.

Origins of the Black Panther came from the ancient Egyptian god, Bast, Goddess of warfare. Showing itself in the form of a white panther, Bast would appear in the visions of all warriors who took up the Black Panther responsibilities.

3 – Gaining his abilities

I thought I would include a little bit about the process of becoming Black Panther. Once a member of the royal blood has agreed to challenge the previous Black Panther, both go to war against each and several other warriors. Once a victor is left standing they are handed the ‘heart-shaped herb’ entwining them with super human powers and abilities, a major part of which is the uptake of memories from victors from past. This has assisted Black Panther in compiling numerous notes against particular Marvel heroes in the event that they might be needed.

4 – The Costume

The costume is nothing to overlook either! Made from Vibranium mesh, the suit of the Black Panther is a tactile armour, soaking up any sort of energy taken on by the suit.

Tweaked over time, the Black Panther suit now holds several energy daggers and short burst time transporter, allowing him to time jump in short locations.

5 – Who is the Black Panther without his costume?

T’Challa, son of T’chaka, is the rightful King of Wakanda. Having trained all his life to take on the mantel of Black Panther, King T’challa is a skilled combatant and an impressive strategist with genius intellect.

As King he holds many advantages, such as official pardons from most laws (I mean who wants to make enemies with the leader of the most technologically advanced society around?!).

6 – His impact on the Marvel universe

Since his first introduction in 1966, Black Panther has been a part of some of the most influential moments. These include the defeat of Marvels finests, such as Hulk, Wolverine, Deadpool and Captain America, and a Skrull embodying several heroes including himself. He has been a member of the Avengers and Illuminati, as well as helping many out of a jam!

7 – Family affair

Wakandas royals

As Wakanda royal, T’Challa was always destined to become the warrior Black Panther…right? Not necessarily.

Going back to T’Chaka, father of T’Challa, we are met with the many bloodlines of royalty, such as his brother, S’Yan, who took up the Black Panther mantel for some time. His son, T’Shan would feel a sense of ownership over the throne and assume the mantel for himself. Second wife of T’Chaka, Ramonda, who together had a daughter Shuri would also train alongside T’Challa to one day take on this responsibility.

So, now that you are armed with that information, go forth an enjoy one of the most anticipated Marvel cinematic universe movies, Black Panther!

Perhaps 2 small tips before you watch Black Panther:

1: Stay AFTER the end credits (you’ll thank me later).

2: Start getting excited for Infinity Wars.

What do you love about the Black Panther character and the film in general?

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