A Bad Moms Christmas Source: STX/ Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

One of the most anticipated Chick Flicks this year is out just in time for Christmas: Bad Moms 2!

A few months ago while I was at the movies, I saw the trailer for Bad Moms 2. I said I have to see that”, without any hesitation because I enjoyed the first movie. Safe to say, I stuck to my word.

I was lucky enough to attend a preview screening of A Bad Moms Christmas. And in my opinion, if you enjoyed the first movie, you should definitely put the sequel on your Christmas list to watch. The sequel has some hilarious moments, classic one-liners, a touch of reality, and is just as rude, crude and naughty as the first.

Recap of Bad Moms

If you forgot, or you haven’t seen the first Bad Moms movie, I will give you a quick synopsis. Three taken for granted mums – Amy, Kiki and Carla – who meet at their children’s school, decide enough is enough with being ‘that perfect’ mum. As a result, the three mums, after an unsuccessful PTA meeting at the school, band together to have some long overdue ‘mum time’.

Amy, played by Mila Kunis, works full-time and is drained from running around after her two children, her dog, and her soon to be divorced, lazy husband.

Kiki, played by Kristen Bell, is a stay at home mum with four children. Kiki’s husband can’t handle the craziness of raising the children and doesn’t help out.

Carla, played by Kathryn Hahn, is a single irresponsible mother to a teenage boy and works at a local spa.

The three mums end up having some chaotic fun by ditching their responsibilities. It also leads them into trouble with the very in-control perfect mum Gwendolyn, who runs the school’s PTA meetings. To cause more drama, Amy ends up running against Gwendolyn for President of the PTA.

Poster of Bad Moms Source: STX/ Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

A Bad Moms Christmas Plot Summary

With an opening scene of a messy house with smashed decorations, torn curtains, a fallen Christmas tree and the line “I ruined Christmas”, you know something bad has unfolded.

A Bad Moms Christmas follows all the stress and responsibilities Amy, Kiki and Carla have preparing that perfect magical Christmas for their family – just like how we all feel leading up to when Santa visits.

To top off the season, their own mums are coming for the holiday. Amy’s mom Ruth, played by Christine Baranski, is an overbearing, judgemental and controlling mother. Kiki’s mom Sandy, played by Cheryl Hines, is clingy and needy, but is very loving. Carla’s mum Isis, played by Susan Sarandon, is an outgoing, vibrant, and forgetful mother who only seems to visit when she needs money.

Each mother and daughter have their issues. With Christmas being an already manic time, now there are some extra problems to face. The three mums team up again to face their own mothers to enjoy the festive spirit their way. Only time will tell how Christmas Day will turn out. Let the countdown begin.

A Bad Moms Christmas Poster Source: STX/ Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

The Verdict

I went in watching this movie with no expectations, and I think that is why I enjoyed it more. I didn’t want to expect great things even if the trailer was hilarious, because with most sequels they either break or make the first film.

A Bad Moms Christmas has its moments, from downright funny – I am still laughing at the dodgeball scene and the visit to the mall – to the heartfelt moments about why a family is important. The film overall is entertaining and a good laugh leading up to Christmas.

The casting is also spot on. The chemistry between the mother and daughter pairing is perfect. You can also tell they had a lot of fun making the movie. My favourite combo is ‘Carla’ aka Kathryn Hahn with ‘Isis’ aka Susan Sarandon. They really balance each other out with comedy, being imperfect but outgoing, and some awesome fashion.

The bar scene with mother and daughter is both awkward and comical. Not giving too much away, Carla is meant to be on a first date with the hot guy she meant at the spa, but her mum is there too.

The writers – who also wrote The Hangover trilogy – do well creating relatable characters who express real emotions. I think as the six leading actresses are all mothers themselves, they are able to use their personal experiences and bring it alive on the screen. I am personally not a mother so I can not relate to everything, but I know I can relate to being a daughter.

Discussion Time
Source: STX/ Hilary Bronwyn Gayle

Throughout A Bad Moms Christmas, we get an understanding of why Amy, Kiki and Carla are the way they are – and it’s because of their own mothers. This adds an extra layer of depth – and indeed a larger cast – to the sequel.

In fact, the sequel seems to focus more on the other mums, Isis, Sandy and Ruth, making way for what looks like a third instalment (cheers Hollywood).

Like most movies, there is a hero and a villain. The first movie clearly marked out Gwelydon played by Christina Applegate as the villain. In the sequel, it seems to be the other mums for their mum ways. Will they be redeemed in the third film?

I do feel as though the movie was missing something. For example, Gwelydon this time only had a cameo. You would think they would have had some competition going on at the school, like a musical – or even just around the neighbourhood.

Also, while yes, Amy’s divorce has gone through, you’d still expect to see her ex-husband in the sequel. I would think the children would have had time with their real dad. I personally missed the characters we grew to know in the original.

Still, this far from ruins my experience with the film.

It’s also worth noting the hidden messages beneath all the laughs, most notably the importance of family and the relationship you have with your mum. Despite disagreements, at the end of the day, you can count on your mummy (shoutout Mum).

Another hidden message is that we have been brought up in society that demands you to be an ideal ‘perfect’ person. A Bad Moms Christmas teaches us that we don’t always have to be perfect, and we are allowed to mess up.

And here are five fun lessons you can take from Bad Moms 2 to survive this Christmas. (Clearly this is the educational film of the year).

  1. Set your boundaries. We all know that having family over is difficult, especially for the holiday season. One thing you must do is set boundaries for your guests of honour. The number one objective is to make sure you lock your bedroom door. This is to prevent any unexpected family member coming in. The number two objective is to ensure your family doesn’t have a spare key. Another important thing is letting your guests know they are special guests. When it comes to decorations and food, politely demonstrate that you are in charge.
  2. Have fun. The holiday season is all about having fun. The best idea for fun is to have a night off from your preparations. Get your best girlfriends together to see some sexy Santas – all in the spirit of Christmas of course. Just make sure your mother doesn’t come by. Another fun holiday activity you can have with your friends is having a timeout from responsibilities to catch up and make some treats like gingerbread houses.
  3. Break Tradition. Always doing the same thing over and over can get boring. So why not do something different? Why not instead of attending the regular musical you see every year, go and do something you wouldn’t normally do, like playing dodgeball at the trampoline centre? Another way to break tradition is to do what others are not expecting, like get some takeout for Christmas instead. Why not also break a few rules and spend time with that crazy family instead of leaving early?
  4. Prepare for anything. Nothing in life really goes according to plan – especially Christmas. Just like when you get the unexpected guest. In the days leading up to Christmas, have a tree up, decorations and some treats out so anyone visiting knows you are in the holiday spirit. You should know guests come and go as they please but also some might want to stay longer than expected. So prepare you and your family as best you can for any type of news.
  5. Get jolly. We all know Christmas is a very stressful time for absolutely everyone. To make all that shopping, preparing food, decorating and attending Christmas events a bit more bearable, get jolly! Get your girlfriends together for a few drinks – drinking responsibly, of course – and help ease the stressful time of the year together. No better time to reward yourself for making Christmas perfect.

So speaking of girlfriends, grab them together for a ladies night, or even take your mom – well mum for us Aussies – to watch this hilarious sequel!

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