Black Panther
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What is the Soul Stone? And what are the implications of it being in Black Panther?

So the Black Panther film was released recently and boy did it take the world by storm. The film broke records upon release, making more in a single weekend than what most blockbusters take weeks to do. *cough* Justice League *cough*

Black Panther
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Joking aside, the aspect of Black Panther that really stood out to me was the post-credit scenes and its connection to the upcoming Infinity War. Specifically, the strength-giving, vision-inducing ‘Heart-Shaped Herb’ used to ‘heal’ Bucky the Winter soldier.

These flowers were a major plot point, and the movie explained how they came to be. But they never explain how it performs these things. How exactly does it give you super-human strength or teleports you to an idyllic pocket universe analogous to heaven itself.

As we know, Bucky was a victim of Hydra brainwashing and was injured during Civil War. Yet at the end of Black Panther, spoilers, he is well and seems to be brainwash-free. So how have the healers of Wakanda fixed what seemed to be beyond repair? Do they have technology to do this? Or is it something a bit more supernatural?

Oh wait… does the Soul Stone not do that? That’s right, it does. And for those who don’t know, let’s summarise. They explain that an alien meteor landed in Africa centuries ago and with it embedded the Earth with Vibranium.  Which then grows the ‘Heart-Shaped herbs’, centuries of Vibranium distilled soil growing herbs that when consumed, provides supernatural and superhuman qualities.

Black Panther-Soul Stone
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Now that says two things. Firstly, Vibranium is actually alien instead of natural to Wakanda. Secondly, this shows that Vibranium is definitely elsewhere in the universe. So who’s to say that the bad-ass looking Infinity Gauntlet isn’t made out of it too? It is of course a supernatural alien metal.

So we ask ourselves and the internet obviously, why would a meteor do this? What if something was embedded within the meteor? It is a possibility. Something powerful that we know exists in the MCU. The Soul Infinity Stone.

Powers of the Soul Stone

The stone crash landed on Earth Centuries ago, affecting the flora and creating Vibranium as we know it. What if it is a creation of the Soul Stone or a mutation of it?

I think the reason behind why the ‘Heart-Shaped Herb’ does what it does is because the Soul Stone has created the effects. That makes more sense than just the Vibranium radiating the land and making things strong.

Heart Shaped Herbs
Heart Shaped Herbs Source: Quora

We see that in the MCU, characters that make use of Vibratium seem to have superhuman strength. But a strong metal making you strong just doesn’t make sense. So if we think on the perspective of “The Soul Stone created the Vibranium” thus its power radiates into its user, making them stronger. We see this in Ultron body, Captain America’s shield when hit with Thor’s hammer, and most recently, Black Panther and Bucky.

Before this film, we only knew Vibranium as the strongest metal on Earth solely located in Wakanda. Now we know that it came from space and that it can produce supernatural and superhuman qualities. Other than defying the laws of physics of course. All I am doing here is trying to connect the dots here people.

The Avengers: Infinity War

Whether or not this is the way that it will pan out, I do not know for sure. But think about this for a moment: Thanos is coming to Earth with full force. It is implied that there are three Infinity Stones on Earth at once: Soul, Time and Mind.

Infinity Stones Source: YouTube

So you’d think that someone would tell the Avengers that having three stones in one location would be unwise. Wait, they did say that, but I bet you forgot who said it in the first place.

So yes, it is unwise to have them so close together, especially with a force like Thanos coming for them.

But isn’t that kind of the point after all? That Earth is a target because it clearly houses more than one stone. I can speak for all when I say we’re SUPER excited for Avengers: Infinity War to see how it all unfolds.

Thanos Infinity Stones
Thanos Infinity Stones Source: howstuffworks

Buuuut let me know what you think about this theory on “The Soul Stone being in Black Panther” on Twitter @raees_kariem.

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