Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty in "Charmed" (1998). Photo by WB Television Network

The Charmed cast line-up has been revealed. And fans aren’t too happy.

I guess the ‘stop the reboot’ spells are not kicking in. Information has hit the internet on the new Charmed series by the CW network. We all know the Charmed sisters are Prue Piper and Phoebe. When Prue died in Season 3, Paige entered the magical world of the Charmed-ones as a lost half-sister. Now, meet the new imaged Charmed-ones for a new generation.

The names are not carved in stone and are subject to change. Per TV Line, the working, unofficial, names of the new Charmed ones are Macy, Mel, and Madison (M3 does not hold the same tune as P3). Working name for the Whitelighter is Harry.

The Sisters Three

Macy, late 20s holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics (Science and Magic, this is interesting). Her documentary filmmaker boyfriend, Galvin and she are moving to Hilltowne, Michigan. Taking a page from Paige’s book in Episode 1 of Season 4. Macy believes she is the sister of Mel and Madison Pruitt (Pruitt? Is this the writers’ way of paying homage to Prue?). Rumour is her power is telekinesis.

Mel Pruitt is a strong-willed and controlling woman. Her emotions run deep. She is easily angered, to the point of violence. Mel pushes people away. The character is in her mid-20s and is a lesbian. Her girlfriend works as a Detective. Mel’s power is Molecular Immobilisation (freezing time).

Madison Pruitt is the youngest in the family. She is athletic, a cheerleader, popular and entering college. Not a good time to inherit powers and to find out you are a special kind of witch. She is not thrilled about it, either. Her power is clairaudience (hearing people’s thoughts). Her ex-boyfriend, Brian, will be in the picture.

The good things I am hearing about, and approve of:

The older sister having a Ph.D. in Science. Science has explained many “magical” things, but how will it explain the sisters’ powers, Whitelighters, and demons, among other supernatural forces?

It is great that one of the sisters will be gay. I am all for that. Making her unstable is a concern. If they follow through with her violence, I can see her placed under psychiatric care. Plus, the high possibility of her using her powers for evil.

I love the idea of them seeking “all ethnicities” for the roles.

How do you feel about the new concept of Charmed?

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