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The End of Game of Thrones Season 7 has arrived

The tension soars as reality sets in with the finale movie length episode of the season. This episode is epic. It takes us on an emotional roller-coaster with plenty of cheering, crying, and utter disbelief. If you have not seen this episode and are trying to save it up for the long wait of Winter, my advice would be to please not continue, as the biggest spoiler in history will be unleashed.

The Dragonpit

The opening sequence showed the Unsullied Army camping out front of King’s Landing ready for a battle, the Dothraki warriors also standing by for when anything goes wrong. The scene turns to Jamie and Bronn looking out to the large army from the top of the castle, whilst having a classic conversation of manhood and wondering if anything will go badly. The Daenery’s supporters start their long walk to the pit. Mini reunions between characters happen with suspicion. Bronn, back to greet the supporters, talks to his old companion Tyrion about finances. The Hound and Brienne settle their differences in a friendly manner, talking about Arya. Brienne informs The Hound that Arya is alive and doesn’t need protecting as “the only one needing protection is the one in her way”. With this, The Hound is pleased. Next season there hopefully will be a better reunion between these two. We brace for the biggest moment in Game of Thrones history as we are escorted to the pit. This meeting is full of awkwardness (just like at a family reunion), and tension simmers. The characters stare across at each other ready to play a game of Wink Murder. This is a moment we have all been waiting for: all the characters are meeting face to face for the first time to discuss what the threat really is to Westeros. Euron, with his big ego, is the first to give a threat that leaves Tyrion stating the obvious. This this is “a group of people that do not like each other”. Cersei, unimpressed by all this inconvenience, demands to know where Daenerys is. Daenerys is late of course, and takes entering an important meeting to new heights. Her mode of transport? Her beloved Dragon Drogon. Daenerys gives her apologies for keeping Cersei waiting.

Where is she?
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Jon informs Cersei and her crew that it is “Not about living in harmony, it’s about living”. Tyrion then tells his sister “We have something to show you”. With that news and after confronting his brother- The Hound gets the crate the wight is in. The Hound, showing his strength, places the crate he carried in the middle of the ring. At this point, you are wondering if the wight is actually in the box or did a runner as it’s so quiet. The Hound slowly opens the crate and nothing comes out. As he gradually unlatches the side of the crate you start to bite your nails, and without a moment to breath your worst nightmare is released. The wight runs towards Cersei who looks terrified of what is coming towards her. The tales she would have known as a child just proved to her that these creatures along with dragons are real. Jon comes to the rescue and shows her how to kill one with Dragonglass and fire. Upon seeing the true enemy Cersei agrees to a truce but on one condition. Cersei’s condition is that Jon stays neutral once the army of the dead has been destroyed. Jon who proves he needs to learn to tell a little white lie, says he has bowed the knee to Daenerys and cannot agree to Cersei’s offer. With this news, Cersei is not pleased and is now not willing to help. Nice one Jon. Tyrion realises he needs to do something offers to risk his life to talk to his sister.

Family Reunion

Tyrion makes his way to his sisters meeting room. Stopped not only by the Mountain but by his brother Jamie. Jamie and Tyrion have a friendly bro catch up and admit they are both ‘idiots’. Tyrion enters the danger room. The anger and resentment is felt by Cersei as her brother comes closer to her. She blames him for the ‘destruction of this family’ and she also is disgusted that his chosen ‘a foreigner’ to side with. Tyrion apologises to Cersei for all the pain he has caused. He points out to her that he is a threat and maybe she should do something about it. Tyrion encourages Cersei to take her chance and kill him now. With the uneasiness in the room, and with the Mountain ready, Ceresi doesn’t react. Thankfully. Tyrion walks to get a drink. He sure did need one after that as well. He sits down to talk to her again about the real threat at the moment. Eventually in the conversation, Tyrion realises Cersei is pregnant. Meanwhile, Daenerys confronts Jon and tells him he shouldn’t have done what he did despite how nice it was. No matter the loyalty, the whole purpose is to actually stop the bigger threat facing Westeros especially at the cost of losing one of her dragons.

Can’t deny the chemistry
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The chemistry between Jon and Dany is heating up and there was another mention about how she can’t have children. I wonder if there will be announcement next season. With Tyrion actually coming through and winning over his sister, Cersei agrees that she will help the big fight that is coming.


Sansa receives news that Jon has bend the knee to Daenerys. The most annoying thing about this is she is discussing this with creepy Littlefinger. Littlefinger mentions that maybe in this situation Jon sees a marriage alliance. He also mentions that “When trying to work their motives I play a little game”. Littlefinger twists his words in the hope that Sansa believes him that Arya is really after the title of Lady of Winterfell, and that something needs to be done before Arya kills her. With this concern, Sansa is taking in what Littlefinger is saying to our frustration. Just kill him already.

The Decision

In Dragonstone after a successful meeting, a decision was made on how to approach The North. Jon suggests that it would be a great idea that instead of Dany flying, she should go with him on the love boat. With the chemistry heightened between Jon and Dany, she decides to jump on board. Poor Jorah still in the friend-zone after suggesting she should fly. Afterward, Theon approaches Jon for a heart to heart. Theon respects that Jon “risked everything to tell the truth” when he could have just lied. Both, Theon and Jon talk about fond memories from their past. Clearly, Jon has forgiven Theon (as much as he can do) for his past mistakes and sees him as a Stark and a Greyjoy. Theon explains to Jon that Yara was the only one that tried to save him while captive as Ramsey’s prisoner.

Time to save Yara
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After the confrontation with his Uncle, he has made a decision to save his sister, so he farewells Jon. In the next sequence we see Theon taking on the supposed Captain that doesn’t want to rescue the Queen of the Iron Islands. Theon sick of being weak, fights to the death and actually wins the battle to take back his authority. Theon is now on a mission to rescue his sister ‘to set her free’. This moment is significant as Theon is finally letting go of ‘Reek’.

King’s Landing

In King’s Landing, Jamie is carefully planning the upcoming attack on the great map of Westeros, but his sister interrupts. Cersei using her power, questions what Jamie is doing. Jamie being noble is planning an attack with his army. Cersei as always is not true to her word and has other ideas. The money Cersei stole from Highgarden, is to buy another army where Euron is heading to. Jamie points out that that this fight is “not about the Noble houses but about the living and the dead”. Hats off to Jamie for standing up for what is right. Maybe the talk he had back at the meeting in the pit with Brienne really knocked sense into him.

Please do not hurt him
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Cersei accuses her brother of treason and threatens that she will kill him. A dramatic moment and because we’ve been trained to believe Cersei is capable of anything, we think for a moment that she might actually do it. But, she doesn’t kill Jamie and instead Jamie actually does the walking/riding away.

The Sentencing

As Sansa looks out at her home, she asks a bodyguard to bring Arya to the council room where the Lords are waiting. After a close call with Jamie our hearts are racing that something will happen, because of the interference of creepy Littlefinger.

Don’t tell me she is not in Season 8?
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Sansa addresses Arya explaining that she doesn’t want to do this but it is honour for the family. Toughly, Arya says ‘to get on with it’. Sansa continues with “You stand accused of murder. You stand accused of treason. How do you answer these charges…. Lord Baelish”. Finally, a satisfying moment where Sansa and Ayra have beaten Littlefinger at his own game. Brienne would be proud. Littlefinger begs and pleads his way out of the accusations by saying he did what he did out of protection. Both sisters and the Lords have had enough of him ‘turning family against family, sister against sister’. Arya, in a similar way to the first episode of the season uses her assassin skills and slices Littlefinger’s throat with the dagger he gave to Bran.

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Afterwards, the sisters are seen looking out beyond their home and talk about what happened. They both agree that family is everything. The sisters are finally communicating to each other, and Arya clarifies that she isn’t bothered by Sansa being Lady of Winterfell, because she become someone else. Later on, Sam and Gilly arrive into Winterfell. Sam goes straight to Bran to find out if he knows where Jon is to help him. During the conversation Bran tells Sam that Jon needs to know who he is. Funnily enough Sam actually had listened to Gilly speaking out loud whilst reading the Maesters books. Sam tells Bran that he read about Rhaegar and Lyanna being married. Bran uses his three eyed raven skills, and goes back in time to find out the truth about Jon Snow. It shows that Jon was never a bastard, but he is a true born Targaryen with the name Aegon. This piece of news changes everything with who is meant to be on the Iron Throne, and also the relationship between Dany and Jon. I wonder how they will take the news about out Jon’s true identity.

Meet Jon’s Parents
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Romance is sailing high

Jon’s true identity of Aegon Targaryen is narrated by Bran just as a special moment is about to happen, which has left fans divided. Jon knocks on Dany’s door. You can figure out what happened. Tyrion watched Jon enter Dany’s chambers (worst phrasing ever) and an uneasy look is left on his face.

The Wall

The most dramatic scene of the season is when the Night King brings down the wall whilst on top of Viserion. A wall that has stood for thousands of years to keep the army of the dead out gone in an instant. Viserion released an illuminating blue fire to bring The Wall down without hesitation.

So pretty but yet so dangerous
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Beric and Tormund were at the very top when the army approached, and we are left with a burning (sorry) question as to whether they survived or not. Another death in this episode did occur, and we say R.I.P to The Wall. You have kept Westeros safe since Season One up until now.

My Predictions for Season Eight

  • Jon will arrive in the nick of time to Winterfell as the army of the dead approaches.
  • Tormund will survive so he can be reunited with his love – Brienne.
  • Jon will destroy the dragon – Viserious.
  • Jon will eventually find out who his true identity is, and will have a hard time believing it, especially as he has fallen madly in love with his Aunty Daenerys.
  • Daenerys will become pregnant.
  • There will be a reunion between The Hound and Arya, and also between Arya and Gendry.
  • Theon will rescue Yara but will have some battles on the way.
  • Cersei will do everything in her power to make sure the army doesn’t reach King’s Landing.
  • A significant character will become part of the Army of the Dead. Possibly a Stark.
  • Jamie will bend the knee to the Targaryens.
  • Tyrion will be in hiding again.
  • Everyone will live Happily Ever After. Yeah right.

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