Christmas movie songs

Get your jingle bells rung by these top Christmas Movie Songs.

So this past thanksgiving I discovered something about my sister that rattled me right down to my stockings: she hates Christmas songs. Now don’t get me wrong, I can see why people would hate Christmas songs after years of having it beaten into your head like 80s music shattering kids eardrums in DARK. 
But see, she’s not just my sister, she’s my twin sister. That’s right. We’re like He-Man and She-Ra. So you can see why I’m a bit in shock to see our Wonder Twin powers hadn’t alerted me to her blasphemy. She also LOVES Christmas movies! How does that work? I have no clue but I have an idea of how to fix this grinchitude: Listing the top 5 Christmas movie songs that’ll have you gettin’ down with Santa in no time!

1 – Rockin around the Christmas tree (Home Alone)

This one is a no brainer. Kevin McCallister picked the perfect tune that made stiffs turn his soulless house into a classy dance party that drove the wet bandits away. If it were 2017, The Michael Jordan cutout and spinning mannequin on the record player would’ve been spreading envy all over Instagram about Kevin’s party.
It's Lit.
We DEF rocked that Christmas tree! 😉 #aboutlastnight Source:

I mean look at her excitement! Tell me that’s not someone who’s ready to put on her dancing shoes. Once this song kicks in my sister should be partying with all of the elves and Santa up in the North Pole. And if not, she’ll have no choice but to sing along with this  next one…

2 – Whovians Jam WITHOUT Christmas

This one I’ll admit has more to do with the story than the song. All those whos (whoms? Whose?) waking up Christmas morning and still going on with their traditions just turns on the water works.

Excuse me, seems like someone just started cutting onions in here. Almost as bad as when they started doing it at my showing of COCO a few weeks back. If this song could melt away the icicles on this green curmudgeon, it’ll surely work on my sister right? She’d fit right into Whoville! But it may be lacking all that toe tapping and finger snapping. I know what see needs! A bit of New York City it seems! Look no further than the next song on this list! (Apologies for that Dr. Seuss fans.)

3 – Christmas in Hollis (Die Hard)

Once you heard this song in Die Hard, you knew there would be fireworks on Christmas. Being from the Lower East Side of NYC, this one hits home because of our hip hop scene. Plus the story they put together is straight heat! Rhyming about a good Samaritan rapper helping Santa get his wallet back, that delicious soul food menu list and I promise you’ll be doing the running man by the fire place before you know it. And honestly, what’s a Christmas party without a classic jam by Run D.M.C.?

When this comes on my sister will be chillin’ and coolin’ just like a snowman indeed!

 4 – Christmas is all around – Billy Mack (Love Actually)

For YEARS I’ve hummed the opening lines of this song to myself, “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my… toes.”  Just before I knew something was gonna be awesome that tune would always play in my head. I’ve done it for so long that I forgot it originated from this classic love story.

As great as Love Actually is, this song may surpass it because it will always put a smile on my face. But like he says in the song, maybe sis has to let it show? She may just need a little rock!

 5 – Carol of the bells/setting the trap (Home Alone)

I just couldn’t help but put Home Alone back up here. Carol of the bells just makes me flail my arms in the air like I’m Taylor Hawkins or Dave Grohl Smackin the skins at a Foo Fighters concert. Mix that in with the montage of Kevin securing his house and you’ve got a recipe of ultimate Christmas adrenaline. For some reason I just pictured Donner and Blitzen on drums and bass backing up Rudolph’s lead guitar on this. I think I’ve had too much egg nog.

Egg Nog Christmas Movie Songs Drinking
Don’t drink and blog folks. Photo: @americanized.isa

For an extra rush here’s Metallica’s version:

If that doesn’t work I’ve got some extra cinnamon and spice that should get that Xmas cheer going.

 Honorable Mention – John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War is Over)

I couldn’t leave this one out. I feel like I’ve heard this song in a movie recently but couldn’t peg it, so I didn’t put it on the main list but the message is indelible and worth sharing over and over. If ever there was a time for this song, it is here and now.

Honorable Mention – The Hess Truck commercial jingles

“The Hess Truck’s back and it’s better than ever!! For Christmas this year, the Hess truck’s here!” When this ad hit TV, I jumped for joy. Every. Single. Time. It was the universal signal that toy season was ON. In fact, I don’t think I ever had a Hess truck or car (or train or helicopter. I‘m not bitter about it or anything.).

It was just the song and seeing all those kids being ecstatic in the commercial that just made me pumped!  And yes, I know it’s just a heretics version of My Boyfriend’s Back. Every year when it plays it kind of does feel like a significant other has reentered my life, so it fits.

So there you have it!

If you’re still feeling Grinchy after hearing these songs, I don’t know what I can do for you. Maybe you can check out this great piece by Tracie Hicks on the 12 Best Christmas Horror Movies if that is more your speed around this time of year (I highly recommend Krampus!).

I know I definitely left a bunch off the list so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Who knows? If I get enough good ones I may do a Christmas movie songs part two next time and a Spotify list for easy access. Until then, Happy Xmas! If you want it.

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