insidious 4

If you haven’t heard, Insidious: The Last Key sucks. But, in a fashion similar to Tommy Wiseu’s iconically terrible The Room, the fourth instalment in the horror franchise is so bad it’s almost amazing.

I knew this film had a 3/10 rating going into the cinema. Suffice to say I was prepared for the worst.

The weird thing was, I actually kind of liked it. Not because it was good. It was probably the worst movie I have sat through in my adult life. I was however strangely attracted to how badly the script was written. I have the distinct feeling that several people each wrote a part of this story, without ever checking what their cowriters had written first. The resulting script was rushed into production without an editor’s review, and the final product was as you should expect.

Each scene seems to jump from one style to another and there is a complete lack of continuity in both the mood and the storyline in general. There was a somewhat experimental feel about the use of digital handy-cam style footage and paranormal audio capturing microphones. These techniques would be introduced abruptly and without thoughtful transition before being suddenly dropped, once the single jump-scare that they were introduced to achieve was executed.

(Side note: If you notice the scene in the trailer with the very pale scary thing, that actually didn’t make it to the movie. Insidious 5!?!??)

Australian Actor / Comedian Angus Sampson brought a much needed injection of genuine comedic timing and delivery to an otherwise flat cast. It was however this mix of comedy and horror (not at all strange bedfellows traditionally) that failed to hit the mark, as the audience was flung between high-tension horror and unashamed, low-brow comedic moments that never quite meshed.

Despite all of this, I never felt at risk of walking out of the cinema. The overarching storyline (or what one would assume was an attempt at a storyline) would pivot and change with such reckless abandon, it was necessary to hand around just to see where the fuck they were going to take this train-wreak next.

So should you watch Insidious 4?

In the end, the film was so poorly executed and lacked any discernible logic, that my partner and I spent three hours trying to discuss what we had just watched.

If you love horror movies and get off on jump-scares, then you might not hate this film. If you love and respect the art of film and are easily offended, perhaps stay clear of this particular one.

I personally enjoyed the experience, and would summarise by suggesting that Insidious: The Final Key is so bad that it might just be a goody.

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