George Lucas’ comments about the Star Wars theme being about family struggles, and not about spaceships etc. etc. actually hit home for me. Especially now I am all grown up (kinda).

As kids we are blown away by lightsabers, The Force and X-Wings. But as I get older, and with the help of this final quip about the Star Wars franchise to Vanity Fair my perception of my favourite trilogy (closely followed by The Lord of The Rings) was complete. It’s a story about loss, falsehoods, right and wrong.

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A clash of family.
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I mean, if we really break this down, isn’t this story about a remarkably talented boy who was traumatised by his Mother’s death and had a replacement father figure, which never quite worked?

What about the story of Luke, who was searching for adventure, hiding from his past and then dealing with it coming to light? He is forced to make some huge life decisions influenced on the one hand by a father corrupted by his own past, and on the other his new family (including his twin sister).

This might seem like over the top, over-complicated stuff of novels, but actually the heart of Star Wars is something that becomes more relatable as we get older and experience situations like these ourselves. Whether it’s break ups, parents passing, a relation trying to misguide you, or temptations in life that might seem like an easier (if darker) option? In truth the light side of the force is fighting the trauma we all go through. The question is whether the trauma will be enough to lead you down a dark path, or can you keep to the light?

The spaceships will always attract the kids, but the true essence of Star Wars appeals to all.

It is a soap opera (in the best way). George Lucas is totally right, and ridiculously, in a world with Jar Jar Binks and Chewbacca, it’s actually one we can all relate to. Disney have stated that they are making a film for the fans, which is all well and good, but I do hope that someone pulling the strings realises that at it’s heart it’s about one family, and their tale through the generations. I suspect the new characters introduced might jeopardise this family story of light vs dark, but I hope they fit around it rather than taking the reigns.

Here’s hoping The Force Awakens continues the story of this family, its complications, resolutions and battle between light and dark through the generations. It’s what makes it relatable – and actually, when you consider it this way, it makes the prequels a lot more forgivable and watchable.

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