American Horror Story Cult

For any fan of the American Horror Story (stories), the excitement for the newest season is all too familiar.

In the lead up to each new season there is a certain cloud of mist which fills the forest. Sometimes a creepy cabin in the woods offers a beacon of hope. Albeit it’s usually a cabin populated with psychotic doctors, serial killer clowns and witches. But fans of the series usually find comfort in this hype.

AHS banner

The next chapter of American Horror Story has been decided and coined American Horror Story: Cult. Fans of the series are excited.

This seasons theme has been predicted at least eight months prior. All the seasons appear to be linked, and by looking at AHS creator Ryan Murphys’ official Twitter account you can see how this pans out.


By the looks of this tweet, it does look seem like there will only be two more seasons of American Horror Story, making a total of 9.

AHS: Cult poster

We ain’t clowning around

At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con event we were treated to a short teaser for the next AHS instalment. An endless march of clowns populated our screens, as if they were in some sort of cult persuading others to join in with them.

AHS: Cult clowns

Actors, they come and they go

In addition to the many recognised actors of the American Horror Story franchise, there are 6 more joining. Most of the actors have been linked to their characters, and for the rest, well, AHS have always been good at surprises.

This also means some actors will be leaving us, most rumoured but one confirmed as Kathy Bates who will not be joining the Cult.

Starting in September, we can expect 11 episodes, with the first being said to be based on the 2016 presidential election night.

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