The Defenders
The Defenders. Source: Netflix.

So what exactly is this new Netflix show The Defenders that everyone keeps yapping about? Glad you asked.

As so many of my friends have just done, I have just completed a weekend filled with a Netflix The Defenders marathon. So for those who haven’t yet seen this new show, here is a quick overview of the Defenders and all the heroes who make up this team.

The Defenders have arrived… finally.

This particular Netflix series was a long time coming. Heroes Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock and Danny Rand of The Defenders have already all had their own Netflix series previously in the build up to this new show, which included all of their villains, anti-heroes and other Marvel players, such as Kingpin and The Punisher.

the defenders
What a squad. Source: Netflix.

Eight Episodes

During the first three episodes we are given introductions to all four Defenders and each key players from their shows. As the episodes progress we watch as each are slowly introduced to their new team members.

Throughout the eight episodes the team show just how disjointed they are, their very different perspectives they bring to the table and the skills they possess. Yet it works, and together they create a virtually unstoppable team.

The main storyline was a continuation of Iron Fist, which saw him caught up in some trouble with The Hand, a super-evil organisation wanting to use the Iron Fist for evil *cue evil laugh*. (Spoilers, Iron Fist sucks. But we’ve filled you in on the main points so you can watch The Defenders without being confused).

Along the way we also see the side-kicks and acquaintances of each of our heroes come together to… awkwardly meet each other.

But this symphony of superheroes also means we are treated to a symphony of villains, all of which have formed their own villainous dream-team, focused on defeating The Defenders, along their path to world domination.

These are The Defenders we need

The fact that The Defenders Netflix series was introduced to us after each individuals series means that within Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist’s individual shows, we could see the characters becoming one step closer to understanding the full extent of their powers. We may even see the odd cross-over here and there.

the defenders
The Defenders assemble. Source: Netflix

Two things are for sure. One, Netflix holds the winning equation in airing whole Marvel series, all in one binge session at a time. Two, there is certainly excitement in the air, after we witnessed the cliffhanger of the final Defenders episode.

We must prepare ourselves for the roller coaster ride ahead. And yes, this will mean new characters, heroes and villains.

If you’re still curious, here are five important things you need to know about The Defenders Netflix series.

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