Envelope party decoration
Photo by Cara Siera

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Will you be experiencing the 90th Academy Awards by throwing an Oscar themed party?

The Oscars, cinema’s big night of red carpets and awards, is nearly upon us. This year, the annual event falls on March 4, 2018. How will you celebrate the best films of 2017? Why not throw a little party? With the following easy, affordable, do-it-yourself tips, you’ll be able to treat your friends to a truly star-studded Oscar party experience.

1 – Invite Oscar to your Oscar Party

Oscar Statue
Photo by Cara Siera.

To celebrate the Oscars, the man of the hour definitely needs to be there. According to The Telegraph of London, the design of the statue was commissioned during the 1920s, and was meant to represent a knight, holding a sword, standing on a roll of film. You can recreate this iconic award with a Ken doll or similar doll, a small bowl, and a can of gold spray paint.

Or, spray paint your friend Oscar gold. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

2 – Red Carpet Entry

party decoration

Roll out the red carpet – quite literally. Faux carpet rolls, red theatrical curtain backdrops, velvet ropes, gold cutout stars, and movie clapboards are available from most party supply stores.

At your local craft store, you can find irregular piece of pre-cut cloth called “remnants” on the cheap. Buy some in any shade of red, and lay it in the entryway to represent a red carpet.

Want to put up some velvet ropes? Turn a plate upside down, and glue a long, cardboard wrapping paper tube on top. Glue a ball, such a floral foam, on top of this. Make at least two of these, and spray paint them gold. Tie string or yarn between the posts. Finally, take a piece of split foam used for insulating pipes, paint in red, and slide it over the string.

3 – And the winner is…

Envelope party decoration
Photo by Cara Siera

At each table setting, fold a cloth or paper napkin to resemble an envelope. Seal it with a gold seal sticker. If you’d like, you could even put a card inside listing a category and which friend is the winner. For example, “And the award for seeing Star Wars the most times goes to…”

4 – Rock out in Hollywood

party decoration
Photo by Cara Siera

You know those annoying blocks of shipping foam that often come in mail-order packages? Now you can put them to good use in making this Hollywood sign centrepiece. Glue layers of broken foam together in order to resemble rocky hills. Next, spray paint the foam brown. Attach toothpicks to pre-cut letters, and stick the toothpicks into the foam. Then, add a few decorative stones and a couple of mini flashlights, and you’ve got a centrepiece your friends won’t stop talking about.

5 – Dress the Part

Tell your friends to come dressed as their favourite movie character, in red carpet style, or in styles representing a specific decade. Don’t forget to station a camera-wielding  paparazzi at a good spot for a photo op. Award a homemade Oscar to the best dressed.

As an added activity, you can make a Walk of Fame using poster board. Place your guests’ names on stars on the board, and have them leave their hand print using a bit of paint.

Now you’re all set to make this year’s Oscars an event to remember. And these tips can be used for more than an Oscar party – they’re great for graduation parties and other events, too. Pop some popcorn, and let’s party!

Learn more about this year’s Oscars nominations here.

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