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Here are seven epic Thor powers yet to embrace our screens.

With everyone’s favourite (potentially second, traitor) Asgardian thundering into cinemas in just a few weeks, I thought I’d let y’all in on a not-so-little secret: So far in the MCU, Thor’s power levels have been dampened down. A lot.

With the release of Thor: Ragnarok and what looks like is set to be the greatest Thor film yet, surely, SURELY, we’ll see Thor through a new lens, which will do the character the justice it deserves.

Now everyone knows Thor has his magic hammer Mjolnir, ‘forged in the heart of a dying star,’ and so on. With the power to create electrical storms, tornadoes, as well as provide a great game of whack-a-mole (or most of the time, whack-a-Loki), this hammer is not Thor’s only defence against those threatening the throne of Asgard.

Here are seven of The God of Thunders’ lesser known (yet equally epic) powers.

7. Super Speed

Thor isn’t just one of the most powerful and strongest in the MCU and comics, he is arguably one of the fastest. Thor has bested Quicksilver effortlessly before in the comics (no, not the Age of Ultron version. Think X-Men.)

thor powers
Source: Marvel Comics

With the ability to not only travel faster than the speed of light, but interpret things at that speed, he is said to have crossed space in mere seconds, along with the ability to cross dimensions, and bend time itself.

6. Superhuman Stamina

Nine months. That’s how long he went toe to toe with the Frost Giants. This in itself should tell you exactly what you need to know. Similar to his speed and strength, the exact limits of his stamina are unknown.

But in short, by producing much fewer fatigue toxins, he is able to outlast any mortal human. However, saying it’s because he’s practically a god sounds so much cooler, so we’ll go with that.

5. Superhuman Senses

Spiderman and Superman might be some of the many superheroes that come to mind when you think of super senses. You probably wouldn’t be thinking of Thor.

But with the ability to hear cries from the other side of the globe, see objects light years away, and hear people’s prayers from the other side of the universe, he isn’t to be underestimated in this field.

thor powers
Who’s pumped for Thor: Ragnarok? Source: Marvel.

4. All-Tongue

Fun fact. There are 6,909 languages on Earth. Thor oversees nine realms, equating to 62,181 languages. That’s quick maths for you. And that’s not even beginning to consider the millions of other planets out there.

However, all of this becomes obsolete and irrelevant when you have the All-Tongue. This grants the user (in this case, Thor) to speak in his own language, whilst the listener hears it in their native tongue. Kinda why it’s called the ‘All-Tongue,’ ya know?

3. Warrior’s Madness (Bezerker Rage)

One of Thor’s most powerful abilities in his arsenal, Warrior’s Madness is not to be underestimated. It allows Thor to increase his strength and enhances his powers by tenfold. However, this power comes at a cost.

thor powers
Marvel has a history of using accurate comic shots in the movies. Surely this would make the final Infinity War cut. Source: Marvel Comics

During this state of pure Bezerker rage, Thor cannot differentiate friend from foe, leaving his teammates vulnerable to his attacks. With this rage, he’s bested the likes of Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock, even coming to a stalemate with Thanos, who is set to be the villain in Infinity Wars and its untitled sequel.

2. Teleportation

Yeah, I didn’t know about this one either until I delved into comic lore, but apparently it’s a thing. With the aid of rune stones, Thor can teleport across the vast depths of space and even across dimensions.

Channelled through his hammer, this was probably a way for writers to overcome writer’s block. ‘Thor’s a god, he has a bunch of powers. We need to go somewhere, so let’s add teleportation to the mix.’

1. God Blast

This singular blast of godly life-force is so powerful it can kill immortals. Like many Thor powers, it is channelled through the mighty Mjolnir, although it leaves him in a weakened state afterwards.

This is only thanks to Dr Strange binding Thor’s life-force to Mjolnir so that both Thor’s and Mjolnir’s fates are entwined.

thor powers
Thor’s God Blast. Source: Marvel Comics

With the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity Wars and its untitled sequel, this power of epic proportion would surely come in handy in aiding the Avengers and their allies as well as Thor’s own team, uniquely named the Revengers.

The Revengers (Hulk, Thor, Valkyrie and Loki) in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Source: Marvel Studios.

So there you have it, fellow fans of Thor. Which of these Thor powers do you want to see in the upcoming Ragnarok and Infinity Wars?

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