who is azor ahai?
'Game of Thrones' [Credits: HBO]

There are several questions still unanswered on HBO’s biggest blockbuster. One of them is who will turn out to be ‘The Prince Who Was Promised’ on Game Of Thrones as was prophesied long ago. So who is Azor Ahai?

For those who don’t know who Azor Ahai is, he was a legendary hero who wielded a burning sword (Lightbringer) and brought an end to the ‘Long Night’ several millennia ago. Confusing as it may sound, Azor Ahai and the Prince Who Was Promised are the same entity and has been referred to by different names through the ages.

According to the prophecies, Azor Ahai shall be reborn amidst smoke and salt and he shall wake dragons out of stone. He shall wield a burning sword that he would forge after killing his lover as a sacrifice. Nissa Nissa was Azor Ahai’s lover whom he murdered as mentioned in the fables.

There are plenty of characters who can turn out to be Azor Ahai on this show (well there were plenty more until George decided to remove them off screen). Let’s weigh up six of the top contenders edging forwards towards the title.

6. Sandor Clegane

who is Azor Ahai
Sandor Clegane. [Credits: HBO]
The Hound is probably the last character people will expect to see as Azor Ahai in the final season. However it’s Game of Thrones, right? Expect the unexpected. It’s remarkable that he has still made it alive on this show up to this point. There were many instances where he could have been killed off, but if G.R.R.M has included him in the scripts then he has significance.

He is a remarkable swordsman who has come face to face with death several times. Many fans however believe that he has been kept alive so that he could take his revenge on Gregor, his big brother. It’s going to be a fascinating revelation if he indeed turns out to be the man who would lead them against the White Walkers.

Sandor has no connection to House Targaryen or to dragons, for that matter. His prospects therefore are slim, but let’s not rule him out yet.

5. Jorah Mormont

who is Azor Ahai.
Jorah Mormont. [Credits: HBO]
The knight in love with Daenerys has been infected with greyscale, fought against White Walkers and Dothrakis and has still made it alive. We last saw him returning to Daenerys’ stronghold and helping Jon and the others capture a dead soldier of the Walkers.

Although he too has no connection to House Targaryen, he was the one to urge Dany to step into the fire with the fossilized dragon eggs. He has been Daenerys’ protector since he laid his eyes on her.

Jorah is also an expert swordsman, which makes you wonder why he is still being kept alive on the show. He has no attachments and is a mere soldier when it comes to the Great War.

Apparently, he too isn’t quite important enough to be turning into Azor Ahai. However, he has better chances than Sandor, so best of luck, Jorah!

4. Jaime Lannister

who is Azor Ahai
Jaime Lannister. [Credits: HBO]
A Lannister as Azor Ahai is highly ironical considering the brutal memories the House has instilled on us. However, all of them aren’t as shrewd as Cersei or cold as Tywin. Jaime’s character has undergone a tremendous change throughout the seven seasons. From the Season 7 finale, we can assume that he has lost faith in Cersei’s quest and is that much closer to changing sides. The only thing keeping them close is the bulge in Cersei’s stomach (is the unborn baby Jaime’s, however?).

He similarly has no connection to House Targaryen or to dragons. He was however reborn amidst smoke and salt. Bronn saved him from imminent death by dragging him out of the lake. There was the presence of salt and smoke. He was also an excellent swordsman until his left hand was chopped off. Hence why he now uses his right hand to fight his battles and he is improving a lot, thanks to Bronn again.

Jaime has chances to be Azor Ahai. There are fan theories claiming that Jaime will kill Cersei with his own hands (or hand, singular) thus fulfilling the Nissa Nissa prophecy. We want Cersei to die, don’t we? So, Jaime has a good score on that part.

3. Tyrion Lannister

who is Azor Ahai
Tyrion Lannister. [Credits: HBO]
Another Lannister on the list! It must be my off-day! Anyway, Tyrion has won all our hearts right from Season 1 and is undeniably our favourite Lannister. Although height is an unlikely issue, it is quite improbable that he will play the character of Azor Ahai in the future.

What baffles us the most is that he fulfills most of the Azor Ahai prophecies even though he can’t wield a sword. He has no connection to House Targaryen but he can turn out to be one. Can he be another secret Targaryen? We do have to consider why the dragons didn’t burn him to a crisp when he went below the stone pyramid to release them. Did the dragons sense another Targaryen? Well, we hope they did.

He also hasn’t literally woken up dragons from stone but has released two of them from the stone pyramid in Meereen (does that count?). He has also murdered his own lover (Shae) thus fulfilling the Nissa Nissa prophecy. Tyrion also escaped death by an inch at the Battle of Blackwater Bay, where there was smoke and salt.

Considering all prophecies, Tyrion is a strong contender in this title race and can be just the surprise we need.

If you are a staunch supporter of Tyrion being Azor Ahai check here for detailed reasons as to why he has better prospects.

2. Daenerys Targaryen

who is Azor Ahai
Daenerys Targaryen. [Credits: HBO]
Ah, finally a Targaryen! It has been prophesied that a Targaryen will take up the reins as Azor Ahai in the upcoming Great War. Now, who but Dany is capable of such a feat? A strong ruler, Daenerys remains the only person who has literally woken up dragons from stones (fossilised dragon eggs). She is one of the head of the three dragons.

Although she doesn’t come close to fulfilling some of the prophecies, she has got the potential to lead Westeros into the war. She doesn’t wield a sword, so the concept of Lightbringer is foggy to her. Daenerys has however killed her own love (Khal Drogo) thus helping her cause a little. She hasn’t been reborn as such but we still have a whole season to go.

Daenerys is likely to become Azor Ahai as her chances look good enough. Although the fables decorated Azor Ahai as a man, we must not forget that the word ‘prince’ is a gender-free term in the dialect of Old Valyria. ‘The Prince Who Was Promised’ can be a woman too as was prophesied. She is however the only likely female character to make the list, but thumbs up, Dany!

1. Jon Snow

who is Azor Ahai?
Jon Snow. [Credits: HBO]
Jon Snow is the brightest pupil in the ‘Azor Ahai’ class scoring aces on almost all prophecies. After his revelation as a Targaryen, his chances have reached the zenith and he is currently the most probable character to be Azor Ahai. We know that G.R.R.M loves suspense and twists, so let’s not be sure about that yet.

Jon Snow has literally been ‘reborn amidst smoke and salt’. Melisandre brought back Jon to life. There was fire in the room, which gives smoke, and there were people with tears, which confirms salt. He is also an efficient swordsman, probably the best. His sword, Longclaw, doesn’t yield fire. But there is still time.

His lover, Yggrite, died in his hands – although he didn’t kill her. He hasn’t woken dragons out of stone yet and that is probably the only part dragging him back.

Considering his connection to House Targaryen, Jon is the best candidate for Azor Ahai and fans are counting on it.

There are lots of characters who can turn out to be Azor Ahai on this show. We can’t help but speculate until the show returns in 2019. Who is Azor Ahai in your eyes? Let us know!

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