James Acaster Repertoire

James Acaster’s Repertoire was recently released on Netflix, and I love it! Here are 3 reasons why it’s the best Netflix comedy of the year.

James Acaster’s Repertoire was recently released to Netflix and it is simply fantastic. The comedic genius of Acaster is unmatched and this Netflix Original truly displays this.

Netflix Originals don’t lack in comedies, and Netflix’s selection of standup comedy isn’t small, featuring a selection that includes Jack Whitehall, Ricky Gervais, and Russell Howard.

So what makes James Acaster’s Repertoire stand OUT as the strongest stand UP comedy of the year? (Words are cool).

1 – Acaster’s Wit

Acaster is a comedic genius. He is funny. He is clever. He is inventive. Many of the skits revolve around scenarios that Acaster has created in his head, which are ridiculous.

However, as he goes into more and more absurd detail, it becomes almost plausible. This is absolutely hilarious. He links the start of the hour-long show to the end, he discusses issues that he changes into jokes, he makes the audience laugh.

When I watched it with my friends, there wasn’t a single person who hadn’t spent a majority of the time laughing their heads off. No joke is too complex for anyone, bar one, which he vocally recognises as people not getting – and them being very lucky for it.

2 – Production Value

Production value was clearly on the Netflix producers’ minds when they created this series. With many cameras and microphones catching audience reactions, as well as showing Acaster from all angles, the production value on Repertoire is incredible.

The atmosphere, provided by the microphones, is amazing and captures the audience reactions perfectly. All of this makes you feel like part of the audience, which improves the show massively and makes it feel special.

3 – Length

Finally, Repertoire is the perfect length. Fifty minutes is exactly how long anyone can truly keep my attention. However, having said that, Acaster kept my attention so well that I watched the entirety of the season in one sitting. Spending three and a half hours didn’t feel like time wasted either, although if there would have been more episodes I think I would have had to have taken a long hard look in the mirror after about the fifth hour.

Production value, Acaster’s wit, and its length makes Repertoire the best stand-up comedy on Netflix this year by a country mile.

Clearly, the main ingredient in a good comedy is a good comedian – and Acaster certainly provides that.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this work of comedic art and I hope to see more Netflix original stand-up comedies ASAP!

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I'm Christopher I'm from the UK and I love watching Netflix, particularly original Netflix material.