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James Bond is Returning for Valentines Day 2020!

“Bond. James Bond.” – Nobody can do the line better.

I’m a huge fan of the James Bond films, I grew up watching the late Sir Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery ham it up with cheesy one-liners and crazy gadgets in action packed adventures. 

Bond 25 was confirmed earlier this year to be released in 2019 with Daniel Craig returning to the role of 007 for the fifth time. This is meant to be Craig’s last hurrah in the role to send the secret agent off with a bang.

The film is set for release in February 14, 2020 but plans for the film go back to early in 2016 following the release of Spectre. Now, we don’t know anything about the film; but that doesn’t mean we can’t theorize.

So, let’s stop procrastinating and look at a few possible storylines for Bond 25.

5. Training a Rookie Agent

5 possible James Bond stories for Bond 25
Put the veteran and the rookie together and… – Source: Mashable

Spectre ended with Craig and Lea Seydoux driving off in Bond’s Aston Martin. So I wondered, did he retire? If that’s the case then we could get a sort of ‘coming out of retirement’ story. Bond retires from active service and is contacted some time later by M or Moneypenny and asked to return for a short amount of time. I can see 2 or 3 possibilities with this idea. The first being that he’s asked to train up a rookie agent to take on the mantle of 007.

As a field agent with a license to kill, a single slip up will cost you your life. Now, most of the time James is working with Felix Leiter or someone else who has at least some idea of what they’re doing. What if you changed that and paired Bond with a rookie agent?

The Veteran and the Kid

Going by what was established in Casino Royale, it takes two kills to attain ’00’ status. Maybe the rookie agent in question has a lot of the theory work down, makes his 2 kills and is given a ’00’ number but he’s got very little field experience. M contacts Bond and says: “I need you to assess this guy” and James goes to do just that.

Now, you have a veteran agent with all the training and the experience to back it up who has to deal with a cocky kid who thinks that he’s invincible. This leads the rookie into a lot of reckless decisions in the face of a more cautious Bond – whom he probably thinks of as an outdated piece of equipment. The two end up butting heads several times. Eventually they’re forced to work together to stop some maniac from taking over the world. Will the rookie succeed in becoming a full-fledged ’00’ agent? Will he meet a tragic and premature end at the hands of the film’s bad guy? How will Bond react? 

There’s a lot of potential here and I’d love to see something like this in a future Bond film.

4. One Last Mission

5 possible James Bond stories for Bond 25
You know you’re in trouble – Source: Den of Geek

What happened to Blofeld at the end of Spectre? He was arrested, right? Okay so what about the rest of his organisation? Maybe Bond retired or went into hiding with Dr Swann and they lie low for a year or so. MI6 tracks them down and hand Bond a list of names for all of Spectre’s holdings. Every fake business, every hideout, every bank account, anything and everything he needs to destroy Spectre completely is handed to him on a silver platter with a single goal in mind: annihilate the Spectre organisation and leave nothing behind.

Bond, of course, takes off and hunts down every name on the list; destroying the phony businesses and hideouts – killing everyone inside them most of the time. He empties all of the bank accounts and spreads the money out among various charities, orphanages, schools and so on. By the end the only one left is, you guessed it, Blofeld – who is likely shot and killed to prevent him from causing trouble in the future.

In the end Spectre is completely destroyed and the few survivors are on death’s door – either in hospital on life support or in jail awaiting execution.

As dark as this plotline is, I honestly think that it could work very well. Spectre is an established threat and Blofeld is a problem granted it would be far less of an optimistic ending than many of the previous films.

3. Chasing Blofeld

5 possible James Bond stories for Bond 25
007’s trigger finger must be itchy – Source: The Suits of James Bond

Alright let’s say, hypothetically speaking that James and Madeleine are in a relationship; Bond has a few weeks left before officially retiring from active service. Everything seems fine and dandy and then Blofeld escapes and all hell breaks loose.

What follows is a deadly game of cat and mouse between two equally cunning men with a score to settle.

This is one story which could actually be the next film’s plot. This is the guy who caused the death of Vesper in Casino Royale, Fields in Quantum of Solace and M in Skyfall. Bond has a serious bone to pick with him – he’s also the one who orchestrated the death of James’ wife Tracy Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I don’t know if they’ll reference that; frankly I kind of doubt it since Tracy hasn’t been introduced in Craig’s run of Bond films.

2. The Family Life of James Bond

5 possible James Bond stories for Bond 25
It’s a shame this didn’t last long – Source: Digital Spy

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is widely regarded – from what I can tell – to be the weakest entry in the Bond film series; I’d argue that it was Quantum of Solace

The acting in the film is stilted and over-the-top campy even for 1969. That said, there was one good thing to come out of the film: Tracy Bond. Believe it or not, 007 actually got married; in a film that is otherwise dull and uninteresting this really worked! Unfortunately, it didn’t last and we were left with one of the bleakest film endings in the series.

Now, Tracy hasn’t been introduced in Craig’s run as 007 and it’s not likely that she will be as it would cause continuity issues with the next film. Of course, it’s still possible for this sort of storyline; have Bond marry and start a family and see where it goes. You could tackle the trials and tribulations involved on both sides.

We can see how James is affected by having a wife and kids to look after and we can see how his being a 00 agent affects his wife and kids as well.

1. Revenge

5 possible James Bond stories for Bond 25
007 had best make sure he’s in good shape – Source: Den of Geek

Okay, admittedly this is one plot idea which could go either way; it might happen and it might not. We’ve seen revenge stories before in 1989’s License to Kill and 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

Maybe bring back a minor antagonist from one of Craig’s previous films and have them cause some sort of trouble for him and then have Bond…wait a second; did he actually leave any antagonists alive in the previous films? I guess not, oh well that shoots that idea down; maybe it’s a friend or family member of a previous antagonist i.e. LeChiffre’s girlfriend or something.

Okay, honestly I think I’m probably reaching a bit too far on this one but I still think there’s enough for a decent story.

Final Thoughts: We’ll have to Wait

Ultimately we’ll have to wait and see what Bond 25 brings to the table. One thing’s certain though: I’m definitely going to see it when it comes out.

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