If you thought Thor: Ragnarok was Marvellous then you are probably looking forward to Avengers Infinity War. Apart from wanting our favourite superhero team to finally meet Thanos, we now have some questions we want answered thanks to Thor: Ragnarok.

Please be warned, the following is riddled with spoilers.

1. Is Banner stuck as The Hulk?

Banner states in Thor: Ragnarok that he felt like he was stuck as the Hulk with no control. Being trapped behind the big green guy for two years took its toll on Banner. He states that if he transformed again he may not be able to transform back to human form.

When the time calls for The Hulk to save the day, Banner hilariously goes no shirt beast mode to wrestle Fenrir and save the Asguardians. From this point he remains as the somewhat dim-witted Hulk for the remainder of the film.

It’s doubtful the writers would have made a point of writing in Banners trepidation if not to prove himself right. So it looks as though for the next while it’s going to be The Strongest Avenger with more screen time than Mark Ruffalo.

Bruce Banners alter ego – Source – IMDB

 2. Has Thor lost Mjolnir for good?

Since the first Thor film we could see just how attached Thor is to his weapon. It was even a pivotal part of his story to watch him change from an arrogant brawler to a worthy warrior. Yes Thor and Mjolnir certainly seem to go handle in hand, so it was a bit of a surprise when the trailer revealed Mjolnir getting obliterated.

Thor’s Journey has changed. He no longer serves himself, but he serves the people. As a leader of the people it’s important that he discovers it’s not the weapon that makes the man. As his powers come to fruition by the end of the film, it looks as though he is even more powerful than he was without Mjolnir. So does he really need it?

In terms of a power he certainly handled himself easily against the Hulk (just ask him). Sure it would be handy to reserve the ability to fly, but Captain America and Black Widow for example do alright without that power.

So can we expect say a new hammer to be forged and wielded against Thanos? This remains to be seen. He probably doesn’t need it but we’re sure people would love to see it.

I for one hope she finds help for her drinking problem. Source – IMDB

3. Is Hela dead dead? or “Marvel Dead”?

The Marvel Universe has a lot in common with the Game of Thrones Universe. One of the main commonalities is that if you don’t explicitly see a character die, then there is a likely chance they will return at some later stage.

Now did we see Hela get killed by Surtur? Well, not exactly… We saw a big flaming sword crush her into the dust, but we didn’t see a body.

When you’re dealing with someone as powerful as the God of Death then its plausible that she cheated it somehow. Someone as powerful as Hela could probably survive that. Or she could have pulled some trickery like sneaking into a portal like the one she came out of originally.

The good thing about Hela’s “end” is that Marvel can bring her back whenever they feel like it and no one will be the least bit surprised. For now she has served he purpose in Thor: Ragnarok.

Don’t get on her bad side – Source – IMDB

4. What is Loki up to with the Teseract?

Now I think it’s pretty safe to say Loki pinched the Teseract (Cosmic Cube). Hela points it out when she is in the vault and Loki stops to look at it just a little too long when he is in there.

We can assume that the Teseract is not just floating around space after Asguard was obliterated. It would more likely be on Loki’s person. What his plans are is another question.

One theory that probably makes sense is that he is keeping it as an offering or bargaining chip to give to Thanos. Should Loki present this to him it might make him redeemable in Thanos’ eyes. This would be the most likely scenario as Loki would know that Thanos would pursue him for it regardless of whether he used it or not.

How can you not trust that face? Source – IMDB

5. What was the ship they encountered post credits?

The mid-credit cut-scene that has become the norm for these Marvel films drops hints as to what’s to come. The scene features Thor, Loki and the Asguardians on their deep space journey to Earth, only to be met by an enormous space ship. The ship, which is many times greater than the Asguardians’ ship, appears to be Chitauri in make, meaning it would belong to Thanos.

You may have seen an unreleased teaser for the next Avengers if you were present at San Diego Comic-Con. At the start it shows Thor floating through space and an Asguardian hitting the windshield of the Guardians’ ship.

It would seem that Thor’s ship gets ambushed by the larger ship. In all likenesses Thor is saved by the Avengers and taken back to Earth.

What are your theories or takes on Thor: Ragnarok? Did you enjoy it as much as us? We would love to hear from you!

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