kim possible live-action movie

We’re getting a Kim Possible live-action film! What should be in it?

As I child I used to love watching Kim Possible. I remember coming home from school, grabbing a snack and sitting in front of the television for hours watching Kim and Ron Stoppable fight crime. Ahh, the good days.

Safe to say I was very excited when Disney announced that they’d be creating a live-action film based on the Kim Possible series.

So, without further ado, I’m going to be discussing the seven things I would like to see in the Kim Possible live-action film

1. RufusImage result for rufus kim possible

How will Disney bring Rufus, the naked mole rat, to life? He has to be included. But how?

I mean, I just can’t imagine live-action naked mole rats looking as friendly as Rufus does. To be honest I can’t imagine them looking anything positive. Let’s see what tricks CGI can pull.

2. Love is in the air

kim and ron kim possible
Love is in the air. Source: Disney.

I’m excited to see if Ron and Kim still have the bond between them and if Disney decides to add the romance to the film. That then influences whether the film adaptation takes place before or after So The Drama, the film that ended the original series and when Kim and Ron became a couple.

3. Lots of action

I really hope Disney add in heaps of action to the Kim Possible live-action film, particularly the scenes Kim has to fight Shego. It was a huge part of the series, and live-action offers a chance to up the ante. (Or ruin everything, but we won’t talk about that).

4. Lots of characters

The live-action adaptation needs as many characters from the series as possible. Kim’s twin brothers and parents; her friends; Wade; even Kim’s bully Bonnie, who despite being terrible is also amazing (you get me).

The alternative is that it will more narrowly focus on Kim and Rob fighting crime.

5. The opposite of a cliffhanger

I really hope the live-action Kim Possible movie doesn’t end with a cliffhanger, leading us to a Kim Possible series reboot. Please don’t do that. I’m asking nicely.

6. Villains o’clock

kim possible characters
The eternal battle. Source: Disney.

In the same way that I want loads of characters from the series, I also want loads of villains. Hell, chuck in all of the villains Kim and Rob have come face-to-face with.

There were so many villains throughout the TV series who disliked the two protagonists, and honestly Disney could go in so many directions. Incorporates all the villains, some of the villains, or just Shego and Dr. Drakken? (Or someone else entirely?)

7. Bueno Nacho

Suuuurely everyone will still hang out at Bueno Nacho!? I mean, when will it not be the coolest hang out spot ever? I want to eat there!

So there you you have it!

Seven things the Kim Possible live-action movie needs to include. The adaptation will come to life in 2019, and I can’t wait.