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We’re just a week away from the Arrow Season 6 finale and things have been set up nicely. Again, the resurgence continued, this time with an action-packed episode called ‘The Ties That Bind’.

Where were episodes of this quality earlier in the season? Arrow is back and everything is set up nicely for another great finale. ‘The Ties That Bind’ featured a great deal of action and demonstrated that, as cold and calculating as he was, Ricardo Diaz’s mind is beginning to unravel.

The episode began with each of the main characters enjoying a quieter moment. Ollie and Felicity were making dinner for William, Diggle and Lyla were at a hospital checkup, Rene and Zoe were at home watching the hockey, Curtis was showing his new boyfriend around his workplace and Dinah was out being the Black Canary.

Just as it seemed that all was well, things changed very quickly when Ollie received a text from Anatoly. This message told him to get out as quickly as possible. Anatoly’s message came just too late, however, as suddenly, the apartment was attacked. At the same time, identical attack squads made moves on the rest of Team Arrow.

It was a pulsating start to the episode as we witnessed Ollie defeating the squad while protecting William and Felicity. Diggle and Lyla defended the hospital while Rene protected his daughter. The only real casualty from these attacks was Curtis’s new boyfriend, Nick, who was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries.

All of this led to Team Arrow reuniting in the old Helix headquarters. While we’d been building to this reunion for a while, particularly with Rene and Ollie making peace last week, it was nice to see the team back together again. The situation worsened for the team when it was discovered that Diaz had sent his men to destroy the Arrowcave.

Team Arrow United At Last

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As the teams watched the bunker go up in flames, there was a sombre moment. It was quite sad to see their base of operations be destroyed after it was a huge part of the last two seasons. But Ollie told his teammates that the equipment can be replaced and they needed to come up with a plan.

Thankfully, the writers allowed the trust issues that caused the split in the team to remain. Though Rene and Ollie may have reconciled with Rene, he still acknowledged that it would take time to re-establish the trust. One thing was for sure, they needed to take action.

The team realised that Diaz had probably planned for them reuniting, but they did still have one card left to play. Anatoly was beginning to doubt whether his allegiance with Diaz was wise. This was first noted when Diaz stabbed Oliver during their fight in ‘Shifting Allegiances’. The Russian had witnessed firsthand that Diaz wasn’t an honourable man and this worried him.

It seemed inevitable that Anatoly would redeem himself and he’s gone a long way to doing that. His betrayal of Diaz allowed Team Arrow to gain the upper hand, even if it was briefly, but also caused Diaz to become more unhinged.

More Action

There was no let-up in the action as Team Arrow did everything in their power to stop Diaz. It was particularly refreshing to see Lyla kick arse once again as she’s mainly been relegated to a desk job. She certainly proved that she can hold her own amongst the rest of the team.

Her relationship with Diggle became a talking point when Oliver told Felicity she had to leave with William. Ollie was over-protective of his wife and wanted her out of harm’s way, but Felicity insisted on staying with the team. Felicity then asked Diggle how he deals with working with Lyla and not worrying about her.

This was quite a telling conversation that brought out one of Ollie’s biggest insecurities. He’s very quick to protect people even if they’re perfectly capable of defending themselves. It’s okay, Felicity, he tried to do the same to Supergirl in the ‘Invasion!’ crossover. Thankfully, she was able to prove her worth by retrieving the data-sniffer device they’d planted on Diaz’s computer.

Everything came to a head when Diaz and his men attacked the Helix bunker. Just as Felicity was attempting to decrypt the data from Diaz’s computer, the bunker was invaded. Luckily, they’d prepared for this and were able to escape, though only just. It seemsĀ Team Arrow will need a new base.

Where Do We Go From Here?

All of this sets the finale up nicely, particularly as Ollie has gone to an unorthodox source for help. The final scene reveals him talking to Agent Watson, the FBI agent who was investigating him earlier this season. She agrees to help Ollie, though he has to reveal his identity to her. There’s also the matter of the second request she has…

If ‘The Ties That Bind’ has proved anything, it’s that Arrow looks set for a big shake-up in Season 7. With both bunkers destroyed and Ricardo Diaz out for blood, there may well be changes afoot. Quentin Lance was absent from this episode, but he’ll definitely play a part in the finale. With the announcement that Paul Blackthorne is leaving the show, it’s possible that he will be killed off.

There’s also the matter of Anatoly. It’s plain to see that he no longer trusts Diaz and he’s sided with Oliver twice this week. Could it be that he’ll be the key component in helping Oliver defeat Diaz once and for all? The same could be true for Black Siren.

Whatever happens, it looks like we’ve got an exciting finale in store for us. Season 6 may have taken a while, but it’s finally delivering and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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