b2 final in ear headphones
A very cool design.

In their line of B Series In-Ear Headphones, Final have released three different products with their own specialities.

We at Digital Fox were lucky enough to receive a pair of their newest product – the B2 In-Ear Headphones. With such an emphasis on sound engineering and experimentation for new sounds, we were particularly interested to see how Final could elevate the music experience to a new level.

I want to preface this up front by saying that I am not some sort of headphone audio expert. I’m sure there are plenty of professionals out there that can explain to you the specifics of how the product was made or the way in which the sound is produced, but I did not want to pass up an offer to review some brand new earphones. Therefore, I will endeavour to articulate as much that I liked and disliked on a personal level.

The Design

At first glance, the B2 earphones present an elaborate, almost over-the-top geometric design that one would see in modern architectures. They looked very bulky and I was worried that they’d fall out easily or not even fit comfortably.

Thankfully, I was proven wrong very quickly. They fit in your ear very easily and the modern design is a fantastic touch. They definitely stand out from other competing headphone brands that make them noticeable, but aren’t necessarily too flashy.

These earphones also come in a silicone case that makes the product very compact and convenient to carry around. It looks like a little mushroom that opens up to reveal earphones, and I find that very cute.

I have never seen earphones stored in a silicone case like this, but I love it. Source: final

The 1.2m cable also comes in a handy little velcro band that makes it easy to store and not get tangled up. A lot of people have begun opting for wireless bluetooth headphones to avoid the stress of all the wires, but these B2 earphones make the whole experience very convenient.

Also on a side note, I have no idea how confident people are with bluetooth headphones. I’ve had friends tell me stories of how their bluetooth stopped working, only to be blasting music on public transport by accident. Call me old-school, but I’d prefer to have my music plugged in, thank you very much.

The box also comes with extra ear pieces and even ear hooks should you desire them to fit in your ear better. It’s plenty to allow you to customise the product to your liking, but not so much that it’s overkill. Final still manages to maintain the modern and minimalist design that comes through in their earphones.

Futuristic design is a huge plus. Source: final

The Sound

Easily the most notable thing about the B2 Final In-Ear Headphones are the crisp vocals that really stand out from the rest of the accompaniment. The music almost breaks itself down in the earphones and you can really hear all the little elements and instruments at play in the song.

After doing research, I was glad that I realised that because that seemed to be their goal all along. Final constructed the B2 Final In-Ear Headphones to have a greater focus on the dynamic range of the music experience, allowing users to notice the greater nuances in the song. Every note, every instrument, every breath is closer and crisper than ever.

Especially when you listen to classical or ballad pieces where the focus on instruments is much stronger than say EDM, the earphones bring out so much more complexity and it puts you at the centre of the whole experience.

B2 final in-ear headphones
A chart outlining the different purposes of the Final products.

According to their website, they mentioned how these earphones are best suited for “recordings that take adequate advantage of the reflections and reverberation of a concert hall as well as live recordings to reproduce the feeling of ‘being there'”.

Upon reflection, I think that’s definitely true about these pieces. Something feels a little off or distorted when you listen to songs that have a focus on electronic music, but raw and classical instrumental recordings really shine through. I suppose it depends on what you listen to.

If you’re looking for something more natural and instrumental, these might be the earphones for you. I wouldn’t be listening to rave music through these though, because it feels very faded at times.

Final Thoughts

…pun not intended, but very welcome.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I haven’t the faintest idea how to review earphones. But I can try to give you the best explanation of what I felt about the B2 Final In-Ear Headphones.

A lot of the music experience relies heavily on what music you’re actually listening to. Acoustic, ballad pieces work wonders on these earphones, however the experience is not quite the same with larger, electronic music.

You can really hear the small strumming of the guitar, the tap of the piano tiles, the breathing of the vocalist. It’s definitely an experience that puts you in the centre of the recording booth. As I said before, it depends on what music you’re listening to.

As for the design and packaging, it definitely stands out against a lot of the other brands in the market. It boasts geometric and almost futuristic elements while still maintaining its minimalism.

I had a lot of fun reviewing these earphones. It was a new experience that gave me the opportunity to listen to music from a whole different perspective. There are definitely pros and cons with the product, but that goes the same for every other product.

Final had a specific intention to engineer a new music experience for users with this product, and they managed to achieve that. Outside of the B2 earphones, they have a whole line of earphones that are individually designed to cater to a specific sound. If you’re interested, definitely check them out!

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