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The battle of a storm has began: Recap of Game of Thrones Episode 2: ‘Stormborn’

Warning this contains some epic spoilers so only continue if you dare.

It was an explosive battle in the end of the second episode of the new season. As the story line is taking on some twists and turns, it has left you knowing another battle is on the cards, along with reunions, and also first meetings.

All Hail Queen Daenerys

With the first episode ending with Daenerys saying “Shall we begin”, it was only fitting the opening scene for this episode started with her discussing the battle to take over the Iron Throne.

Dany doesn’t trust Varys for obvious reasons. Vary’s confirms, he is on “the peoples side'”and is trustworthy. A warning for Varys if he crosses her is she “will burn him alive” if he does.

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At the Table
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While still in Dragonstone, a surprise return of Melisandre (the young version of her) comes to the castle, and with good timing.

“The prince who is promised will bring the dawn”

Dany isn’t convinced about this vision from the Lord of the Light, but Missandei explains the word prince can actually mean princess in the translation. The most exciting news is that there will a meeting between Jon Snow and Dany, finally, after Six seasons.

We also experience an initially awkward, but yet powerful scene between the love birds Grey Worm and Missandei before he goes off to battle.

Royalty Change in The North

Jon Snow receives the raven notes from both Daenerys and Sam. As it is important to win the battle against the White Walkers, he decides to take the journey to Dragonstone.

In the council meeting, given the recent news, there were disagreements again about trust. Sansa points out that Tyrion is not like his family, and was rather kind to her. Despite all of the arguments, Jon decides he is going to Dragonstone.

With his decision to go, he leaves Sansa in charge of Winterfell. Will Sansa bring out her inner Cersei, or will she be a beloved ruler?

The Greyjoy family battle

Yara and Theon set sail with the Martell ladies on board.

The Sand Snakes are relaxing in hammocks drinking, as they discuss who is mother’s favourite. Their mother Ellaria is making a move on Yara while also drinking. All things considered this seems to be a cheery safe return home as planned by Dany. Until they are suddenly rudely interrupted with a foreign invasion. If you had missed your bloody battles recently, this was just the start of what is to come.

The destructive new villain Euron Greyjoy has found the other Greyjoy’s ship. Euron also has the intention to kidnap Ellaria, which is the possible prize for Cersei he declared he was going to get for her.

Throughout the fiery battle Euron takes down the Sand Snakes. Towards the end of the scene we see him with a knife to Yara, and Theon, who is standing nearby awakens his inner Reek. Instead of helping his sister, jumps over board.

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Is Yara alive?
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Cersei and her crossbrow

When we cut to King’s Landing, Cersi is sitting on the throne preaching for the people to stay true to her with the upbringing of the Tryells.

One of particular interest is Sam’s father Randyll Tarley, who ends up having a private conversation with Jaime. Jaime with his convincing charms, persuades Randyll to stay true to House Lannister instead of House Tyrell, by offering him a role he can’t refuse – ‘Warden of the South’.

Meanwhile in the next sequence, we see Cersei underneath the castles’ vault. For the upcoming battle a valuable weapon is placed in front of Cersei which apparently once worked in the past. This weapon to help defeat the dragons comes as a surprise, but will this actually work to give her the winning hand?

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Will this actually work? Image: Courtesy of HBO

Sam to the rescue

The Arch-maester informs Jorah he has no cure for the greyscale, and he will be sent off to live with the Stonemen.

In the middle of the night Sam enters Jorah’s cell with history books on how to cure the greyscale. He tells Jorah to keep quiet as he gets to work, which seems like it might be a challenge.

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Operation Sam Image: Courtesy of HBO

Arya the Wolf whistler

Finally we find out that Ayra is heading home!

Arya is in the local tavern, where she is greeted by an old friend in Hot Pie. Hot Pie informs Arya that Ramsey is no longer controlling the North. With this piece of news Arya changes her direction to start the journey home.

On her way home, she sets up camp in a forest for the night but she is confronted by a pack of wolves. As she is close to heading home you hope this isn’t the end for her. The leader of the pack she recognizes as her Direwolf, Nymeria, who then leaves. Clearly no bad feelings there then…


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